Biden calls Republican budget an attack on seniors

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jalee wrote:

Coming from this administration, this is really funny! THe Democrats have done more to erode seniors incomes and benefits.

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UnPartisan wrote:

Obama has given us 2 years of 14% less money paid into Social Security. That is 2% of your income in a payroll tax break, where you normally pay 7.6% and the evil employer pays 7.6%. 13.2%/15.2% = 86.8%. 14% less money is going into social security which is already going bankrupt and is expected to fail in less than 20 years. The nerve of Biden to stand up there and lie to the seniors is astounding.

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4ngry4merican wrote:

UnPartisan – The shortfall created by the payroll tax cut is being made up by transferring in money from the general fund of the Treasury. The amount of money being paid into the Social Security Trust is not affected at all by the payroll tax cut.

The only one lying here is you, as per usual.

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UnPartisan wrote:


Interesting, that document was dated on December 6, 2011. The payroll tax cut was in place well before that. Perhaps that is why I never heard that before. Did they do that retroactively as well?

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explorer08 wrote:

jalee wrote:
“Coming from this administration, this is really funny! THe Democrats have done more to erode seniors incomes and benefits”

Well, jalee, I am a senior and I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am very satisfied with my government provided benefits. I am getting exactly what I expected from them. Perhaps you are a youngster who is simply uninformed.

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txgadfly wrote:

If the next several generations get “cut out” of the benefits but not out of the taxes, why would they not just kill the whole program? That game has already been played on the Baby Boom generation, which is just starting to notice, after trillions and trillions of taxes, that the bag they are left holding is empty. Instead, they gave gold plated benefits to the people who designed the Social Security bailout in the 1980′s, mostly Republicans but also lots of Democrats too.

It is not a partisan thing. It is a deliberate generational rip off.

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xyz2055 wrote:

UnParisan..that handle seems to be an oxymoron. Your posts suggest otherwise. This article is about the Republican Budget. While the Obama administration certainly has it’s issues, that’s not what this article is about. If you had ACTUALLY read Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” (version 3.0 2013) which is this year’s House Budget proposal, it’s absolutely clear who’s prosperity he is talking about. And it isn’t and yours or mine. Republicans want to spend more on Defense and on tax cuts that disproportionately favor the richest Americans and Corporations and pay for it by cutting benefits in entitlement programs (specifically Medicare). You know, that program that has it’s own line item for deduction from our bi-weekly pay checks. Perhaps you are a complete moron and have swallowed hook, line and sinker the “trickle down” philosophy (tax cuts for Corporations and the 1% will produce more jobs), look no farther than Apple and GE if you believe that hogwash. Ryan’s proposal calls for 25% Corporate taxes. Apple currently pays 24% and GE hasn’t paid taxes for the past two years. Romney, through “carried interest” rules pays 14%. By the way, HAD YOU ACTUALLY read Ryan’s budget proposal none of the loopholes or special deductions that allow Apple to pay 24% (when the current rate is 35%) or GE to pay zero are removed. After musing that, why is it that profits that Warren Buffet makes investing in stocks is taxed at Capital Gains rates, while the profit I make on stocks invested in my 401k is taxed as regular income (when I take that money out). Our government is rigged to benefit the wealthiest in this country. As a just right of center Independent that wishes we had better choices for November 2012, Biden’s characterization (the basis of this article) is exactly on the mark.

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xyz2055 wrote:

This country is running trillion dollar deficits. Cherry picking where to cut spending is getting us no where. Because the two sides can’t come together in that environment and cut anything. The Democrats have their “sacred cows” as well as the Republicans. Defense spending has doubled in the past 10 years. No other government program is even close to that. We have 12 Nimitz class aircraft carriers (no other country on the planet has more than 1 aircraft carrier) and the most superior Air Force on the planet. Who the hell are we defending ourselves against? Iran? That war would be over in about 30 minutes. Do you really think that spending trillions on aircraft carriers and the most sophisticated aircraft in the world could stop a lone terrorist group from trying to acquire and set off a nuclear device in the U.S.? There is absolutely zero chance of us going to war with China, Russia or any European country. Our economies are so intertwined, that it would be detrimental for China to attack us. Who, BTW, has only 1 aircraft carrier and only spends about $95B a year on defense. As far as getting spending under control, what’s wrong with removing some of the special tax benefits afforded to the richest in this country. While everyone else has suffered over the past 5 years, they are the only group that is richer today than in 2008. Do we really need to subsidize Exxon (Energy Policy Act of 2005), the richest and most profitable corporation on the planet? How about across the board cuts instead of cherry picking? We don’t have any money. Cut everything. If you ran your household budget the way that Congress (yes! Congress, not the President) runs our country, you’d be lucky to be living in a cardboard box under an over pass. Partisan politics is killing our country. We need people in our government that are concerned about the many rather than the “special interest” groups. And shouldn’t signing a pact with Grover Norquist be a violation of a Congressman’s oath of office? Wake up America! Be Independent and demand more from your elected officials or throw them out.

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4ngry4merican wrote:

UnPartisan – What’s the date on the document backing up your claim?

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1066ad wrote:

If only the majority of hard working, paying their taxes, paying their way Americans would wakeup, get off the sofa, read a few articles, do a little historical research and VOTE. The Congress holds the purse strings, not the President, and it was Congress who raped Social Security for decades to make their budget lines look better. Make them pay the money back! Cut the trillions of dollars from the defence budget. The threats to us come from terrorists not from states; we have more than enough weapons to defend ourselves against any nation on the planet. Don’t fall for the “we won’t touch your benefits” line from the Republicans. It may be true but do you really want to risk your children and grandchildren living on the street in their old age; sick and having no where to turn. You may not even have to look that far down the road; what, if like me, you have a much younger brother or sister? Under the Republican Plan, my benefits are “safe” but my sibling who has paid into Social Security all of her life would be left out in the cold with nowhere near enough time left to accumulate money to pay for their system. She is a divorced parent of two, whose former husband has never paid his child support or his share of all the costs associated with the children’s extra-curricular activities. Next year her eldest son had wanted to go away to college, but, the money simply isn’t there. He will be going to a local college and living at home. Even so I don’t have any idea how this is going to be paid for without amassing a large debt. She works all the hours she can and has a small business on the side, all so that her children would not have to do without at least to the extent it was within her power. So, naturally she hasn’t been able to save one cent for her own retirement. What will happen to her and millions like her under the republican plan. They must not be allowed to get away with this. People, please, you must register and vote. The congress votes themselves regular raises; you should look into their retirement and health plans. I know most of you would be shocked to learn how well they have protected themselves when they so cavalerly talk about cutting your security.

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actnow wrote:

Promises to defend a system that can’t be funded are hollow. The hard work isn’t making the promise, it’s delivering it. We have $70 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Mr. Biden….we need solutions, not attacks on others trying to figure them out.

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4ngry4merican wrote:

actnow – We have a perfectly good solution. Cut the ridiculously overbloated defense budget and stop pushing tax breaks for the rich that are already paying the lowest taxes they’ve paid in 70 years.

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