Some support for quit-smoking alternatives

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JohnPolito wrote:

This article’s assertion that “although some smokers can successfully quit cold turkey” that the best bet for most involves medication is false. In fact, more long-term ex-smokers quit smoking cold turkey each year than by all other quitting methods combined.

While medications clobber placebo inside clinical trials, they get clobbered just as badly by cold turkey quitters in real-world use. A May 2006 study published in Addictive Behaviors also found that cold turkey quitters had higher success rates than hypnosis (see ). That study followed the smoking patients of 1,000 family practice physicians and cold turkey quitters accounted for 1,942 of 2,207 former smokers, a whopping 88% of all success stories.

More population level studies are badly needed if smokers are to learn the truth about what works and what doesn’t.

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