Annan fears "imminent battle" in Syria's Aleppo

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How did Reuters get their information regarding the “highly classified presidential directive?” “Covert Assistance?” They just as well take ou a full page add in the “Washington Post.” Maybe my understanding of Covert and Highly Classified is different from the definitions accepted and used by the White House and D.C. insiders. These are things that just should not be in the news or the public realm at all.

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In 30 years the “protector” of “human rights” Turkey has slaughtered more than 20.000 kurds.
And kurds have nothing common with Al Qaeda terrorists.
Kurds are not fanatic jihadists but a repressed nation that claims its fredom.
But globalised media and US goverment who supports terrorists dont give a **ck.

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TruthMonitor wrote:

Erdogan is beginning to look more and more like a clown. He is a ‘real son’ of Yusufpasa.

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Achoquenao wrote:

Reuters – it is about time you stop the silly bias you display with statements such as “forces loyal to… Assad”. Why not refer to these individuals as Syrian soldiers – loyal to the country they promised to defend? You played the same game in reference to Libya, and it was equally silly back then.

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kenradke11 wrote:

And they are wasting their time attacking thew rebels bercause Syria is about to go down at any time and the sooner the better…..down with Assad! Down with China….down with Russia who has blood on their hands!

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kenradke11 wrote:

And they are wasting their time attacking thew rebels because Syria is about to go down at any time and the sooner the better…..down with Assad! Down with China….down with Russia who has blood on their hands!

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For those who are interested here is a map showing the current situation in Aleppo :

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Yesyes wrote:

@CapitalistPig Yeah it is pretty hypocritical to say the least, no doubt why Erdogan has been reluctant to intervene directly so far, as I’m sure he’s aware how it could dramatically backfire on him. In my opinion the Kurdish government in Iraq are doing the smart thing by playing the long game. The Iraqi Kurdistan region is currently the most peaceful and prosperous (but by no means perfect) region in Iraq compared with the rest of the country, which is going to give them increasing leverage to change things as time goes by. It’s a real shame how Kurdistan (along with Armenia) was supposed to have been given its independence at the end of WW1, until Ataturk came along and said,”oh no you don’t”, and the Entente countries, too busy trying to restore the Tsar to his throne in Russia, decided to just accept the situation and divide up the rest of the country between Iraq, Iran and Syria. It’s amazing just how short-sighted Realpolitik can be, and fequently governments around the world overlook how their own actions cause these sort of situations. The only ever lasting peace is a just one.

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Yesyes wrote:

@kenradke11 While I agree that the actions of the Russian and Chinese governments in this has been despicable, there are many examples of the US, the UK and France taking equally cynical stances in other situations. Down with the UN Security Council I say. It is probably the single greatest hinderence to global peace and justice that exists. The Great Power system was wrong 100 years ago and it’s still wrong today. Where is the justice in having the fate of the world effectively decided by five countries, all of whom reside in the northern hemisphere? How can any of them claim to promote peace when they devote so much of their budgets to their respective militaries, and so much time threatening countries who stand in the way of their national interests? Unfortunately the doctrine of “Might is Right” seems to still be alive and kicking in this day and age

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Life1 wrote:

Erdogan cheering on rebels to overthrow a government… Really? How do the ‘real sons’ of Anatolia feel about that one?

Let’s just skip Erdogan’s ‘outrage’ on the possible use of chemical weapons… The charred up bodies of Kurds in Anatolia seem to tell a different story of Turkey’s position on WMD’s.

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moetheshmo wrote:

Killing Syria’s wealthy and taking away all of their gold will buy the millions of freedom fighters a few bags of groceries. The frightened wealthy are willing to negotiate and depart with only some of their goodies but the freedom fighters want it all. Soon the expensive war will make the wealthy poor, they will then join the freedom fighters, but no groceries will be available and every Syrian will have become a loser.

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Alex77 wrote:

Nations that wantonly attack their own center of commerce are 100% going to change leadership. There is no doubt of the outcome now. Those bullies who cast their lots with the losers did not support repression as they hoped. They emboldened a failing regime to end its own rule more quickly. They proved to the world that no repressor wins when they have to prove their power by destroying their own nation. That’s right, repression wins through fear not the shear physical ability to dominate the majority. Thanks for proving that so openly.

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The U.N. gun ban, aka Small Arms Treaty, would make citizen uprisings like this a thing of the past. The only “cross-border” arms deals could be between member nations, any militias rising up to a tyrannical government would not be “recognized”… Why do you think the most tyrannical governments (Syria, North Korea, Yemen, etc…) are the most ardent supporters of this ban? After all Mao, Hitler, and Stalin all implemented gun bans for citizens after rising to power, because they knew an unarmed populace is an easily subjugated populace.

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SouriaBashar wrote:

-Godspeed to President Assad – I hope he smashes the FSA !!!

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Russia is now a third world nation. Time to provide the rebels missiles that shoot helicopters, jets, tanks, and Russian ships.

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golfsailor wrote:

Can’t we find one skilled person to get in the right place at the right time with some accurate weapon. All it takes would be one bullet, at the right place. I guess the war could end. But maybe that end is too easy for the assassin. Better to give him the Libyan ride behind the car ….

UN is only a playground for the ‘big five’ to protect their own interest, may it be oil or strategic. Who pay for this game ? Right now the syrian citizens are working on the heavy part of the bill.

People want freedom, freedom from politicians, freedom from tax opression and freedom from religion imposed from others.

Why China and Russia support assassins ? Well, we all know the same type of people have fun playing together …

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I hear Al Zabadani is back in FSA hands again… :)

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SouriaBashar wrote:

[LEAKED] Syrian Army Soliders kills a FSA Soldier, Loots his Gun & Swears at his Dead Body:   

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owl905 wrote:

“Why not refer to these individuals as Syrian soldiers – loyal to the country they promised to defend?”

Because the soldiers on all sides of this conflict are loyal to Syria.

And the Assadists’ loyalty is forced by a conscription notice in front, and a Government loyalty spy in back.

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FreedomFries wrote:

Everywhere you go on the Internet you see propagandists trying to discredit western media. But they’ll act like it’s just their pet peeve site.

On MSNBC it’s “Why is MSNBC making this Syria story up?”
On CNN it’s “Why is CNN making this Syria story up?”
On Reuters it’s “Why is Reuters making this Syria story up?”

Yeah they are all making it up or you are making your comment up. I think I know which one I believe.

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The worse the news for assad- the shriller his supporters become

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@Assads a cretin – Same thing with gadahffi ( i know i mispelled it)

@Freedom fries -Yep, i feel the same way…
A)Listen to muitlible news companies with billions of dollars and decades of experince
B)listen to some pissed off kid claiming he knows more then “A”


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mils54 wrote:

There are only a hand full of countries in the world that would actually commit to military action to prevent a massacre, Turkey does not appear to be one of those nor do any other country directly bordering Syria…..IMHO the countries of the Mideast are all full of hot air and bluster but no real commitment….The U.S love em or hate em can’t be the policeman of the world. By simply moving Troops and armaments to the border Turkey can ease the slaughter through fear of invasion, Assad would have to match the chess move, Might be too late though.

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owl905 wrote:

“The worse the news for assad- the shriller his supporters become”

What bad news for Assad? His forces have regrouped, and he’s marshalled a siege against Aleppo. Now he uses all the advantages of his heavy weaponry and control of the long and high ground … and grinds down the 18 rebel brigades in the city.

The rebels need game-changer – a Syrian division switching sides; or a heavy supply of AA and armor piercing weapons; or a big second-front that forces Assad’s attention to back down.

As the balance stands now, the rebels have picked the best ground for a grinding defeat. There’s no reason to suspect it plays out any different to the grind-down in Damascus.

The sliver of hope comes from a defector’s claims about the state of the Syrian forces (not good), but that was published yesterday before the assault hit full stride:

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scythe wrote:


FSA -> Funded by Stupid Americans

FSA -> Funding by Saudi Aggression

from your gas tank to the saud’s FSA armament fund

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@Souirbashar – Your proganda isn’t even on topic anymore. BS report that you coped and pasted on isreali tourture poilcy? Really Dude?

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I stand corrected- Assad on his way to glorious victory!! :) Hehe

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Yesyes wrote:

@SouriaBashar While I won’t disagree with your comments regarding Israel and the great many human rights abuses it has committed, over the years, you may have noticed that this article relates to Syria and not Israel. We may as well talk about Sudan or Pakistan and their human rights record while we’re at it, but again, not particularly relevant to this article. Please stick to the point

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Yesyes wrote:

@MetalHead8 I think the reason he copies and pastes these really long articles is simply to take up as much space as possible in the hope that none of the other comments get noticed, and since he’s run out of SANA articles to use, he has now picked some random article about Israel to fill out the space.

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pyanitsa wrote:

@golfsailor Who you calling assassins? The guys who secretly drive drones from Denver and fire missiles to blow up anyone on a hit list?

@Assads_a_cretin In Denial. Just keep repeating “Allah Huakhbar!”. Works for Salafists. Might work for you.

@owl905 Wasn’t John Brown loyal to the United States? Then why did a Federal judge hang him and his son for attacking a marine garrison? At his trial did the judge call his actions “revolutionary actions by a loyal soldier fighting to abolish slavery”. Nope, the judge called it conspiracy against the government and treason. Try doing a Timothy McVeigh on the Federal Government today and see whether you get a lethal injection or the Geneva Convention. Practice what you preach, Pal. LOL

@FreedomFries Because almost everyone who can read knows State Dept advertising copy when they see it. The State Dept has an office of international media coordination?

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Kfer wrote:

Shame on Reuters. The video purporting an MI-8 transport helicopter being shot down is manipulated by rotating the video 90 degrees. The action is totally senseless. Why would the gunner continue to release Zuni rockets while ‘diving down’? Is it to create the chopper’s own ‘tomb’? The helicopter was not shot down, but the gunner fires until the end of the attack run and then the pilot pulls the yoke in order to regain altitude. This is pure misinformation and I find it so hard to believe that Reuters lacks the decency as to show whatever lies either side of the conflict wants to convey. Don’t you care for the quality of the information you release to the public?

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pyanitsa Cheer up! :) Assad will soon be a bad memory! :P

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Wow! Jordan must have really great duty free shopping- another Mig from the Syrian airforce has landed there! (One also flew across last night). Its getting busier than Damascus airport at the Jordanian border!

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Slammy wrote:

The rebel supply lines are shorter for this one and it is going to be harder for the regime so surround and isolate areas as they did in Homs and Damascus. Since the rebels already hold many outlining towns they should be able to operate with relative impunity. This fight has the potential to last a while. Go Sunni!

Better to fight for something than live for nothing.
George S. Patton

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Yesyes wrote:

@SouriaBashar Mossad, CIA, IRGC, Nuclear, WMD and Zionist are not countries. Please look up the definition

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Yesyes wrote:

@SouriaBashar To answer your question, the only countries I see in bold print are Sudan and Iran, and while I’m trying to find out the reason for this myself, I can’t really see SAS/Mossad’s interest in Sudan, Iran they clearly both take an interest in, but given that they are the only bold countries in a list that contains among it, Hezbollah, Jordan and Syria, I fail to see the Mossad connection

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I wouldnt put money on Assad seeing past August in office :)

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Cunning new plan for victory in Aleppo- 4 tanks have defected from Assads army and a group of soldiers- clever strategy- make sure the FSA has more men and tanks than they can support……

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Khantona wrote:

The New York Times, July 28, 2012; two journalists were captured by foreign Islamic extremists in Syria

How are funding these Islamic extremists ? Saudi royal family, Qatar Emir and Turkey PM.
How is eliminating and capturing these terrorist group? The Arabian Syrian Army.

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Assad IS a homicidal maniac.

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If you read the news story-
“CAIRO — Two foreign journalists captured by Islamic extremists in Syria and held for a week were rescued by Syrian opposition fighters, one of them said on Friday. ”

Hmmm… So not rescued by Assads forces (does the name Marie Colvin mean anything?)

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fromthecenter wrote:

Sooner or later Assad will wind up like the other dictators in the region. It is only a matter of time.

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The 1st days fighting at Aleppo has not been an unqualified success for Assad….

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mcanterel wrote:

@fromthecenter, you meen he will wind up as a friend-slave-lackey of the USA? Like the dictator Ibn Saud? Or maybe the dictator Al Thani? Or is it the dictator Abdallah of Jordan? Or did you mean the dictator M6 of Morocco?

You are so naive, or maybe just illinformed?


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Slammy wrote:

@RobertFrost, how bout this one,

There is only one tactical principle which is not subject to change. It is to use the means at hand to inflict the maximum amount of wound, death, and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of time.”
- General George Patton Jr

Or how about this?

Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.
- General George Patton Jr

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Slammy wrote:

I like Churchill to:

Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

Keep fighting guys, you are winning, you can win this, Go Sunni!

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Fromkin wrote:

Just in:

Syrian security forces have regained control of the Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey in northwestern Syria, Press TV reports.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

As long as the muslims are fighting each other they can’t focus on Israel or the West. I don’t see that we have a dog in this fight, just the fights in general are profitable for everyone else but the people in these countries.

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chyron wrote:

Hypocrysy of west is something that i still can’t entirely believe…to demand other country’s leaders to stop fighting terrorists in their own land while US and UK occupation forces still fight pretty much _same_ “insurgents” in Iraq and Afghanistan…
Crocodile tears, that’s what it is.
Of course you all can also be clinically insane.

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owl905 wrote:

“Press TV reports.”

The classic Syrian oxymoron.

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owl905 wrote:

There’s no hypocrisy in ‘the West’, because the overwhelming majority of the rebels, activists, and protesters, are Syrians trying to overthrow a brutal dictatorship. Hypocrisy is claiming the tyrant Assad claiming he’s the good guy fighting a foreign insurgency of Islamist terrorists.

“Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.” – Wiki definition

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ccharles wrote:

Too many people think that there opinion matters to others besides themselves. Regardless what people say, the goverment is the liget goverment of syria…. and the rebels are by definition terrorist and the arms and funds and fighter they have given them is aiding and abetting terrorist. just sayin!

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Terrorist propaganda media… nothing more.

Please people get your information somewhere else, because the networks reporting from Syria itself are telling a drastically different story, and one supported by facts – not terrorists.

Stop the slaughter, stop the Reuter.

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paintcan wrote:

“Our friends and allies will bear responsibility for what is happening in Aleppo if they do not move soon,” said Abdelbasset Sida,”

This is absurd. It’s the reverse of Bush’s slimy moral imperative to take out SH. It’s almost funny to see it “back at Ya”. The only people responsible for the bloodshed in Syria are the people fighting in Syria. The ME doesn’t have the class or patience of India during the end of the Raj. And the Indians were truly oppressed, suffered true racial discrimination and economic exploitation. But their independence meant that the country divided itself and almost the entire population was effected by the mass migrations that followed the creation of Pakistan. That may well happen to the Syrians. I hope the neighboring countries are ready for a permanent flood of refugees and they too will become destabilized.

None of the uprisings of the past years has been noted by one major figure nor have any of them been memorable for the quality of their thought or one word they have said. None of the recent leaders seem noted for their integrity. We have more media exposure for every incident that seems to occur and they all get digested quickly and spit out for the next one. A disembodied and hardly accountable media runs the show.

If the Syrian’s had patience, they might have succeeded in dragging the country to a halt and disrupting economic life in Syria until the regime was weakened. It would have given a more convincing portrait of the magnitude of dissatisfaction with the government. But the Palestinians tried that and the media hardly noticed it. The media seems full of well- heeled ditzes. If the opposition is upset that the media of Syria can distort the facts or control the Syrian’s minds so effectively, what makes them think anyone will believe they will do any differently?

Countries that have truly subject populations like Tsarist Russia and Old Regime France, were actually experiencing growth and changes in the living standards of the country for the better. The tax burdens grew but the civil rights had improved, for the French anyway. The Surfs were freed in Russia around the middle of the 19th century. The Germans and Italians were far more burdened by feudalism than the French and it took them another 50 years to have their own revolts. Not even the invasions of Napoleon were able to break their old societies. As I understand it, Syria was more or less at peace and prospering for the past 30 years. Countries that prosper have revolts: not countries like North Korea. Hasn’t anyone noticed? It seems the Saudi royalty makes sure every one is happy except the non-citizen foreign workers.

I am almost convinced that all of the events of the past 12 years are not leading to a brave new order of freedom and prosperity but a screaming nightmare that will make the Great Depression and the Second World War look like a speed bump. Of course, if I am wrong, it will be because the media will have reversed it’s product line and starts to offer soothing and feel good stories to cool the minds. They will get a lot more public prayer time I suppose?

Somewhere on a train or on the street I once read – “The People want violence – the people always want violence.” Couple that with the desire to preserve the status and reach of the rickety regimes of the western states and Russia, or the highly pressured one of China (they are actually very patient – the past 60 years was very hard on them), and they can create an industry. The modern Arena is not confined to a stone bowl but will spill out and the lions will eat the spectators sooner rather than later.

Don’t anyone look at these photos and smile – YOU could be NEXT. The government here will do just what Assad is doing. This is the cost of an urbanized planet. They go straight to the centers of population. Historically – the urban populations were the epicenters of revolt. The brains, the money and the organization start there. But they destroy the greatest concentrations of wealth and the most expensive infrastructure. I am quite sure many Syrians (and not just the minority Alawites) don’t think this is going to be doing them any good. As the population flees, the only ones left are those that grabbed the microphones or are trapped and can’t escape. And of those who are trapped, all but those who disagree with the opposition will be heard. Those who disagree will have to swallow their objections.

The west is being advised to cripple the country, to cut the legs out from under its stability and to allow some vague opposition to take over with no surety that they aren’t being fooled again.

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onlyif wrote:

“Our friends and allies will bear responsibility for what is happening in Aleppo if they do not move soon,” – hilarious. He actually thinks the West really cares about what’s going on in Syria enough to pay $$$ for his liberation. Move along.

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owl905 wrote:

“paintcan wrote: “Our friends and allies will bear responsibility for what is happening in Aleppo if they do not move soon,” said Abdelbasset Sida,” This is absurd. ”

It’s fact. He doesn’t measure the portion, but he gets the nod right – all the lip-service in Cairo, Istanbul, Tunis, and Geneva, will become a western albatross if the rebellion is crushed. A larger measure of the responsibility should be reserved for the vile cynicism of the Russians and Chinese … but there will be more than enough responsibility for everyone to be embarrassed by the Speaker for the Dead.

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onlyif wrote:

The West should not support Free Syrian Army because they have promised Turkey that they will continue the oppression of the Kurdish minority in Syria and Turkey when those kurds are just as deserving of a homeland.

Tell me how the West can, in good faith, pick sides in a Civil War in which both sides are just as evil and willing to commit atrocities as the other. Remember there are Islamists/ Al Qeada types involved in the Free Syrian Army – remember those guys from Iraq. What a success that was.

oh wait… did someone say facebook and demoracy.. oh, may be its going to be okay… just like…..umm….Egypt..

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Slammy wrote:

Are we being blamed for this again? You know one thing I like about this rebellion? It mainly involves Arabs helping Arabs, the “West”, except for Canada, is not having to help anyone do much of anything. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Libya, Turkey are helping the rebels. Heck, Saudi Arabia just finished a telethon that raised 80 million. Iran, Hezbollah and to some extent Lebanon are helping the Syrian regime. Do you think Iran would have as much luck with a telethon? Besides the weapons being made in Russia and China the whole war is pretty much a middle Eastern affair. It is nice to see the area has grown up and no longer needs our help orchestrating its wars. How times have changed.

Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.
- General George Patton Jr

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Slammy- the case could even be out that the west has indirectly helped Assad for decades- I am glad “the west” is no longer propping up this despot – Lest we forget he studied in the UK, his wife usually shops at Harrods… not any longer!!!

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Slammy- the case could even be out that the west has indirectly helped Assad for decades- I am glad “the west” is no longer propping up this despot – Lest we forget he studied in the UK, his wife usually shops at Harrods… not any longer!!!

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Oh dear- looks like Assad may be needing a 3rd Defence minister in 2 weeks…. oops. A visit to Aleppo didnt go as well as predicted apparently the mother of all battles has the daddy of all snipers.

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kommy wrote:

Extermination of well-trained and paid terrorists,- nothing wrong with that.

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Fromkin wrote:

“I will once more address Russia and China so that they recognize there would be chaos and civil war if Bashar al-Assad isn’t soon stopped,” said Hollande.

Is there a civil war going on in Syria or not? This statement by the french president seems to contradict the UN that there is a full blown civil war going on in Syria.

Regardless of what the french president thinks Syrians themselves have said many times they aren’t interested in fighting a civil war.

France, UK, Turkey, US et al can’t do worse than what they are doing now in Syria other than directly attacking Syria themselves.

This is a subversion aggression not a civil war.

Folks look up the word “subversion” on wikipedia to gain a little more insight about this conflict.

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Slammy wrote:

Who was shot where? I cannot find anything on it.

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paintcan wrote:

ow1905 – I have no idea what you are trying to say? I’m guessing you’re from the ME because your language is very poetic. But if I was watching a brawl between with heavily armed forces and they scream at me that it’s my fault If one or the other blows themselves away. I don’t buy it.

The trouble with zealots is they live on hormonal or adrenal rushes that some people, not in the thick of the action, can have a hard time understanding. The temp here is about 67 deg F. You sound like you’re at about 110 in the shade.

There hasn’t been a continuous state of warfare – limited to be sure – like the last decade plus, since the 30 years war. I very much doubt it will ever end. And it probably won’t worry about consistency of message or goals.

I’m not at all sure what the opposition is after in Syria and I’m sure many will be surprised what shows up – if and when the dust settles.

If you want to be the pathogen to kill the Syrian state – why are you surprised that the state is releasing it’s antibodies? Those people paid taxes for, among other things, those antibodies. The trouble with all the ME regimes is you’re all so damned dogmatic and very heavy handed. What is it sun-stroke – hyper tension?

As for the “Speaker for the Dead”. Where do you find that guy? I want to check out the accommodations. If things don’t pick up around here, business wise, real soon, I may want to reserve a space. It’s so much cheaper and a lot less noisy. The dead don’t lie except on their backs in a bag in a common grave. Or was that a photo op too?

And if and when Assad falls – please don’t demonstrate the shear animal lust for debasement that Qaddafi or even SH got. Actually likening those actions too animals is unfair to animals. Only humans ever seem to be that sadistic. That reveals the true “soul” of your people. It explains why the region is so salubrious for “tyrants” and why the prisons are such hellholes and physical abuse and torture are so common. How are you going to do anything more than pump oil with that attitude?

If you are the opposition, than get your act together and act like you would run a stable state. The “democratic” upheavals in the ME are only a few years old and there really isn’t any reason to expect them to last.

BTW – I’m just the sort of “liberal” who would actually try to read the Quran. But from what I have seen for the past decade, I think my blood pressure would rise and I will be meeting the speaker for the dead much faster than I expect too. I tried to read the first few pages of a copy I found and I’m not impressed. Islam can’t show its the founder any better the Christianity or Judaism could at the time of his appearance. You’re not unique anymore. In fact – get ready to join the ranks of “popular belief systems”.

All that blood flowing in the region isn’t watering much of anything. The dead are thrown away and the living interpret the future without them. Maybe that’s why peace comes at all? It’s kind of like medieval blood letting. If the cure doesn’t kill the patient they feel ever so much more relaxed.

Jul 28, 2012 12:37am EDT  --  Report as abuse

Turkish press is carrying the report- the NEW defence minister was visiting Aleppo directing operations when apparently he was shot by an FSA sniper. A lot has been going on at Aleppo- its not been an auspicious start to the “mother of all battles”. Last time i heard that saying it didnt go well for Saddam… check out this blog- but Assad supporters and spammers will not be welcomed.. :)

Jul 28, 2012 12:38am EDT  --  Report as abuse
golfsailor wrote:

This is to all supporters of Assad

Just go back and consider what really started this conflict. Peaceful demonstrations where people just expressed their freedom of speech and were anti government. The ignition of this conflict was governmental bullets against ordinary people. This is what a true assassin government may do. Any doubts ? I have no vetted interest in this conflict my views is just based on my personal views and feeling for human rights and freedom wherever we live. (I am Swedish).

If you fire one bullet against any citizen you may expect a full uprise and you are to blame as well as the people and countries that support you with weapons or votes in the UN.

Simple, people want freedom and freedom is what they will get, but it might take a lot of blood and time, but the people are prepared to pay the price if the opressor is bad enough. Just wait there will be an uprise in Iran, China and eventually Russia as well.

Jul 29, 2012 1:02am EDT  --  Report as abuse

golfsailor- General Moods comments are on the money about Assads regime and why it will fall.

Jul 29, 2012 1:06am EDT  --  Report as abuse
owl905 wrote:

“Just go back and consider what really started this conflict.”

The fuse that lit the conflict was the arrest of 15 kids writing graffiti on a wall. A protest about the arrest of the kids had the police opening fire on the protesters. Four protesters were killed. Government snipers fired on the funeral procession of the victims.

Children were tortured to death. Between March and November, the UN Report catalogued 256 children killed by the Syrian Government – some of them tortured to death:

When you read the apologists talking about ‘foreign insurgents’ and ‘legitimate Syrian actions’ … it was the Syrian Government that drove the escalation.

Jul 29, 2012 1:30am EDT  --  Report as abuse
paintcan wrote:

@Slammy – except the defeat of Japan that was brought about by two atomic bombs. There are still a lot of atomic weapons in the world’s arsenals.

Patton thought he was the reincarnation of a Roman General: at least according to the movie.

onlyif – What is the difference between an autonomous region and a homeland? The Kurds would have to start a civil war with three countries simultaneously. Nobody is going to appreciate that and they will upset some large countries. If their economies are shambles, that may leave nothing but warfare to “give meaning to their lives” and the survivors might appreciate the drop in population pressure: for a short while anyway, after they repaired the damage they caused.

I think the world is about 99% crazy and maybe 1% never quite sure what it’s doing. That’s why I write my comments so easily. I don’t think I can do much worse than they do. The bar for sanity seems to be set very low lately.

I’m doing my best to think “outside the box” while so many others are so busy filling them.

BTW – What is a homeland and why is it so necessary? Because some people with a fragile (and wounded) identity wanted to start the Israeli state as a homeland is that any reason for everyone else in the region to emulate them? Is a homeland any cheaper to run than someplace not a homeland?

If I could do my life over again I’d want to live in a multilingual neighborhood and pick up at least two other languages instead of feeling like such a rube with only one. I would live it at least a few other countries for a time just to get a little perspective on global life. Why are so many people so bound and determined to build mono religious gated communities the size of states? Can’t stand the idea that they might not be the only people with strongly held beliefs (but usually not very well understood) that are very easy to discount if you aren’t one of them? Don’t they ever ask themselves: If he is an infidel, and he thinks you are – than perhaps both of you are wrong and clinging to an illusion that they are both absolutely right and can accept no back talk?

What – do they have big egos or they all really made of glass?

Jul 29, 2012 1:37am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Fromkin wrote:

So the UN is not yet CATALOGUING deaths by the bombs farmers? UN must be the work of the devil himself!

Right now as I am wrting this the indian government is KILLIIIING its ooown peps. I heard the police has received orders to shoot at sight.
Did you guys heard about it? How many deaths has the UN CATALOGUED so far in India? Where are the salafists and Koffi Annan when we need them in India to protect the people?

Espece d’escrocs!

Jul 29, 2012 1:55am EDT  --  Report as abuse
LynCe wrote:

Appeal to the people of Russia and China and bypass their compromised leaders on Syria. And hurry. Hell is at hand in Aleppo. Can you imagine the leadership of the UK or the US deploying attack helicopters on London or New York? This is madness. Assad has to be contained soon. There is no enjoying the Olympics while Aleppo — Syria’s largest city and a world heritage site — is on a countdown to massacre and widespread destruction.

Jul 29, 2012 4:06am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Yesyes wrote:

@golfsailor and owl905 I almost feel like a detailed account of how this all started needs to be posted on absolutely every article relating to Syria, since a lot of people here seem to have very short memories, and the Assad sympathisers and professional propagandists make a point of trying to distract people from these facts so they can blame the increasingly bizarre “alliance” of the CIA/Al Qaeda/foreign mercenaries/zionists/bomb farmers. I gotta say, if you’ve somehow got all these people allied against you, then you must be doing something wrong.

Jul 29, 2012 4:25am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Yesyes wrote:

Fromkin writes “So the UN is not yet CATALOGUING deaths by the bombs farmers? UN must be the work of the devil himself!”

So it’s now official folks, the UN ie every country in the world is now responsible for starting this all. I’m not sure exactly why he chose to capitalize the word “CATALOGUING” but I guess it must have some kind of emotional resonance for him. Maybe if he provides the UN with some kind of definition of the term “bomb farmers”, then they might be able to start cataloguing the deaths they’ve caused. I’ve personally never heard of somebody farming for bombs, but I guess you need to be from Syria to have seen these mysterious bomb farms with your own eyes.

Jul 29, 2012 4:48am EDT  --  Report as abuse
chyron wrote:

US goverment didn’t used _yet_ attack helos in their major cities simply because they tend to forget about “human rights” and “civil freedoms” as fast as any group that can be branded as terrorists is discovered… did you forget “Waco Siege”?

And ’bout Olympics – last Olympics was spoiled by Georgia’s full-scaled attack on breakaway region of S. Ossetia (and russian peacekeepers btw) – in Olympics opening day, no less. US and UK media and goverments supported this treacherous attack which began with indiscriminate missile and artillery barrage on sleeping city…

Jul 29, 2012 5:19am EDT  --  Report as abuse
moetheshmo wrote:

Noise making bombs are fired harmlessly into the empty lots of Aleppo; they are to let the rabble know that Assad is still in power. But meanwhile the Damascus elite are gathering its gold bullion and shipping it to Tartus, Russian warships will transport the Syrian wealth to Siberia; its small towns will become the new home of Assad and his defeated followers. The Alawite poor will thumb a ride to Latakia where they will setup barricades in an attempt to repulse the armies of a vengeful God.

Jul 29, 2012 5:36pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
moetheshmo wrote:

Noise making bombs are fired harmlessly into the empty lots of Aleppo; they are to let the rabble know that Assad is still in power. But meanwhile the Damascus elite are gathering its gold bullion and shipping it to Tartus, Russian warships will transport the Syrian wealth to Siberia; its small towns will become the new home of Assad and his defeated followers. The Alawite poor will thumb a ride to Latakia where they will setup barricades in an attempt to repulse the armies of a vengeful God.

Jul 29, 2012 5:38pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
moetheshmo wrote:

Rumors of massive raping by rebels have been spooking the virgins of Syria; it has caused most to hysterically flee the cities. Older women have not left; they are beyond the age of desirability. Syrian men cannot protect their ladies from the well-armed freedom fighters; they can only photograph the sex orgies as evidence to be used in court. The young mercenaries express themselves without fear of punishment.

Jul 30, 2012 7:45am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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