Congress passes stopgap transport funding bill

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Junkpile wrote:

With 90 days maybe we can get (dreaming) a bill that actually has some adult supervision around it…..

1) 5-6 years
2) No earmarks, silos or set asides
3) Flexibility for the states/locals to determine modal priorities not the feds
4) Consolidation of US DOT – maybe a 10-20% staff reduction from 58,000 since much of this can be done at the state/local levels already without peeling off $$$ in DC
5) Streamlining of procurement and IT first to cut red tape and save $$$$ – then focus on environmental streamlining
6) No amendments or sausage making outside of transportation – keep it on one topic
7) Dream of all dreams – a financial package that actually balances the transportation budget for the next 6 years – $52B (House) or $55B (Senate) spending DOES NOT EQUAL less than $40B in revenue. It is time to balance up and move on. A gas tax increase of 2-3 cents per year would offset the losses to CAFE reductions each year as MPG goes from 27 to 55 MPG in 2025 (every 2 MPG better eats 1 cent in gas tax) and inflation (no increase in 18.4 cents since mid 1990s). It could be allocated to protect rural interests by imbalance – 1 cent rural and 3 cent urban. It could also have protections that: a) freeze US DOT employment at 50,000 for ten years and leave the new funds each year at the state level without subventing $$$ back and forth to DC. Balancing the infrastructure budget is a start to bigger things to come. Any talk of tolling or VMT are a decade off – balancing starts now.

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