Philippine gun makers take aim from the backyard to the production line

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waqaa wrote:

Your numbers do not make sensse. Many people who own guns is the USA own more than one gun and no one knows what the total is. Suicide not homicide make up the majority of guns deaths. The Phillipine are a violkent nation with or without guns. I collect Phillipne edged weapons and my walls are covered with them. They are designed to kill not work. Violence is the nor in rural areas-guns are an equalizer. Are they good or bad? Guns are merely toolsnot some kind of mystical black magic. Sorry your numbers do not make any sense. A fair and just legal system will reduce the gun violence in all nations. The violence in Aurora was the result of mental illness that as always ignored by all concerned. There is no data base or criteria for such a data base for gun dealers or ATF to refer to.

Jul 29, 2012 6:06am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Yankchair wrote:

Well, we all can’t be Bruce Lee now, can we?

Jul 31, 2012 9:54pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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