Missing children in U.S. nearly always make it home alive

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ncmec wrote:

The real reason that more “missing children” are found is because “experts” like Mr. Allen have hyperinflated their denominators to the point that their statistics have become entirely incomparable with those of previous years. It’s a great way of showing “improvement” when you really haven’t done much of anything useful, other than line your pockets with the taxpayers’ hard-earned money. According to Dr. Austen of the children’s foundation “Thursday’s Child”, Mr. Allen’s operation hasn’t found a single missing child ever! Yet he pockets over $1M every year claiming that children like my own are “missing” when he knows very well where they are located and with whom. He’s been doing this for years, defrauding the American public while cozying up to the “First Ladies” of the Middle East to ensure the expansion of his fraudulent activities around the world.

The truth is that at least a third of the children featured on his sites are not really missing at all. It’s easy to find kids who aren’t lost. I know how easy it is because I’ve spoken to many of them myself.

Mr. Allen’s posters are not to be believed…. neither are his numbers.

Emmanuel Lazaridis, Ph.D. (Statistics)

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