California medical pot crackdown hits upscale Santa Barbara

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911014ever wrote:

stupid federal gov., none of your business what Ca. does if the people voted it in. you have no right to interfer with anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!always trying to get there cut of what isn’t theres!

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gregbrew56 wrote:

Prohibition has never worked and never will.

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Skychief wrote:

Big Pharma influencing our government with campaign donations. Obama promised, not like he kept most of his promises, to leave this issue to the states. What gets me is that most of these operations have a federally approved 501(c)3 nonprofit license, then the government shuts them down for doing what they gave them the license for in the first place. Obama needs his campaign funds though and Big Pharma is pumping 1.5 million dollars a day inside the Beltway. Does anyone trust this administration to do what they promise?

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Ninjutsu wrote:

What a colossal waste of tax payer money to go raid and prosecute something that is perfectly legal in CA. The arrogance of the federal government is only exceeded by its ineptness.

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quisp65 wrote:

The Fed is just using it’s energy to switch the MMJ community from a store front setup which could be controlled, watched and taxed better, to delivery operations which they will never be able to reduce and will have no idea what is even taking place during these deliveries. Consumers are angry because they took away the ability to inspect what their buying better. Owners are upset because hiring drivers increases overhead, but no one is angry because of what the Fed thinks is happening and MMJ activity being reduced. They won’t see it as much but it is still there.

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ishigum wrote:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

That sums up prohibition. The government uses prohibition as a tool to seize assets and property from it’s citizens. The government has no right to interfere within any transactions conducted between two consenting adults. Period.

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sailordude wrote:

So I wonder why the liberals are not in the streets protesting this? Oh yeah a liberal President is in office so they don’t want to make him look bad, LOL!

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Joblo1 wrote:

One more reason why Holder needs to go.

See how many grow operations in the projects they have raided?

Another Obama deception.

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Hard_Concrete wrote:

Well at least the government knows that pot kills about 900 hundred thousand people a year in the US, and causes heart attacks and cancer and a slew of other health issues. The problem is that they tax it, control it, and stifle competition for the the most dangerous product made in the USA and sold across the world – with the protective firepower of the US government – it’s big money, bigger than cocain. OOPS! I’m thinking about tobacco, not pot. Pot never killed anyone. Okay, 7 people since people started smoking weed 5,000 years ago.

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nr5667 wrote:

Paedophiles? Terrorists? Financial Crimes? Meth dealers?

Nah, let’s waste our time wit potheads, ’cause we’re lazy!

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myjustant wrote:

This is absolutely outrageous! Weed has never hurt anyone. There are so many dangerous drugs out there. If weed was legal the world wouldn’t collapse! we would have less crime! less cartel related murders! less abuse of more harmful drugs. but to say that MEDICINE is illegal is completely sickening. This is the only relief some of these people can find. Who is the government to say that they can’t have it

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Ozlanthos wrote:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Stupid stoners! The state law means NOTHING to the fed! No more medical marijuana is what they are telling you! The only proper way to answer them is to push for FULL LEGALIZATION federally, and on a state to state basis! Honestly, the medical people DESERVE THIS! They should have known that this was and has always been the fed’s plan!!! The only way to combat it is to find ways to kill prohibition on a federal level! Maybe gather by the thousands in illegal and inconvenient forms of protest? Maybe petition your representatives. Or maybe just vote for the one presidential candidate who has known and said for years that our drug war is a failure, and that if elected, he is going to end it! Time to vote for Ron Paul!


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If the justice department (and therefore the president) thinks busting potheads will make those right of left like them, perhaps they are delusional?

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USAPragmatist wrote:

This is one area where I completely agree with the libertarians.

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mynamehear2 wrote:

These operations need to grow up. There is very little difference between these guys and just plain old street dealers. Having a vast selection of weed with street names for strains of weed does little to convince the community it is for legitimate medical marijuana use. The whole thing is still extremely unprofessional and therefore looks to the general public as being seedy and nefarious, and at this point in the ballgame- perception is everything. Bottom line- stop calling your strains with street names like “Killa Chem Dog” and “Silver Haze” with a whole smorgasbord of selection. Stick with the current law- making sure that it is for real Doctor prescribed uses for real medical conditions (sorry, hangnails don’t count) and just sell a couple of strains calling it something innocuous and to the point like “Type A” and “Type B”.

Owners- stop screwing around and taking advantage of a just burgeoning situation and screwing it up for everyone.

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irverdad wrote:

Why is nobody pointing the finger at Obama and Eric Holder. They have no respect for state voters. Uncle Sam LEAVE US ALONE ! Alcohol creates much more of a problem than weed. Yet, that’s ok with the Feds.

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ch1c4dfaye3 wrote:

And you ALL now know why, the civil war took place. the fed impeding on state sovereignty

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omstrat wrote:

Why bother ..seriously ..why? Stupid Feds..Obama has his head up his …

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ObayJuan wrote:


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timsky969 wrote:

Stop voting for Democrats

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Kapt_Kan wrote:

More damned police statism on behalf of the liquor industry and Big Pharma. Get out there and campaign for Dr Ron Paul unless you want more and more of this madness.

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rnalvo wrote:

I’ve about had it with Obama. He seems fine, but has the worst attorney general I can remember.

He may be one of the few democrats that will not get my support

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Matt101 wrote:

The war on drugs ia a failure and a complete waste of our tax dollars. Stop going after pot smokers and start going after the criminal banksters who have robbed us over and over again.

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tobymay wrote:

Since among Obama’s first few acts as President was one in which he called for a “de-emphasis on marijuana prosecution” I can totally see why Eric Holders’ DOJ is pulling this illegal and unreasonable crap.

Or not.

Free the Weed, for God’s sake!

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Fesshead wrote:

I wish the Obama administration spent as much effort on States that counteract Federal immigration laws….

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cefs wrote:

One of the most common reasons given for continuing to outlaw cannabis is that it is a so called “gateway” drug. This neglects two points- firstly, it’s a gateway drug in large part because illegal substances must be purchased through illegal channels, which expose individuals to all sorts of other substances. Secondly, it’s often easier for teens to gain access to cannabis than to alcohol or cigarettes. Why? Because alcohol and cigarettes are sold by legitimate sources that require ID. Drug dealers often don’t care. Legalizing cannabis would wipe out the black market, lessen the burden on our legal system, and provide needed tax revenue.

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Kay2112 wrote:

If it is ever legal, the new “pot companies” will add all the toxic chemicals to get people addicted and die of cancer.

Organic will be commonplace if allowed that is.

I am not a pot smoker nor will I ever be one. I don’t know if it should be legal or not.

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Inventour88 wrote:

Would California ever vote for Romney?

I believe he would be more liberal about the medical weed much more than the current administration. America is doomed in Obwankanobie is re-elected.

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stambo2001 wrote:

Barry said he’d change things….

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Landowner1 wrote:

Elections have consequences. Continue to vote for candidates that think the government is the answer to all our ills and this is what you will get. It doesn’t matter to them what WE want. THEY have forgotton that it is BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. Smaller government, lower taxes, freeloaders go away! Contribute and help us get back to states rights or get out of the way.

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Overcast451 wrote:

Oh, now it will matter some – since it’s impacting some rich people.

Hell, you could slaughter poor people by the dozen, and it’s likely to not even make the news.

But the whole concept of keeping pot illegal is a big scam. It’s all mired in corporate profits – AS USUAL.

Pharma companies are scared to death that they’ll have a pain killer, with no known overdose level to compete with, and also if pot was legal, it would open up avenues for independent study on it, potentially leading to non-opiate based pain killers, which means people wouldn’t be as addicted and that would hurt Pharma’s profits!

Then we have insurance companies – people who test positive for pot, even if they weren’t under it’s influence, even for the last week – are easy ‘denials’ on Workman’s Comp claims – almost as good, to many corporations, as slave-sourcing using illegal workers (that don’t get workman’s comp at all).

Then the drug testing industry. Most real HARD CORE drugs are either undetectable on their standard GS-MS tests (like LSD) or are out of your system in a couple days (Heroin, Cocaine, et) – but Pot now, pot is pretty much the *reason* the drug testing industry exists.

It’s all about money – it has NOTHING to do with keeping people safe. If it was, then alcohol would be questioned more than pot.

In no way, shape, or form does pot *even come close* to the 40,000 deaths a year that booze contributes to on the highways. Not even close, by 1000 miles.

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Overcast451 wrote:

*If it is ever legal, the new “pot companies” will add all the toxic chemicals to get people addicted and die of cancer.*

That’s part of the issue. It’s too easy to grow – we would have a painkiller, with few side effects (temporary short term memory loss and increase appetite) that has no known overdose level in it’s natural form.

That cannot even be said of Aspirin – one can certainly OD on that.

People could simply grow it in their basement/backyard. It’s literally a weed, it will grow easily. It would cut-out big corporation profits in many areas.

Of course, like Tomatoes, most may not bother to grow and might just purchase it. But you wouldn’t be boxed into a corner with no option at least – and that’s the last thing Wall Street and Corporate America want.

You know, I feel bad mixing ‘corporate’ and ‘America’ anymore. Perhaps this country is run by a bunch of louts, but the concept of the nation is still the best ever devised by humankind. too bad our ‘leaders’ are flushing it down the toilet for profits.

But check out the history of pot – it wasn’t made illegal because it was a narcotic – it was made illegal because DuPont had poured tons of cash into developing Nylon rope for the shipping industry primarily, but afterwards, it was found that hemp was still far superior, so they got hemp outlawed to force predominance of Nylon. But that was short lived with the advent of diesel engines anyway.

There was also ‘scare’ of the use of hemp in bio fuels – and the oil companies couldn’t have that. So you had two major industries that NEEDED hemp to be illegal so they could racketeer profits.

Heck, I bet hemp will STILL make a very superior bio fuel. So add oil to the list of those that wish to see it banned. But wouldn’t hemp, being a non-food item, be far superior to corn in any case?

Just like Freon – each time the patents run out, we’re told that “this kind” of Freon has been found to be BAD, and it’s banned for a new one. Not because of eco reason – because of profit.

I have to skip using because of urine test scams, but I still won’t drink booze. I don’t like the feeling booze gives, blah.

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MadCharles wrote:

You got what you voted for.
Remember, any statement Obama speaks has an expiration date attached.
ie: Gitmo, warrant less wiretaps, Black Ops and of course jobs,jobs,jobs…

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Smartlove wrote:

This is interesting! Thanks. Marijuana should be permitted for personal growth, if u have a medical prescription and legit reasons for why u need it! Unfortunately those dispensaries can’t follow federal regulations (like pay taxes, which legitimizes asset seizure and business forfeiture, which is messed up). But on the state level, it’s legal and as a business, u r allowed to pay your dues…talk about grey areas.

I have a friend who works at the IRS and I were talking w her about how these businesses and growers would file taxes if they wanted to appease uncle Sam. She said there are ways around this, perhaps by using just farming and agriculture (nonspecific) as your a source of income.

Hopefully one day we’ll start to see more progress on the federal level, so that growers and entrepreneurs can have a piece of the pie….and legally!

May 04, 2012 2:13pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
EEMAN wrote:

I guess the CIA didnt like the competition

May 04, 2012 3:38pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

In early 2008 then Presidential hopeful Barrack Obama, promised to investigate the medical marijuana situation with an open mind his administration has lied on so many issues, and furthered the divide in this country like nobody else in history….

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USAPragmatist wrote:

Yes the Obama admin has not lived up to promises in this area, but if you think a Romney administration would be better, you are kidding yourself.

Personally I am not a big fan of the whole medical marijuana movement, yes it does have some uses medically(my girlfriend has MS and it does help with my knee pain from car accident at 2 yrs old), however the vast majority, myself included, of ‘medical’ users are just people that want to get high. Because of this the right can use the argument that the whole medical movement is a veiled attempt to allow people to use a drug, hurting the overall goal of making it legal for everyone.

There is zero reason an adult should not be able to use and/or grow pot in their own home or business.

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bernieb wrote:

Federal law is NOT enforceable regarding marijuana growing or selling but federal law IS ENFORCEABLE regarding immigration except in California ! Have I got that correct ?

May 04, 2012 5:23pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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