Taking Note: Is Samsung's phablet the shape of things to come?

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eMJayy wrote:

@FlamingLiberal – LMAO! Worship rotten fruits much??? If what you said was even remotely true, how is it that the vast majority of the people who have opted to buy smartphones over the last few years chose NOT TO BUY AN IPHONE even at the height of its popularity?

Get it through your head…There’s a reason why we don’t all drive the same model of car, why we don’t all wear the same style of socks, why we don’t all use the same toothpaste. And it’s the same reason why everyone will never ever use the same model of cellphone. Anyone who thinks the people of the world should all buy the same phone needs to be committed for psychiatric evaluation. We are individuals, independent thinkers with independent needs and goals, and this is NOT 1984!

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HAL.9000 wrote:

“The most obvious thing about the Note is its size. Its 5.3 inch screen is almost as wide as the iPhone’s screen is long. And then there’s the stylus.”
Those two things alone make this a winner. A screen large enough to interact with and a stylus for those among us with fat fingers. It may be the sweet spot between phone and tablet in terms of size.

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Potatoe1 wrote:

Samsung is great, I bought a smartphone from them years ago (A 400) and I used it for four years. Does Apple make anything that should not be upgraded every year? I hope they do well by selling quality products and not using the Apple strategy of selling things missing key features so you must buy a new one every year or so. One clunky device (big for a phone) in my pouch or purse is much better then two devices waiting to get lost or out of battery charge.

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UnPartisan wrote:

Options is never a bad thing. That is unless you are a member of the cult of Apple. I like my 4.6″ Galaxy Nexus, it fits into my pants pockets just fine and weighs less than any other phone I have ever owned.

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pres wrote:

One thing you should remember about these figures…
5 Million units is a lot. But as a Seoul resident I can tell you that MANY companies have a contract that provides their employees with a cellphone. This is almost ALWAYS exclusively a Samsung phone -usually the latest and greatest model. (I have never seen nor heard of a company that provided an iPhone for its employee here in Seoul. It is usually Samsung or sometimes LG.)

So when you take into account that hiring season is around February, you have a lot of employees getting new phones. My point is that, while this phone may be the latest fad. These numbers likely represent what companies were simply forced to buy for employees.

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BurnerJack wrote:

@pres: interesting that employers in Seoul provide Samsung or LG phones. Jingoistic perhaps? Too bad American Business has closed the door to that option.

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henry8th wrote:

In Asia, big companies may provide a smartphone or similar device as part of the employment, depending on job roles. It may include full payment of the subscription to a phone & data plan.

This will add to the overall sales figures to phone manufacturers but not always a profit either. The advantage is to launch a new model and also to create some market presence. Its great for consumers though!

I suppose in the USA or Europe, companies may offer the same perk but through different methods such as paying for a subscription plan. The choice of phone or device is left to the employee.. democracy practiced here?

I too like the idea of a larger screen but smaller than a tablet.
Perhaps more relevant for the boomer generation.. our fingers are too fat and our eyesight ain’t that great either!

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Dareen wrote:

I have one and it is the best I had after my previous samsung phone (3 years in servise).

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WeWereWallSt wrote:

Steve Jobs ridiculed Bill Gates, too.

We looked around our productive office and we seem to rely on a lot of things Jobs didn’t take credit for, and we’re pretty OK with that.

Good luck, Samsung. We stopped writing with our fingers in kindergarten. Looking forward to using your stylus.

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loxegwen wrote:

Came back from a recent trip to South Korea. The Samsung Note seems to be one of the most popular phones out there right now, saw it as many times as I saw an iphone. It seems to be especially popular with women. I see a lot of korean girls getting a large case with sleeves for cards for their notes and using it as a combined cellphone/wallet, and its still small enough to fit in a clutch. I guess the form factor is less of a limiting factor when you are carrying a purse all day anyway. I personally am interested in the form factor, the big phone market is going to blow up I think.

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mikemm wrote:

I actually really like my smartphone and iPad as separate devices. I can use some pretty heavy duty apps on my iPad that have replaced a laptop for most things so it as a lot of bang for the buck and fits is a small bag along with a camera and a few other things I like to take with me for unexpected surprizes or whenI find I have time to kill.
It’s nice, though to not have to switch out of what I’m doing on the iPad or lose my train of thought for every phone call, text message, or to quickly glance at an email on the same device. I don’t see that as redundancy. To me it’s much more efficient multitasking and being able to actually do two things at once better than I could on a single device.
I can definitely see the market for this phablet with a lot of people, but for me it’s not worth giving up so much I currently have just to have a single more portable device. In business, you want to avoid as many “wait a second” responses as you can and if you already have a bag for carry on or whatever, the savings of one device instead of two is negligable.

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