Drug war fury awaits Mexico's Pena Nieto

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Neurochuck wrote:

Where I live in an rather economically depressed rural area, it is easy to get locally grown marijuana from farmers and others with a few plants, that want a few thousand dollars a year for odd bills and a replacement second hand car. But there are lots of people with alcohol problems – violence, vehicle crashes, obesity, diabetes, fatty livers, etc.
The police helicopters come over each autumn and bust anyone growing major “gang” quantities. The locals cooperate with the local police in almost eliminating chemical hard drugs distribution in return for loose policing if smoking green is kept out of sight.
Friends advise people with booze and marital problems etc to try mj to substitute something with less health consequences and cope with the boredom and frustration of economic stagnation.
A different way to the US approach of prohibition and drug smuggling, criminal gangs, and law enforcement industry.

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rjd757 wrote:

The only viable alternative the new Mexican government administration has is to return to the old ways of handling the drug cartels; make a truce with them and stay out of their way. In fact, this should be relatively easy for them since that is exactly how things were back in the early 90s. In exchange for turning a blind eye to the cartel’s operations, this new administration is poised at enriching itself just like they did in the good ‘old days. Who knows, maybe the beheadings will stop now.

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Welaskes wrote:

Why are you not mentioning the election fraud we are suffering in Mexico? the hundreds of toulsands of people going to the streets?, the buy of votes, theats, armored groups stealing voting poll sites, “gift cards” given by Peña Nieto’s Party in exchange for votes? the millions and millios of pesos above the official budget they used in campaign? the #yosoy132 student movement? plrease, Peña Nieto didn’t won the elections, he stole them….

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“The president-elect has to convince Washington he will keep up the fight against trafficking”

Errr nope. Mexico needs its president to tell the US where to stick its stupid war. If the US can’t control what flows over their border, that is a problem they need to deal with. Mexico has enough on itsplate without fighting a battle for its bigger, richer Northern naighbour.

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“We are looking forward to continuing the exact same level of cooperation with the Mexican government and enjoying the same level of success that we have had the last years,” said Jeffrey Scott, a DEA spokesman in Washington.” What success? The flow of drugs have not stopped, have never stopped and will not stop and removing one kingpin to have him replaced with the next one is not success. This is insanity.

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