China's Wen in Iceland, eyes on Arctic riches

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ChiaHouZhang wrote:

The suspicions and conspiracy theorises are not valid. China is wooing everybody. Since January 2012, a senior Chinese politician has visited:
January: Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Germany, Libya, Sudan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan.
February: VP Xi JinPing, presumed leader-to-be, visited US; Canada, Australia
March: Britain, France, Italy, UAE, Albania, Angola, Kenya, Israel, Egypt, Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, Indonesia, South Korea, South Africa, Japan, Cambodia, Taiwan, Ireland, Russia and India.
BTW – I don’t think I have exhausted the list of cooperative agreements. If I Googled, “China, X, cooperation”, where X = name of country, I suspect that almost all the 150 plus countries will have some press release in 2012 about this phenomenon. From all appearance, no country is too small or too unimportant. Some have great mineral wealth, others are impoverished. Some are important from a military or trade point of view others are not.

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CountryPride wrote:

I am happy someone in Iceland was smart enough to block the Chinese from buying millions of acres of land for only a few million dollars. The Chinese can’t be trusted at all. They are only nice to you when they can use you for something or need you or your resources in some way. During this friendly period they are plotting how they can gain leverage and strength to eventually take over and secure their interests. They don’t care about you or your country, they only care for one thing, to benefit Chinese people. Stop being used people of the world and stop aiding the Chinese! You are willingly helping you and your countries downfall and competitors to take you over!

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don09 wrote:

beware of the awakening bully…

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