Exclusive: Low ratings could end cable deal for Gore's Current TV

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Eideard wrote:

If Gore wanted to do the right thing, he might turn the rights back to NWI – News World International – the Canadian-based outfit he bought to turn into Current.

NWI was a helluva lot better than Current ever got to be.

And maybe your reporters might trace the tale back that far. There was a group tried to revive NWI in Canada after Gore canned it.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

“led to speculation among Time Warner Cable executives that Current is courting controversy to attract viewers”

I hear Glenn Beck might be looking for work.

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who wants to listen lies about global warming… he can not run a tv but he was planning to run the country… supreme court saved us all…

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explorer08 wrote:

A pity the progressives can’t mount an effective network to counter the fascist extremism of Fox News. Much of the problem has to do with right-wing extremism being so simplistic that it appeals to the vast hordes of simpletons in our uninformed electorate. Progressivism, on the other hand, is fairly complex and only the more enlightened get it.

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JamVee wrote:

I think I’ve finally figured out why Liberal radio and TV don’t do nearly as well as their Conservative counter points. A majority of Liberals prefer Hard Rock, Rap, and MTV.

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actnow wrote:

Current TV should follow the NPR/ACORN model. Use tax payer dollars to promote left wing agendas. This way, there is a never ending pile of tax payer money to promote left wing propaganda. Under Obama, Current TV could begin tapping federal funding under a “stimulus plan”, like NPR or ACORN.

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flashrooster wrote:

The truth is simple. Unlike those on the right, Progressives prefer to think for themselves. We don’t like to be told what to think. Take away their sources of propaganda, the right would spontaneously combust.

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caa1000 wrote:

Does that includes BrightHouse Networks Cable customers in Florida, Indiana, Alabama, Michigan and California, since the cable operator is a TWC provider for those markets?

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BillDexter wrote:

So, progressives are too independent and enlightened to support a private propaganda media outlet of their own, instead using public dollars to subsidize it. At the same time the privately funded conservative propaganda media outlets that succeed on their own are no good because you hate them. Got it.

You know, I think I remember you guys from my childhood. You were the kids who cried and kicked over everyone else’s sandcastles because yours wasn’t as good.

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moonhill wrote:

“Progressives” are arrogant sheeple.

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Ruckus_Tom wrote:

Ever get the feeling our betters aren’t as smart as they and their peers make themselves out to be?

C’mon. Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for gosh sakes.

He, and those awarding him the prize, know more than all of us little people combined.

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RedRover wrote:

Don’t let this station fade away!! Don’t let low numbers stop you from keeping this endeavor on the air. Spend whatever it takes- and then spend some more. I know with enough money you can overtake Fox.

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flashrooster wrote:

Wrong, BillDexter. We were the ones building unique, elaborate landscapes in the sand because we found that the same old sand castles that others were building were boring and lacked creativity.

Regarding those “privately funded conservative propaganda media outlets that succeed on their own”, they’re no good not because I hate them. They’re no good because they’re privately funded conservative propaganda media outlets, and the daddy of them all, FOX, happens to be owned and run by a family of crooks who rely on the old tried and true rightwing way–corruption through bribery and skirting the law.


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BillDexter wrote:

I’m sorry, are you saying that the conservative media outlets are no good BECAUSE they are private or BECAUSE they are conservative?
flashrooster, are you actually trying to insinuate that conservative media is bias and liberal media is not? My God, man, we are no more than 3 days passed msnbc ‘reporting’ the 911 call of Zimmerman – where they edited out the police ASKING Zimmerman what the race of the individual was, running ONLY his response as though HE was reporting to the police that the kid was suspicious BECAUSE he was black. This is slander, incitation, criminal libel and possibly even obstruction, all for the purpose of vexing hatred. And this to you passes as what, journalism?

I am aware of the political motivation, the bias, conservative media spews. But they CALL themselves conservatives. They do not pretend to be unbiased. “Fair and balanced” just refers to the opportunity they give for liberals to be invited on if they want to speak to the Fox crowd. Honestly, you REALLY can’t see that ‘mainstream’ media has a deceitful liberal bias? I thought you better than that.

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killmenow wrote:

God help me I cant stop laughing. So now the new name is “Not Current LY” TV.

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NukerDoggie wrote:

Al Gore the Bloated Gas Bag is the biggest threat to the environment – every time he opens his BIG MOUTH he balloons the methane cloud to twice its former size.

What methane cloud, you ask??? Why, the one that’s growing every day and that endangers the whole world as cows and people fart and belch.

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flashrooster wrote:

BillDexter: I’ll share an anecdote with you about a recent exchange I had with a conservative friend on this same topic, demonstrating why I get so frustrated with the right. Like you, my friend is an intelligent guy. We usually discuss the stock market. One day he brought up the liberally biased MSM. I pointed out to him that most of the MSM is owned by corporations and, though corporations do play both sides of the aisle, they favor Republicans because they know they can get the Republicans to lower their taxes and get rid of just about all regulations (because as we know, all regulations are bad and the Democrats push regulations only because…well, they just get a kick out of annoying corporations.) So I asked my friend, why would the corporate-owned MSM promote a liberal agenda? His response was that they are trying to turn our country into a socialist state. And I’m not trying to make that sound worse then what he said. That IS what he said and believes.

No evidence. No logic. Just the idea put out there that all the media means us harm unless it’s clearly conservatively biased, which, of course, is another way of saying that the conservative media is the only media that isn’t biased and, therefore, the only source for information that can be trusted.

Even if you aren’t as extreme in your belief as to why you think the MSM is liberally biased, it’s clear to me that you’ve bought into the rightwing-promoted idea that conservative media is the only media that can be trusted. It’s a great propaganda tool. Only listen to us because everyone else is lying to you and has an agenda to destroy America as we know it. And of course conservatives really don’t seem interested in asking themselves what the conservative media is up to, because they’re up to nothing but getting the truth out there, right?

The mainstream media is just that, mainstream. They don’t have a liberal bias nor do they have a conservative bias. This is easy to understand because they are companies whose “bias” is to make money. That’s what companies do. The MSM doesn’t want to upset anyone. They want as many viewers, readers, or listeners as they can get. MSNBC is liberally biased. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. are not.

It wouldn’t make any sense for them to be liberally biased. NBC is currently owned by GE and Comcast. GE pays little or no taxes. In 2010, GE not only paid zero in federal corporate taxes, they, in fact, got a $3.2 billion tax benefit (that is if we can believe the source–Fox Nation http://nation.foxnews.com/general-electric/2011/03/25/ge-pays-no-taxes)
So why would GE be promoting an agenda that could ultimately cost them billions in taxes and weigh them down with more regulations? (Or as my friend believes, ultimately lose their company to a government takeover?) The argument just doesn’t hold up.

If anything, the MSM tilts to the right. Why do I say this? Because the Republicans have been moving the entire country to the right for 30 years now and the MSM tries to stay in the middle, wherever the middle might move to. But the country has been moving to the right. Note the explosion of concealed weapons and Stand Your Ground laws; the clearly conservative-leaning Supreme Court (see the Citizens United decision); the explosion of rightwing militia groups (http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/03/04/us-usa-politics-patriots-idUSTRE6234JT20100304); the near record low tax rates (and if the Republicans get their way, they will return tax rates to RECORD lows without even considering paying for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars); the increase in military spending; the rise of the Tea Party and their unwillingness to work across the aisle on anything, even if it means forcing our government into a default; and the unprecedented treatment of our current President evidenced in such things as the Republicans’ unwillingness to confirm Obama’s judicial appointments and their record number of filibusters, not to mention the extreme uncivil attitudes directed toward him personally, like calling him a liar in the middle of the State of the Union or Mitch McConnell’s declaration that making Obama a one term President would be the Republicans’ top priority. It’s a full court rightwing press.

Yes, the Republicans have moved this country to the right, and so everything moderate, centrist or mainstream now appears to be liberal. The MSM does not want to be considered liberal. They want to be mainstream. Let me give you what I think is the most ominous example of the MSM’s willingness to appease the right. Six months into the Iraq War a poll was done that showed that 70% of Americans believed that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. This was an idea promoted by Bush and his Administration. But it simply was not true. No wonder Americans were so willingly cajoled into supporting that asinine war. That’s a big and ominous problem. When I saw that I swore to myself I would not forget, because I knew the rest of America would. Can you see the danger that this poses to our country? And I’m not even going into how strongly FOX and other conservative media outlets promoted the war. At that time, anyone speaking out against invading Iraq was accused of siding with the enemy that attacked us on 9/11, and Republicans didn’t hesitate to make such charges public, and they were effective. Consider what they did to a real American hero, Max Cleland, with Saxby Chambliss painting Cleland as a terrorist sympathizer. You’re a smart guy. You should be as angry about this crap as I am.

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Lord_Foxdrake wrote:



I am standing at my desk applauding.

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BillDexter wrote:

flashrooster I don’t have time now to address all your points, and frankly my answer to your question about what GE’s motives would be is: I don’t know. That is something I cannot fathom, meaning I am uninformed about it and can’t even begin to speculate. I will hold rebuttal on your grandiose generalization that this country has been moving to the right. That is the opposite of what I observe, so I will try to honestly revisit my assumptions.

However, if I could offer a point of consideration spanning back over our ‘conversation’, let me ask you to consider, paraphrasing your poignant question about GE’s motivation –

The Government doesn’t collect enough taxes. They spend far more than they collect and they, in fact have a have a $118,000,000,000,000 deficit. So why would the Government promote an agenda that could ultimately cost them billions more and weigh them down with more debt (or, as yours truly believes, ultimately lose their country to a systemic collapse). The argument doesn’t hold up.

Yes, I am referring to the Healthcare Reform Act. You always avoid speaking directly to the conspicuous lack of spending limits within this law. The avoidance of any direct acknowledgement of this by yourself and every other ‘liberal’ I know or post with scares the he!! out of me. THAT as a talking point would go a very long way in mitigating my mistrust of that ‘unbiased’ mainstream media.

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citadel5150 wrote:

If Gore really wants to make a finacial success out of Current TV he would hire Rush Limbaugh to do a prime time show. His networks audience would rise 400 times with Limbaughs twenty million listener audience. But of course that would force Gore as well as the left to admit what they will never admit, liberalism is not popular. So like Air America, Current TV will continue to exist in it’s left wing alternate reality and finally go out off business.

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