Insight: In Ohio, "fracking" boom a delicate issue for Obama

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oneofthecrowd wrote:

We have only ONE CNG car available on the US market: it is the Honda Civic. They tweaked the engine to burn nat. gas and put the nat gas tanks taking up part of the trunk but left the regular gas tank in place wasting valuable space. Ford Fiesta and Chevy Sonic ought to have subsidized CNG versions with a real CNG fuel tank not taking up the trunk. Let’s go!!

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you go regulate unions… enough is enough…

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AZWarrior wrote:

The business of America is business. It is the source of our wealth – including the wealth we share witn the needy. Environmentalism and other cults may wish it isn’t so, but they are suicidally wrong. A healthy respect for our environment does not have to be at the expense of the wellbeing of mankind, after all, we are an endangered species also.

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Overcast451 wrote:

Anyone can convert their car to natural gas – right now… (Google it, many more sites)

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UnPartisan wrote:

“However, the flood of Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma license plates in the region has created a trickle-down effect for hotels, restaurants and other businesses in Steubenville.”

I thought trickle-down economics didn’t work.

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Sensibility wrote:

More Obama hypocrisy. As with all things, he wants it both ways.

Fracking is a valuable but potentially dangerous technology. Obama should support a moratorium until the EPA study is done in 2014. The precautionary principle should hold. But when did Obama every clearly lead on any domestic issue? A politician he is. A leader he is not.

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stambo2001 wrote:

Oh snap, barry better check the polls to see which way to ‘evolve’ on this issue as well. Remember, if obama changes 180 degrees on what he said previously he has simply ‘evolved’ his opinion…it’s just if anybody else does it they are flip-floppers! Do you think he himself really buys that line? How does anybody look at this ‘guy’ and see a ‘leader’? He does not STAND for anything! Not his word, not his religion, not his party, not the environment, and most certainly not traditional american values. Sad, very, very sad indeed.

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running wrote:

Steubenville, Ohio (Ohio Valley) used to be a beautiful, glorius place to live. Hub Department Store, Mc Corys five& tens, Green Mill, etc. People packing the streets, happily shopping, buses loaded, but its history now. Dean Martin was from Steubenville, Why ? the story is the same in every town in the U.S.,very well organized politics, such as the Federal Trade Commission Laws & Environmental Protection Agency, Old Dino still singing the blues, but he died along time ago

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ohiofracktion wrote:

The fracking “boom” is soon to bust, it is a Ponzi scheme and the USGS recently cut its estimate of available gas by 80%. See: and

While the jobs will be lost soon, the contaminated water will last forever. For a perspective from Ohioans who have been poisoned by drilling, watch this video:

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ohiofracktion wrote:

“I understand Obama’s position, politically. The regulations have been quite a bit less than I would desire, but they would be infinitely (less) under Republicans,” said Dave Simons, former chairman of the Sierra Club conservation group’s Ohio panel on fracking. “Economic times are tough. There is big money in this, and … (people) are willing to take a chance on this.”

guess that’s what a $26 million donation from Aubrey McClendon (the falling CEO of Chesapeake Energy) to the Sierra Club will buy. Dave Simons does NOT speak for Ohio environmentalists.

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jorge62 wrote:

I just read that Vermont has banned Fracking. You can thank the environmentalists and people who support Obama for this. Also , in today’s Chicago Tribune the cost of electricity is going up 15-20 times what people currently pay. It’s the amount all people pay for a certain amount of power not what one person pays. You can thank Obama’s EPA for that one. The amount an individual will pay will certainly go up according to the article. I think the article said people are going to pay hundreds more a year for electricity.

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SapphireJones wrote:

Over 60% of Ohioans want a moratorium on this drilling. We all know that it doesn’t create local jobs. 4 years of fracking in PA and just over 4,100 industry jobs. Their unemployment rate is only slightly less than OH. What they don’t tell you is that any job gains from drilling are offset by job losses in other areas. And water is going to become a serious issue. Your gas bill might stay the same, but your water bill is going to go sky high because they are going to be selling it to the drillers. I’m expecting a drought this year given the dryness in the rest of the country. Even the UK is having drought issues. And guess what is happening to them? Citizens are fined 1,000 pounds if they water their gardens, but no restrictions on the frackers. All because their water utility has been privatized and they can sell it to who they damn well please. It’s happening, here, too. Look into what Aqua America is doing…

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