Insight: Chasing cheaper cancer drugs

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emu wrote:

What an idiocy.
If those thefts can be pulled off legally, the only thing that will happen is that research into new cancer drugs will stop, just like it happened with aids and malaria drugs. And we’ll all suffer for it.

If India or China want cheap cancer treatments, no one prevents them from developing their own and giving them away for any price they deem justified, fair or otherwise socially acceptable.

But there’s always enough money for nukes, missiles, manned space flights and aircraft carriers.

Oh, and for bank bailouts by the trillions over here, of course.

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jjmciny wrote:

Just think of the cancer drugs we could fund if we’d simply build one less aircraft carrier or a couple less missle programs.

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PseudoTurtle wrote:

The medical profession would be well-advised to give up on trying to find a cure for cancer, and work on prevention instead.

Anyone with reasonable powers of observation, can see that cancer seems to originate in the malfunctioning of cell reproduction.

Cell reproduction is governed by your particular genetic makeup.

To use a simple example, this is why some people can smoke like a chimney all their lives and not get cancer, and another person can get cancer from only a short period of time due to carcinogens in smoke.

Put simply, the genetic differences between individuals is the key to understand the many anomalies of cancer.

It is the ONE factor ALL cancers have in common.

Consequently, the recent advances in gene-therapy should be explored to the maximum to try to prevent cancer.

Spending money on finding a drug or vaccine to “cure cancer” is the wrong approach.

Research costs (those that are not written off against income) are spread across ALL other drugs as overhead. The cost of medical research does not simply disappear by magic.

These people get their pound of flesh no matter if they win or lose.

As a result, right now there is NO incentive to actually “cure” cancer, since it is far more profitable to “search for a cure”.

Understand? “Searching for a cure for cancer” is a scam.

And after literally decades of failed experiments to find a “cure” for cancer, it is obvious this line of research isn’t working.

In fact, medical research has long since bypassed this line of research in the latest discoveries about the human genome.

It is long past the point where the medical profession needs to stop scamming people, and begin real research into cancer prevention.

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