Navy jet crashes into Virginia apartments, at least 9 hurt

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BitsAndBytes wrote:

I watched a similar crash a few years ago in San Diego. Following control tower instructions, the pilot of a disabled military jet flew over several densely populated communities on his way to Miramar rather than staying over the ocean path. He didn’t make it. The plane plowed into a home, killing a mother, grandmother and infant. Yet flights low over residential areas in lieu of open space continued unabated–including one over the damaged community later that same day. It would be nice if the military recognized that their job is to protect Americans from risks posed by their operations here as much as it is to protect us from foreign enemies.

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FireJ wrote:

Unfortunately Housing projects keep springing up near military bases. For the number of flights by military aircraft this type of thing is rare. Planes fly over head all day every day, sadly sometimes they crash. To think the members of the military aren’t concerned about the welfare of those in their community is ridiculous.

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Hydrosity wrote:

On this same day last year April 6th 2011, an F-18 Super Hornet crashed in California.

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bbeadling232 wrote:

the only thing that matters is the fact that nobody was harmed in this.

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The increased accident rate WITHIN and OUTSIDE the United States

is another indication that the military is stretched. People who

don’t want to serve are forced to serve by fine prints in their

contracts. As a result, the quality declines. It’s only going to

get worse. Now, perhaps the lawmakers will understand why so many

human rights folks are speaking up for the thousands of civilians who

are alleged bombed by “mistake” by the U.S. military.

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gany wrote:

And as I write another plane flies over my apt. complex, they have increaed lately, which is a shopping and apt, house section.
They say the flight plan goes over a park but now way! Sometimes a
Sometimes a minute apart. After an effect they will make a
change but not before.

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RFrench wrote:

(1) Generally, the most vulnerable point in time during a normal aircraft flight is takeoff. The aircraft is at its heaviest, and is at low altitude. There are not a lot of options if something goes wrong just after takeoff.

(2) I’m not sure if the aircraft was accomplishing training in the overhead pattern; what I’ve seen so far simply says that the crash occurred just after takeoff. Either way, the aircraft was at low altitude, in a relatively controlled environment, with few options as to location–by definition, the traffic pattern is close to the airfield.

(3) As I’ve seen correctly pointed out by various commentators, modern jet fighters are not built to glide. Additionally, a catastrophic failure of one system could make the aircraft un-flyable–a fighter is a small aircraft with a lot of stuff packed into it. For example, if the aircraft flew into a flock of birds just after takeoff, that could easily destroy an engine. The engine, in turn, as it tears itself apart could catastrophically damage the hydraulics and/or flight control systems. A jet engine has a lot of pieces of sharp metal moving very fast.

(4) I would suspect that, like many military airbases, this base originally had very little commercial and residential build-up around it. It’s hardly the military’s fault that they build a base, and then people decide to live near it.

(5) Finally, the full story isn’t out yet. So let’s not jump up and start judging the aircrew without finding out what actually happened.

–Former USAF F-15E pilot

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Wow CommonSenseLogic, you REALLY sound like you know what you’re talking about. Except you lack any and ALL facts. People are lined up begging recruiters to join the military. More than 50% of people in that line aren’t smart enough to pass the admission test. How do I know this?? My husband is a recruiter. As for those you CLAIM are serving because of the “so called” small print in their contracts: It’s a CONTRACT! You enlist for an active 4 years and an inactive 4 years. It’s incredibly rare that anyone is ever asked to serve the later of the two. And since you were lacking any concrete information in your post, let me offer you some about leaving the military. Any person who has enlisted can buy their way out with approximately $30,000/ year repayment. But before you in-debt yourself to the government, you can first request an “early-out”. This is often permitted if your job is over staffed. Fact, it has become MUCH more common of a practice lately, as the military is downsizing.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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irishtiger wrote:

Very unlikely either the pilot or air combat officer of this aircraft were being FORCED TO SERVE. For one thing, they are both officers…the demand on these crew members is exceptionally high, but they take that strain and challenge with pride and dedication. Wait until the report comes out before you insult the entire military establishment. Your Navy keeps you safe. They’re watching your back…don’t be so fast to turn yours on them…

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Booradley999 wrote:

Its a miracle that everyone survived. Have a blessed Easter everyone.

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mischelmel wrote:

I just think we should thank God for the miracle that no one was killed! It’s true that housing goes up around military bases: it’s necessary for the families that are stationed there, and for the people who serve that community. But when 5 buildings are damaged, and only 6 people were injured, and no one was killed, Someone was watching out for everyone there. Arguing over fault is pointless.

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AlkalineState wrote:

“Texting Fighter Pilot Apologizes to Homeowners.”

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QuantumForce wrote:

Cut the military by 50%. Close bases way beyond the golf communities they are near. Close it all down.

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