San Bernardino, California, files for bankruptcy with over $1 billion in debts

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CountryPride wrote:

Thank you for the DREAM California, your Sanctuary city policies and protection of illegal hordes have bankrupted your cities and harmed Americans. Now that the gravy train of taxpayer funded public services are dry in this city they will soon pack up to move to invade and bankrupt another city.

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JMHO366 wrote:

CA is always jumping in with both feet to tell other states how to run their affairs yet they cannot run their own.

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neahkahnie wrote:

Oh, boy! The Sheriff’s Department of S.B. County is investigating criminal action in the City Police and Fire Departments as well as other departments. Putin is going to investigate the KGB.

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ChangB wrote:

LMAO, How did this happen, it must be the republicans fault, or small businesses not paying enough tax, or those damn people who work too hard and don’t pay enough state income tax. oh no of course it has to be George W Bush’s fault.

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Frank Zappa foretold the fate of this city on his album “Strictly Commercial”. Somebody is going to the slammer:

“She lives in mojave in a winnebago …
His name is Bobby, he looks like a potato.
Gonna spend the rest of their lives in san ber’dino”

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Sol_ wrote:

Fraud, corruption and out right thievery will come out of any investigation into this. Don’t ever underestimate the power of greed in any unregulated market and city Government spending is probably the most unregulated cottage industry there is. I’ll bet that it was some of the council men or women themselves that raided the city coffers.

This should be a warning that we as a species have not overcome the evils of greed and still need oversight, which includes the Government itself.

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nikacat wrote:

I wonder when Governor Jerry Brown will announce that the State of California itself is declaring bankruptcy? They appear to be running out of “other people’s money” to spend on left wing programs. Only one target is left to tap: bondholders.

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oneofthecrowd wrote:

California has an income tax rate of 9.3% on incomes over $48K in addition to sales tax and property tax. And Jerry Brown says he needs to ask voters for a tax increase in November or education will get cut, not bloated pensions, and not benefits to illegal immigrants. This is a pretty messed up situation. We need some intelligent help.

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gthog61 wrote:

way to go CA!

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iq160 wrote:

The CA state legislature has been dominated by Demoncrats for over 40 years. Even when there’s a half-way conservative Govenor, they can’t overcome the political power of Demoncrats and public sector unions.

Yet… while everyone else around the country is dumping on CA, you might admit being part of the problem. For the last 40 years, illegals have been crossing the border and filling up TX, NM, AZ and CA until the local populations were so heavily Hispanic that nobody that opposes illegal immigration can get elected. During those 40 years, the residents of all the other states treated this as a “Not My Problem” issue. Instead of putting pressure on THEIR Senators and Reps, they just ignored it until the problem is now so large that it affects everyone. As the border states sink under the weight of Socialism, many people will (and already are) leaving CA for YOUR state. When the gravy train stops, the illegals will also be moving to YOUR state, and you have yourselves to blame. Nobody wanted to stop the problem when it was a “border state” problem, but soon it will be EVERY state’s problem.

Think about that…

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morbas wrote:

Vallejo, Stockton and San Bernardino revenue problems are indicative of municipalities across USA. Municipalities are not allowed income tax sources, only local sales-fees-property. These taxes unfairly burden the lower quintile income group sustenance wages. This trickle up taxation scheme in a trickle down employment invariably leads to a debt and credit failure.
The entire budget can be balanced with a Nationalized Income Tax(margin-ed at poverty), parsed by 1/3rd to Federal, State and local(City-County) Municipalities proportioned by voter turnout. All other taxes made void. This would unburden companies, unburden the lower quintile, and route infrastructure funds to State and Municipalities. With near term Elections at hand, formation of voter support/mandate blocks would force stewardship to return the USA economy to the happy days.

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bobbobwhite wrote:

If San Burrito could get all those illegals to pay income taxes, it would be in clover. But, no, it can’t ask those little darlings to do anything they don’t want to do! This common SoCal city condition is too stupid to even think about, as it could be so easily solved but for overconern for the civil rights of people who are not even citizens, FCS!

Why not for once first consider the rights of citizens instead?

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Willie12345 wrote:

Those left leaning government officials really know how to manage a city or state. Socialism forever ……. or at least until the money is gone.

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Talkvent wrote:

Gee Wall Street didn’t see this coming…I guess they will just take the residents as slaves. Or we could find the bankers who allow the crap debt to be issued and claw back all their bonuses. What about accountants who said all was good…what about suing them. Or the lawyers who drafted the legal documents for the crap debt? And of course the crooked public officials should be personally hit.

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tea4truth wrote:

if only those rich people would have paid their fair share like the prez is promising…

Aug 02, 2012 1:16pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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