Bloomberg charity adds $220 million to anti-smoking effort

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ALCOHOL55 wrote:

Try adding $ 1 Trillion to an ANTI ALCOHOL Campaign…..It Is The biggest cause of death,disease,rape,child and spousal abuse,suicides,murder.accidents ,For Heavens Sake he should know about that from not only his city but the WHOLE USA That $ 280 Billion a year in costs incurred because of the use of ALCOHOL is 1200% More than And CIGARETTE Costs INCURRED,Look it Up……….

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ALCOHOL55 wrote:

3. Heart Disease
Resveratrol, a compound in the skin of red grapes and plentiful in red wine, is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.

But drink more than the recommended one glass per day and you reverse the heart-healthy benefit.

“Chronic heavy drinking is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease,” Eskapa says.

Excessive drinkers also face:
A higher risk of damaging heart muscle – and that occurs earlier in drinking women than in men
Higher triglyceride (fat) levels in the blood
High blood pressure
Heart failure
Cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats)
Death from heart attacks
Anemia (a shortage of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the body)

4. Brain Damage
Women drinkers are more vulnerable to brain damage, Eskapa says.

Long-term alcohol abuse destroys the cerebellum, the brain region responsible for sensory perception, coordination and motor control, according to the Women’s Heart Foundation.

They may face irreversible damage resulting in slowed thinking, an unsteady walk and slurred speech.
“Most alcoholics have some loss of mental function, reduced brain size and changes in the function of the brain cells,” Eskapa says.

5. Violence
Alcohol doesn’t cause violence, but it can make a drunk woman more vulnerable to physical abuse because she can miss danger signs.

“Victimization is really a huge issue for drinking women,” Wilsnack says. “Sexual assault is also a risk.”

And the danger doesn’t disappear when they’re drinking behind closed doors. In research spanning 10 countries, Wilsnack found a consistent link between alcohol and aggression

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TaraGreen wrote:

I’m sure this is great news to mothers of hungry children without access to clean water.

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cruzmolly wrote:

I want a Great American Smoke In!! Long live the body, but what about the mind? Are we outliving our usefulness? Strom Thurmond is a case in point, witless old bigot. When we arguably should live fully until we die; what’s the point of a nation of witless codgers bobbing their head in rest homes? Smoking, drinking, speeding, drugs, skydiving,etc. are all are a signal that we WANT to die; why? Because the perfect, eternal life is simply not worth living. Like the leaves, we’re supposed to fall when we cease to function.Nobody listens to the wise old sages anyway, because people like to make their own mistakes. Anyway, all vices have their virtues, unless they are abused; So live long and prosper, while you are prospering. Then bow, and step off the stage. There’s more than enough of us as it is.

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djt117 wrote:

I wonder how much Johnson & Johnson stock Bloomberg owns?

It’s an open secret they’re usually the one bankrolling all of the anti-smoking campaigns …
… and of course it’s only a coincidence that they make EXTREMELY expensive nicotine cessation products (the Nicoderm patch, the Nicorette gum).

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