Special Report: Chinese firm helps Iran spy on citizens

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caiye wrote:

I think ,a reporter must stand out of politics ,and only then he can actually produce what is called “news” .The deal was signed in 2010,well,a pieceof big news?(at that time tensions between Iran and the outer word is not that prominent ) The writer himself has a biased view toward it ,thus……. A boring, partial,biased report/

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This article completely lacks context and background. China is a nuclear nation run by some kind of commie (?) police state (!) that has used sophisticated US technology to persecute dissidents for over 6 years that I can prove.
Long before the US gave the Chinese Police State Software the US has given cover to the domestic human rights crimes of the Chinese Police State, ever since they agreed to help our corporate elite dismantle the American Working Class and concentrate the wealth of our nation within the top 30%.
Yes, that’s why America’s manufacturing moved to China, with the Dems and Repugs fighting each other over who’s more “free-trade.”

Let us see our corporate leaders, I mean Obama, Bush, Clinton, Romney, or any of the other corporate party hacks decry the rape of Tibet, and begin a regime of increasing embargos until China lets Tibet go, holds free elections, and agrees to de-nuclearize. Yeah, sure.
The US internal behavior has moved towards Chinese Police State behavior as the Chinese Police State has taken on aspects of American corporate fascism.

Not a good sign for the future of either country.

The unspoken reality behind this news story is that our corporate leaders are the ones who created this criminal software in the first instance, to use on us.

It was “Microsoft Corp, Hewlett-Packard Co, Oracle Corp, Cisco Systems Inc, Dell Inc, Juniper Networks Inc and Symantec Corp” who created this software to spy on the “citizens” of the US, and it was our government who is applying this technology, without warrants, to our telecom infrastructure as I write.
It was our government who allowed the distribution of our police state software to China in the first place. It is China, not Iran who pioneered the “Great Firewall.”
The corporate press has no context. We sold China the system they use to monitor the movement of people in the street, so they can quickly dispatch forces to suppress free assembly and dissent.

What is clear is that there are no more “good guys,” only various excuses for criminal concentrations of wealth and power, independent if not in direct violation of the nature of the various country’s terms of legitimacy. We have certainly failed to maintain the most basic terms of our Constitutinal Republic here, as China has failed with their commie revolution there.

What is indisputable is that the US and China’s elites have both betrayed their respective constitutions and people. Our elite and the Chinese elite work seamlessly together to betray their respective people.

Not a good sign for the future of either country.

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Austell wrote:

An article today by an news organization that cares:

“Over 6500 US protestors arrested in the last 6 months alone”

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Spacetime wrote:

Iran needs these equipments to fight the US spies.

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Spacetime wrote:


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Fromkin wrote:

So Iran is using its”nuclear weapons” to spy on its citizens…

The US, Qatar, Soudi arabia and western governments don’t have spy agencies. In these countries citizens are the ones spying on their governements with bifocals. Ridiculous!

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mgunn wrote:

Um, like the US doesn’t possess and monitor the internet in the same way, NOT. Maybe the way in which we think we use the information is different because we are catching “terrorists”, but the monitoring is the same.

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Josorr wrote:

Big Brother is at work here too. Freedom and privacy are fading worldwide. We are all being made into brainwashed slaves, told what to believe by radio, TV and internet. An infrastructure is being or has been deployed to monitor our activities and communications to judge the effectiveness of the propaganda and locate free thinkers. Our associations and interests are available for all to see on social media websites like facebook. Our internet browsing habits are being monitored for targeted advertising. Our locations can be tracked through our cell phones. Our wealth is fiat money (look it up) with no true value, mostly held in financial institutions vulnerable to hacking or government snooping. We look at our account balances online and see a hand full of fancy paper in our wallets and think we are well off. It can all be taken or made worthless in an instant. We are dependent on utilities for power, water, and communications, and on corporations for transportation. We’re screwed.
Or maybe not. Maybe all is well and I just experienced a moment of unjustified paranoia.

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Fromkin wrote:

“China is Iran’s largest trading partner with business between the countries surpassing $45 billion last year, up $16 billion from 2010, according to Iran’s FARS news agency.”

Folks I told you this before the west and Iran are fighting over (Iran’s)money. call it oil but it translates to money AKA petrodollars. They want it in theirs zionist banks.

Also this hit piece. This article is whining about legitimate iranian capabilities because westerns spy agencies are loosing intelligence war agains iranian intelligence agencies. Yesterday you learnt here that William Hague was complaining his propaganda site was blocked in Iran like if iranians FM set up a site to directly adress US or British citizen it won’t be blocked.

There are about 190 countries on this planet but western media are now only obsessed with Iran and Syria. Why? I want to know how the soudi family is ruling saudi arabia without any elections. Notice it’s the only country in the world named after a family.

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Iranian people are good people. It’s the government that’s the problem. Not unlike the friends they keep.

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Shade13 wrote:

I agree with somethingtosay, it’s mostly the government and the figureheads in charge. Don’t believe the hype and think for yourselves.

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GMavros wrote:

This story is meaningless & worthless, I’m surprised at Reuters publishing something like this.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

Looks like the supreme leader want to make sure peaceful protest dont happen after he rigs the Iranian elections. too bad for the people =/

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AlphaQ wrote:

If I can google my house property sitting in the Bahamas what does that tell you? Make no mistake each and every govt. be it USA EU they all having tracking devices, it’s how they use it is important we still live in a democracy but then again “democracy” has become such a convoluted word these days. Meaning you can say anything in the USA but you will not get away with anti semetism and thats guranteed.
Canada is the same as USA it is a controlled democracy, with the new right wing govt. of Harper in place. They actually won the slim majority by placing “robo calls” and mis guiding people by saying that the polling booths were moved to different locations, absolutely shameful!
So in conclussion where ever there is a right wing govt. in place be it Iran, USA EU et al we will face this issue of false propoganda and electronic survellience.

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lolcoolj wrote:

Ummmm, this is not really newsworthy. I would suspect that this goes on in Iran, if it already happens in the US. ALL, YES ALL comm data (internet, text message and voice calls) are run through transcription analysis mainframes in the US and scanned for keywords to alert Intel agencies. This is the case as of 5 years ago, at least. The “internet” itself was a military project, and facebook’s initial backers are CIA data miners. Even attempting total anonymity on the net via TOR or other means will get you on a list in the “land of the free”.

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GMavros wrote:

Dear Reuters,

As a frequent visitor to your website, which usually has been doing a fine job, I find this and some other recently published reports very amateurish. It is not whether I agree with them or not, it is their quality that really insults my intelligence.
Are you having money issues that prevent you from hiring real professional people ?

A very disappointed reader.

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GMavros wrote:

Aren’t you people at Reuters embarrassed ?

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oneofthecrowd wrote:

This company isn’t covered by the Iran Sanctions Act like China’s petro companies were, thus it’s not being sanctioned. Plus the US is hard pressed to say monitoring civilians isn’t democratic when it is done here ‘in the interest of national security’ on a regular basis.

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Eideard wrote:

No serious geek doubts the US government does the most thorough job at spying on citizens. The only point of the article is that Iran settles for Chinese packages on the basis of cost, value and availability.

What they should do is find someone in Israel who’s been allowed to buy our stuff – as central to US foreign policy in the region – and buy a knockoff.

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ChasL wrote:

Did you guys forget the AT&T FBI listening station story 5 years ago? They ain’t doing nuthin we ain’t doin. Google “FBI Operation Magic Lantern”.

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billt568 wrote:

Dear Reuters,

Your readers are an above average subset and not prone to accept blatant propaganda at face value. We are not interested in war, we are interested in making money in Iran, and seeing political reconciliation. Please stop war mongering.

PS: The US is involved in the exact same totalitarian behavior. Please report on that for a change.

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digginestdogg wrote:

This event underscores the futility of embargoes in a highly competitive global economy because there will always exist a group of adversaries that will gladly supply the embargoee in order to vex the embargoer. The old upset power dominant nonsense has no place where there are regional super powers.

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Vetical wrote:

I wish the sheep in this world could read between the lines:
Americas enemies – Everyone China supports
Americas best friend – China

Doesn’t take much to figure out.

Vietnam, N.Korea, Iran; who are they all supported by?..

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Fromkin wrote:


Your comment on robot calls made me lol not because it’s funny but because it reminds me how african farsical elections and “democracies” are run. Misleading voters on ballot box locations, that’s how elections are won in african and wester “democracies”…poor voters!lol.

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Fromkin wrote:


I totally agree with you. The only thing I can think of is this is a commissionned article straight from CIA, MOSSAD and MI6. No value at all as far as news. This article talk about a common practice for all governments. The issue here is that western spy agencies are whining because they are unable to breach into iranian intelligence apparatus. But as usual they are spreading lies and propaganda, demonizing…

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wootwang wrote:

Now tell that to the US firms helping US government spy on US citizens.

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ChAliGhafoor wrote:

good security for their own nationals

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Brazilian1 wrote:

Dear Reuters
Please keep publishing articles like this. It is not amateurish or irrevelant. The terrorist activities Iran has sponsored through her alliances with organizations such as Hezbollah tell us how dangerous it is for Iran to possess this kind of technology.
Anyway, it seems the comments page has been assaulted by contributors whose only aim it is to criticize the West, no matter if the article under scrutiny has nothing or little to do it. Even the “zionist banks” were mentioned, in a pure demonstration of anti-semitism, as usual.

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Hurtle40 wrote:

What’s difference between this news and your report? Germany sells sub to Israel but warns on attacking Iran

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sjtom wrote:

This story is nothing but another lame attempt to point the finger somewhere else so we don’t see what our own government is doing to us. The sad thing is I bet many sheep will buy it.

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JoeAlpha100 wrote:

It is quite possible that Reuters was just trying to earn more clicks by using such a sxxxxx report, even at the cost of their professionality and reputation.

Mar 23, 2012 8:00pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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