Germany sets new solar power record, institute says

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DocScience wrote:

As the COST of energy increases, its relative VALUE decreases.

Solar power is making Germany less productive, less wealthy and less secure.

Let’s have another article in the middle of a cold dark dismal German winter about how many solar gigawatts are produced THEN, when the need is the greatest.

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ViewFromHere wrote:

Note to author: one does not “produce x watts per hour.” That’s bad reporting and technically meaningless wording. One just “produces x watts”, period. Watts measure **instantaneous** flow of power: ask any physicist or engineer.

However, if you’ve generated x watts for an hour, then you’ve delivered a total of x watt-hours of energy. Energy and power mean two different things. Don’t confuse them. Power (measured in watts) measures the flow of energy per unit of time, whereas the total energy delivered over time measures the useful work that can be done as a result. It is the total energy (measured in kilowatt-hours) and not the power, that is billed for.

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PJS55155 wrote:

Fantastic work Germany. Shows it can be done, like most things can be where there’s a will. By the way I’m paying 25c kwh here in Australia so 23c kwh while high is not unique.

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Jim1648 wrote:

The Republicans like to claim that green energy will harm our economy. As one of the most economically successful countries in the world, and a major industrial power, Germany proves them wrong.

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boychik wrote:

Economy problems are directly related to the energy cost. In Us it will be imposible to generate so much power from the sun. it is no lobby for the sun in the congress. after paying for oil and to bild and maintane nuclear unsafe superexpencive plants is no funds for the sun panels.Only Nuclear plants can make some peole rich,nuclear waist and cost like they bild out of gold.

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FCNewt wrote:

Instaneous torque is impressive, but sustaining it over time is the issue. Like riding a bike up a steep hill in High gear. A fizzel out in moments. The first poster has his facts down. The last poster needs to understand the difference between energy and power. Politicians and Greens can try to re-write the laws of physics, but these laws that cant be changed.

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hebintn wrote:

Angela Merkel for President of the US. ;o) (I know she wasn’t US born.) Maybe she could make something happen here that would move us in the same direction as Germany. The first thing she would do is make fossil fuels pay their own way without subsidies. Then she would make them pay for environmental damage, and of course she would stop all surface mined coal.

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GoldenGatsby wrote:

This is incredible. It shows how much potential there is in solar energy. Initial costs seem to be the reason that many governments seem to be avoiding taking these kind of steps. The political party that instigates these kind of plans will be criticised by the public for the expenditure and then might not be in power to reap the rewards.

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sameobs wrote:

good for germany. i am 100% off grid at my computer store in n.c., and just need a large battery bank at my home to get off the grid.

for those naysayers, regarding the “high cost” to do alternative energy – those people are not taking into account the high financial and environmental damage done by accidents like fukushima and the bp spill. how “cheap” is energy like that when it can easily devastate a country? not to mention all the jobs that could be created if there was a real focus on alternative energies.

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ConstFundie wrote:


Uh huh, it’s all too costly until we end up having to abandon parts of the US, and radiation contaminates water tables and food supplies. One accident and all ‘savings’, plus some, fly out the window.

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Tell me, please, why what we consider the #1 country in the world is so far behind Europe in alternative energy, health care and education when we can afford to support the largest number of millionaires, billionaires and gazzilionaires.
Maybe it’s because Germany, for instance, believes that the good of the country is more important than the good of the Fortune 500.

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JohnG-73645 wrote:

ViewFromHere: It is not “instantaneous” flow of power.
X watts means a rate of X joules/second. Nothing instantaneous
about 1 second.

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JohnG-73645 wrote:

Solar energy plants should be constructed in the
Sahara desert where there is sunshine all year round.
The energy can then be transported to different

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