Marines discharging sergeant who criticized Obama on Facebook

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

It’s sad that there is this segment of the population who otherwise would be relatively good citizens but are susceptible to manipulation by the tea party. No amount of evidence can convince them otherwise. No fact is ever accepted. Blind loyalty to hatred is really what it amounts to. It looks like brainwashing to me. I wonder if these people ever free themselves of the control? I guess we should be glad that the tea party hasn’t turned out to be a death cult or something like that, at least not yet.

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kb88 wrote:

I’m sure my comments won’t make it through Obama’s dictatorship policies, nothing does!

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shayneedward wrote:

@brotherkenny4 Wow, that’s about as closed minded a rant as I’ve read for a long time! Dude, try to spend some time away from MSNBC and NYT. They are warping your sense of reality. Seriously, try reading Fox, Reuters, and the other news sources too. You’ll find that the left wing rhetoric is just that; left wing rhetoric. The right does the same thing (that’d be right wing rhetoric) and it’s just as screwed up.

Right wingers don’t want to throw granny under a bus, set the clock back to before black people and women had voting rights, or take all the money from the poor and give it to the rich. Just like Obama is not out to ruin the country, Democrats are not all godless socialists, and not all left wingers think we should open the borders to all.

Try to balance your reading a bit. Too many people in this country are haters, because they soak up and take the rhetoric of one side to heart. Understand that when someone says something that seems too stupid to be true (like that the repub healthcare plan is to just die quickly) it probably isn’t true. Neither repubs or democrats are out to ruin the country.

Unfortunately most left wingers will ignore or belittle this post. Some righties will too. Sad to see the hate blossom in this country.

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BlueOkie wrote:

He should have known better!

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mcriv879 wrote:

If you’re a sergeant in the military you can’t say you will not obey executive orders and expect to keep your job, however given the fact that he attempted to retract I don’t think he should’ve received the harshest punishment. I would say a formal retraction, and apology, and temporary demotion maybe as well as being forced to refrain from Tea Party statements regarding his service would be more humane, but if he refuses to retract then act. I’m a beleiver anyone can say anything in the heat of the moment or speak without thinking through what they’re saying abd how different parties will take it. That’s different from actually him actually continually refusing to obey orders based on the limited information provided it doesn’t sound to me like he would actually disobey his orders it sounds like he disagreed with a policy and spoke too soon not realizing that his statement would be taken literal. I’m a democrat and Obama supporter but I say give the guy a break that’s his career and life everyone says stupid things sometimes.

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Eideard wrote:

Of course, he’ll still be accepted as a loyal member of the Confederacy.

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shayneedward wrote:

Much as I would love to disagree with you, BlueOkie, you are right. You give up a lot of rights and freedoms when you join the army, and the first amendment becomes conditional. As a uniformed member of the US military, this man should not have 1) said he’d refuse orders of his commander-in-chief, and 2) done any politicking at all as a Marine.

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Robert76 wrote:

As a Veteran, I thank this Sergeant for his service. However, he reaped what he sowed by stating he would not follow orders from the president, and we have seen even Generals fired for less. The military has sticter rules than society in general and needs to in order to send brave (and sometimes not so brave) young men and women into battle. That disciple is and must always be tantamount in service to our country.

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