FDA OKs first obesity drug in 13 years

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SanPa wrote:

Well, if patients decide to stop using the drug, Arena will still have a well documented rodenticide. During pre-clinical trials, rats developed cancer in months instead of years.

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rusty94114 wrote:

“…the first new weight-loss drug in 13 years…” What does this say about the policies of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration? This agency has choked off the supply of new drugs for all diseases by focusing only on possible side effects rather than potential benefits. The FDA would choose to have a hundred thousand people die from not having access to a life-saving new drug than to have a hundred people die from its potential side effects. It has run the costs of developing new drugs through the roof through over-regulation and inefficiency.

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M.C.McBride wrote:

Because diet and exercise are too much to ask of people.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

Cargill should buy these guys. It has the front-end with its high fructose corn syrup additives that permeate pretty much any packaged food and exacerbate the problem. Makes sense they should make money on the back-end. They know how to get products approved quickly – it’s called the farm lobby.

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Adam_S wrote:

The only ‘weight loss treatment’ that needs approval is a cudgel with diet and exercise on the end of it. For f*cks sake people! This is coming from a guy who has a BMI of 31, FYI. I exercise regularly, 3-4x a week, intensively, but I do nothing to change my diet. I’ve become more ‘fit’ in the past two years, IE increasing muscle mass and ‘trading weight,’ but the weight still clings to me, b/c I like food and beer too much.

DIET + EXERCISE. It’s hard, yes, but it works, and it’s free. The fact that the FDA says we need this, w a straight face, is absolutely disgusting.

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sidevalve wrote:

wow…thats all i can come up with…

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PA-C wrote:

“BMI is a measure of body fat relative to a person’s height and weight.”

This statement is incorrect. BMI is a number based on the ratio of individual’s height and weight, and has nothing to do with their body fat. This being one of its major short-comings.

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RobVnsin wrote:

BMI is NOT a good measurement of Obesity. For example Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is listed as 6′ 5″ and 276 lbs. Based on that his BMI is 32.7 (obese). Yet no one in their right mind would would think he is overweight.

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Inertia wrote:

So insurance companies will spend millions on a drug to make you thinner, but won’t give aggressive incentives to lead a better lifestyle or exercise. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

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fatherofhub wrote:

Easy and free solution? Walk for 20 minutes a day.

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adamdlm wrote:

Ride a bike, walk to store. stop eating fake food. I can not believe we can hand out pills like candy but i cant smoke a joint. WTF is wrong with this country. When are we going to get lobbyist for the people because our congress could care less.

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meemo wrote:

The banner on this page says 1 in 6 Americans or 16.7% struggle with hunger while the article says 2/3 or 66.7% are overweight or obese. So only 16.6% of the country is okay?? Someone’s overstating their case.

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Hellotime wrote:

How long until this drug causes the obese folks to bleed out their eyes and has to be recalled?

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Humanity4All wrote:

Too late ! Nevertheless, Step in the right direction.

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Humanity4All wrote:

The burden of an obese patient to healthcare in longterm is almost equal to a smoker patient. If obese patients continue to choose a life style than they must be put on mandatory pescribtion to loose weight.

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Overcast451 wrote:

Of course, everyone is the same and can easily go on a specific diet and exercise! Even if they are paralyzed in a wheelchair, of course – how could people be so stupid? I should have known that you can put everyone in the same box any they fit all the same.

/sarcasm off

But seriously – you can’t put everyone in the same box. I’m overweight, but I’ve been working to loose it. My problem was laziness and eating bad, so I’d skip this either way. But you can’t say the same for other people – and to those who are paralyzed, have health issues, this could be a major boon to getting out of the rut or what have you.

Funny how people are so judgmental of ‘obesity’ – while they may have booze, pill, or other problems. Maybe a big part of the problems in the world is the cold, shallow, and uncaring nature of people.

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ahamednuzhan wrote:

The main problem are that most people:
1- do not know how to do it (due to a lot of misinformation from the so called fat loss experts)
2- lazy

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Marla wrote:

“Arena will have to conduct six follow-up studies, including a long-term study of whether Belviq increases the risk of heart attack or stroke, the FDA said.” I sure as hell wouldn’t take the pills until after the long-term study. I can just hear Arena telling someone, “oops, we’re sorry your friends had strokes and heart attacks that killed them, but they did lose 20 pounds right?”

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boon2247 wrote:

We ingrain fast food into the minds of our children, corporations profit from making people fat. Create smartphone and gadgets to lessen exercise, more profit. Make a pill to lose the extra weight without exercise or major diet changes, way more profit. It’s amazing how many people are so blind to what’s right under their noses. Maybe the triple cheeseburger get’s in the way.

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mauiwelch wrote:

Losing weight is not that difficult, you don’t need drugs to do it.

Eat a lot of plants: beans, legumes, veggies, fruit, whole grains and avoid fat at all costs.

Not only has my weight dropped & sustained, my plaque is reversing less than a year after my quadruple bypass surgery.

Here are my results showing plaque reversal in 8 months of a Plant Based diet: http://wholefed.org/2012/05/03…

Anyone can pick apart how long humans have been eating meat or how or brains would be the size of peas without animal protein. There are thousands of studies and experts that will refute any effort that promotes focusing your diet on grains, vegetables & fruits.

I say: try it. Try eating nothing but Plants & Grains for a week. Two weeks. One month. Don’t tell anyone, do it for yourself.

There is no downside… only upside.

Ian Welch

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I’m waiting for the weight loss drug like they had in Sliders. It was a drug that used bacteria to eat away the fat. However, in that episode,the Sliders came to a world where it was ravished by that drug and turned everyone into zombies. I don’t blame the FDA for taking so long.

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