Insight: Samsung: "fast executioner" seeks killer design

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MrCairo wrote:

While I am an Apple fan and user of it’s products, it’s nice to see the humility of the designer from Samsung. While there are a lot of similarities between the apple iProducts and some of Samsung’s, this article seems to at least make me feel that there was not necessarily a direct intent to copy Apple. However, the hardest argument all the non-Apple device makers have address though is why did pretty much everyone’s Smartphone design change once Apple debuted the iPhone? Maybe not intentional copying but the iPhone did change at least the base design on how a Smartphone should look.

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fourthletter wrote:

The Omnia was Samsung’s first smartphone ? What insane re-writing of history is this ?

Mar 23, 2012 11:05am EDT  --  Report as abuse
RurikBradbury wrote:

@MrCairo, well I’d think his humility is justified, when the Galaxy copies the iPhone even down to small details: same app grid, same dots to indicate which ‘page’ of apps you are on, same shape as iPhone, same color, same arrangement of speaker-camera-screen-bezel-button etc etc etc etc.

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dwubs wrote:

Apple doesn’t innervate they design. Apple my have a history of making products with good design. That is sadly where there ability to innervate ends, they use Unix for there operating systems, there cloud service is hosted on Microsoft, their CPUs, etc has been made by companies such as IBM and Intel.

Their own music format is but a shadow of FLAC. iTunes is another service that regionalises its customers to make people who don’t live in places like the United States to pay more when the cost is exactly the same. Not to mention the harmful environmental conditions their employees suffer. Any praise for this company is fanboism.

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Mimi278 wrote:

A lot more people buy soap than perfume! In fact, I have never been able to justify expensive perfume but I indulge in nice soap.

I LOVE my Nexus S. I think it is so beautiful with the slightly curved glass that I really don’t want to put a case on it. Keep up the good work Mr. Lee!

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lphock wrote:

Just replaced my iPhone3 with Galaxy Nexus, I am impressed. I am free from the Apple trap – just happy with iPad2 for wifi. Now, the Korean cars are selling so well, perhaps, they should put in communication systems sync with Galaxy Nexus. As with many Korean products, the design and technology are good but the operating manuals are bad and so is the back-up service. A head without a strong tail.

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