Insight: Intel's plans for virtual TV come into focus

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T.A.C wrote:

Hey Intel. People hate advertisements and they love privacy. Why are you looking for a new line of business? Seeing a slow future? Is China buying AMD to fill their huge demand?, or do you see the laptop business going to hell pretty soon?

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Talleyrand02 wrote:

Facial recognition tech…. Big Brother can now watch at will, without even hiring people. That was George Orwell’s only flaw in his vision of the distopia we have become.

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McBob08 wrote:

Gee, that’s all we need, for kids to be exposed to kid-targeted ads constantly while they’re watching TV. Let’s just do even more to brainwash people who haven’t developed good judgment yet.

There’s not going to be any set-top box coming into my house with facial-recognition ability. I’ll block out the camera if needed. Does that mean I won’t get any ads because it’ll think that no one is watching it?

Hey, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all!

Jun 08, 2012 2:34am EDT  --  Report as abuse
mulholland wrote:

Intel has subsumed the business of every previous partner and s bankrupted them. Lots of luck guys.

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wthcares wrote:

Why grind on Intel?! Wouldn’t you want to pay less each month for only the channels you really watch?? The problem here is not intel, it’s the cable and satellite companies that charge for packages containing useless and never watched channels at a premium!

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marihuano wrote:

A camera in our living spaces (our home) recognizing who we are and what we do? LOL yea right. (because eventually it will do just that).
I know we don’t have a republic in the U.S. of A. anymore… It is a “business”, but to loose our last private space? FORGET IT!
No one is putting a camera in my “man cave” nor brain washing my kids.
(atleast not in my home).

Jun 08, 2012 8:19am EDT  --  Report as abuse
AdamSmith wrote:

This is a good example of an American-based corporation acting in the interests of their shareholders rather than in the interests of America. Intel is not benefiting America, but rather exploiting America.

Intel was one of the main forces behind the creation of the corrupt H1B visa law, to drive down American engineering wage rates by importing droves of foreign engineers, mostly from India. Subsequently H1B has played a large role in destroying the American middle class.

It’s really a simple case of supply and demand. Consider, for example, what would happen if H1B were applied to plumbers instead of engineers.

To look at it objectively, pick some city, let’s say, Denver, Colorado. Now, bring in 100 busloads of freshly graduated plumbers (4,000 new plumbers), who want to enter into the plumbing business in Denver, and make a living.

The result? Wage rates for plumbers will become depressed. The existing 960 American plumbers in Denver, once busy every day, and making a good living, will now have much less work, or no work at all. All the Denver highschool kids hear from their fathers and uncles that plumbing is no longer a good way to make a living.

Who can compete with improverished hordes of plumbers from India who will work for any price. India has 1.17 BILLION people, and many of them are coming here, flooding our labor markets.

The H1B visa law was created, written and lobbied for by large American corporations as a means for decreasing their engineering labor costs. Indeed their corporate profits have zoomed up, up, up — while the wage rates paid to their American engineers have gone down, down, down.

This is what the H1B visa has done to the American engineering profession. H1B brings busloads of foreign engineers to America, thus driving down wages, closing American engineering schools, and discouraging American kids from majoring in engineering.

Intel is not a benefactor, but rather a voracious exploiter of America, as this news article of the seeing-eye television box demonstrates. Intel is a great destroyer of America’s middle class.

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mulholland wrote:

Adam Smith has it right.

Jun 08, 2012 1:04pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
tmeyer2000 wrote:

This is truly amateur hour at Intel. I fail to understand what they know about the media and cable business. This waste of money on some “consultants” should have the shareholders screaming up in arms.

Home automation, ultrabooks, virtual TV…this all smacks of desperation. I think Intel needs to focus on the root cause and just make better chips than ARM.

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To paraphrase Nietzche, “If you gaze long into the abyss of TV, the abyss of TV also gazes into you.”

Jun 09, 2012 2:45am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Neurochuck wrote:

If the “intel” box can do face recognition, it would do better to do activity recognition as well.
The one in the bedroom could target ads for alcohol, vitamins, pepup drinks, gym equipment, anti-anxiety meds, incontinence aids, headache pills, funeral plan insurance, whatever.
“At the right time – sell the right thing !”

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leslie20 wrote:

Sounds like they’re aiming to produce the TV service described in “Stand on Zanzibar” — Mr. and Mrs. Everywhere are coming.

Jun 10, 2012 1:44am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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