Egypt clashes over army rule leave up to 11 dead

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As long as the Muslim Brotherhood is in Egypt
Egypt will need a strong Military to keep them in check.

If Egypt wants the people of the world to visit,
Get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Fromkin wrote:

What the West is asking the syrian army to do in line with Annan Plan should be asked of the egyptian army. They need to go back to barraks. No country should be run by the military. Their job is to protect the borders,period. The majority should be free to rule without any foreign interference. I don’t care about the MB but if they have the majority they should govern without the US or israel interference. Other issues need to be settled at the negociation table.

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The Muslim Brotherhood ‘MB’ governs by terror and torture,
no peoples should have to endure that anywhere on earth.
If you say you don’t care about MB,
You are either part of them or foolish.
The world is without work, we gave all the work to the lowest bidder,
now we are hungry and cold, and without.
We have priced ourselves out of a job.
Look at Greece, even with Unions they too
have priced themselves out of work.

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bobber1956 wrote:

I hate to admit it but it just seems history is proving that the only way for these Muslim countries to have any stability at all is to have a dictator beating them down into submission. Saddam, Mubarak, Kaddafi, The Taliban (Afghan), and look at what these countries have become since those people have been removed. Division, chaos, disorder, dysfunctional, and charity cases. I am an American; I believe and have fought for freedom and democracy, but wow, just look around. I really don’t believe we need a Muslim calling the shots here in the US.

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Fromkin wrote:

Democracy is the best form of governance. In a Democracy the majority should determine who runs the country.

“The MB governs by terror and torture”

It’s unfortunate but I must say so what?

Saudi arabia, Qatar and other muslim Kings and Princes govern by terror and torture. They are also the best allies to the West. If the west can live with them, it can also live with the MB.

Saying MB governs by terror and torture is untrue because they simply never governed any country. And if it were true it won’t be any worse than in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the Muslim world. They deserve a chance. If they screw up it’s up to egyptians to vote them out.

What the world needs to do is encourage them to respect human rights but let them run their country as they want.

The problem is not”torture and terror” but Israel. It’s time Israel settled its conflict with Palestine so other people can live their lives in peace. ME countries must also guarantee peaceful coexistence with Israel including trade and diplomatic relations.

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Virginiagirl wrote:

What is ridiculous to me, is that the headline of this article is not true. These folks are NOT rioting about the military rule, they are all VERY angry that an radical Islamist was taken off the elections ballot. Why can’t everyone just say it like it is? They want Egypt (and the rest of the world) to be an Islamic state, ruled by Sharia law, and they will not stop until they get it! Why does everyone have to dance around the issue and pretend that the big huge freaking white elephant in the room doesn’t exist? Why is the media SO scared to stand up to radical Islam?

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SeaWa wrote:

Throw out one tyrant for another. They are pawns.

May 02, 2012 8:02pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
mils54 wrote:

From the frying pan into the fire!……..

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