Senate passes middle-class tax cut bill in symbolic move

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IamBAD1 wrote:

“Republicans are privately considering offering federal fee increases to prevent looming defense spending cuts. Some Republicans say fee hikes are distinct from tax increases, which most fiercely oppose in principle.”

CAUTION: Republican spin-masters at work…A federal fee hike is just another phrase for a tax.

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flashrooster wrote:

The Republican propagandists…er, I mean, spin masters are always at work. Everything that happens 24/7 is reinterpreted for rightwing consumption. That’s why FOX News and rightwing talk radio is so popular with the right and the left’s equivalent never quite takes off. The right has come to expect having everything interpreted for them. The left tend to be more free thinking.

It amazes me that Republicans still have the support they do when it’s become so obvious that they’re only interested in helping the top .1%. The rich now pay a lower effective tax rate than most Middle Class workers and Romney and the Republicans plan to give them even more tax cuts. But then this is why they have people interpreting the world for their followers. They need to make sure their people don’t fall out of line.

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checkthefacts wrote:

Flash rooster. Do you have any proof for your statements? Can you tell me what people on the left believe and what people on the right believe?

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RexMax46 wrote:


I’ve noticed that while you are quick to demand facts from others, you rarely present any facts yourself. But I’ll humor you this once.

Flashrooster is correct in that talk radio is dominated by the right-wing (1). His assertion that the conservatives needs everything explicitly stated to them is supported by that fact that you needed to see my previous sentence and citation. While I don’t agree with flashrooster’s generality, I do love the irony.


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