Insight: From Alabama, an epic challenge to voting rights

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BinaryRecoil wrote:

Hmmm… Misinforming people is what eventually leads to war and the destruction of society. There is no such thing as “a confederate flag”- It’s a flag of rebellion, predating the civil war by more than a few centuries.

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fromthecenter wrote:

The south still hasnt gotten over the civil war and are hoping to ‘take their country back’.

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McBob08 wrote:

If you think the American South has changed, then you’re either blind or racist. The obvious symbols might be hidden behind trees and signs, but the attitudes are still quite obviously there. They Treyven Martin case alone is enough to prove that primitive, barbaric, racist attitudes still hold strong in those states.

The Roberts Supreme Court already sold out American liberty and freedom with the shameful, obviously-corrupted “Citizens United” decision; if they strike down the Voting Act, then America will truly descend into utter barbarism.

That’s the day to build a giant dome over America and separate them from the rest of the world forever, so some sanity can reign.

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McBob08 wrote:

@BinaryRecoil: The Confederate Flag does exist, despite your ignorance. Just because a movement has adopted a symbol from the past, that doesn’t make that symbol any less a representation of that movement. The Confederate Flag represents slavery, segregation, racism and intolerance. It doesn’t matter that it might have meant something else once, that’s what it means now.

Once, the Swastika was a symbol of prosperity and plenty, but now it represents the Nazi movement. Trying to claim it still represents prosperity and plenty is ridiculous. It’s just as ridiculously to suggest that the Confederate Flag represents anything other than all of the hateful reasons why the Southern States rejected the Emancipation Proclamation. The fact that some people in the Southern State still revere the Confederate Flag or admire the Confederate movement is a shocking example of why the Voting Act still needs to be enforced in all of its tenets.

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walteclemmons wrote:

Don’t you believe these words “the old south” 10 years ago while visiting I was told by the Huntsville, Alabama police department that I have no Civil Rights in their state. What a shame…

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PKFA wrote:

Why is this case an “Epic Challenge to Voting Rights” and the myriad of other redistricting schemes of both parties is not? Could it possibly be the increasing amount of race-baiting one sees in the media? And why is that occurring? could it possibly be that this is an election year and the Obama administration has pulled out all of the class warfare stops?

Anyone who fears the return of the “Old South” hasn’t seen the new South. Job migration from the Rust Belt to right-to-work states has proven to be a huge equalizer. Those who choose engineering and technology studies over political science, art or psychology have a huge slice of the peach cobbler, regardless of race. True, where a culture of black victimhood remains, for example Atlanta, the memories of the Old South linger. But once leave the cith limits and one sees a vibrant, growing economy.

Yes, the Confederate flag still exists, albeit less obvious. Originally a symbol of states rights, it has been hijacked by Progressives as a symbol of slavery. Perhaps that will change with the awareness of a new slavery- that of the people to Washington D.C. Perhaps one day the Stars and Stripes will replace the Stars and Bars as the new symbol.

Back to my original point, when one sees the arcane boundaries of some of the congressional districts it is clear that gerrymandering is alive and well in this United States. But leave the race-baiting to Al Sharpton and his ilk. Dig a little deeper, Joan and Amy, and you’ll find the REAL story, power and money:the attempts of those in power to remain in power- the resentment of the “Old North” for the “New South” and its culture of meritocracy and personal responsibility- and the fact that Northern Progressives are all too happy to exploit Southern (read: “black”) victimhood for the purpose of wealth redistribution for their bankrupt policies.

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JMYR wrote:

I live in Dothan, AL. Even though black and white children may sometimes play together and go to school together, the cultures remain divided. When blacks and whites are going to church together as the rule and not the exception in this bible belt, that might be a good signal black voting rights no longer need protection. When whites no longer lovingly look at the confererate flag and swastika as positive political symbols, somehow separated from the lynchings and holocuasts that sustained them, that also might be a good singal black voting rights no longer need protection.

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arbor wrote:

Make those red state hillbillies stop cheating.

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krimsonpage wrote:

@PFKA States rights? whatever… The Con flag has meant and has never meant anything else other then white racism. Progressives are free to hijack it and take whatever measures necessary to tarnish it, burn it, and shove down your little throat.

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Egladys wrote:

new headline in AL today..Supreme Court will not hear former AL governor Don Siegelman appeal..this has been an interesting story involving Karl Rove and his BFF’s wife who was the judge on this case. Saw a quote from a GWBush official who said we couldn’t beat Siegelman fair & square, so we demolished him.

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AlkalineState wrote:

The South lost the war. It was a war they started when they took up arms against the United States in 1861. The United States won and now the South has to live with the consequences of their poor choices and inferior military capabilities. Atlanta burned because the Southern Generals were not doing their job.

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scrumble wrote:

Alabama can confidently rely on the Bush Supreme Court to help it in its quest to deprive blacks of the right to vote.

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ladytech52 wrote:

There is no “Old South” or “New South”…it’s the same old South. When I read these stories I am ashamed of being from the south because I know how true it all is. Please continue to monitor voting because as soon as you stop there will be rampant redistricting. There is a very low tolerance in all southern states for racial equality. A good show is made…as long as it doesn’t go too far. But if it does I can assure you measures are taken to get control back. I see it over and over. It goes beyond race; it’s economic, political party, race, religion, every manner of discrimination is taking place in the south and it’s all about control.

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JL4 wrote:

Seeing white and black children playing on a playground together might be a step forward socially, but it means nothing in the arena of political power.

The South HAS changed in many ways, but not in politics. Politically, they’re as racist as ever, only now they have to figure out ways to maintain white control without appearing to be racist. It’s called Redistricting.

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mgear wrote:

@BinaryRecoil: The Confederacy actually adopted flags three time. The second and third flags contained smaller versions of what is typically called the Confederate Flag. While you may be right in some sense, certainly what people refer to as the Confederate Flag was a major component of the actual flags of the Confederacy.

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mgear wrote:

@BinaryRecoil: Also, what we call the Confederate Flag these days WAS indeed the Confederate Army’s battle flag, if not the official flag of the Confederacy. To say that there is no such thing as the Confederate Flag is pretty ridiculous.

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