Obama spends his 51st birthday on the golf course

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mutt3003 wrote:

By the looks of our economy this clown has never stepped foot in the White House. Hopefully after the election he will have even more time for golf.

Aug 04, 2012 12:50pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
libertadormg wrote:

Happy birthday Mr. President.

Aug 04, 2012 1:41pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
ballsy wrote:

Guess he is thinking of more ways to screw the American public.

Aug 04, 2012 1:43pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

What so special about that?? hes always golfing or on vacation..

Aug 04, 2012 2:42pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
rgrgich wrote:

I read the headline of this article and went straight to the comments because I knew there would be thoughtless, hateful remarks. I feel he has done a good job of cleaning up a mess he did not help to create. Happy Birthday!

Aug 04, 2012 3:32pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
victor672 wrote:

Golfing while people starve from unemployment. And his wife vacations on the taxpayers’ dime in London. This will be your last birthday in office, Barry. You just don’t get it and your lies don’t cut it.

Aug 04, 2012 4:35pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

rgrgich…………I feel he has done a good job of cleaning up a mess?
on the golf course?other than that what else?? its been 4 years HELLO

Aug 04, 2012 6:07pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
rusty53 wrote:

No President vacationed anywhere near as much as George W. Happy Birthday Mr. President….have a wonderful day! You deserve it!

Aug 04, 2012 6:10pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
judgebean wrote:

It must be personal preference but I prefer to see all politicians taking part in recreational activities rather than muddling the country up any further.

Aug 04, 2012 6:16pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
StewieGriffin wrote:

Why does everybody blame the president for everything…. He is just one person. Last I checked there are 100 senators and 435 representatives that are part of this government and just as good at screwing things up.

Aug 05, 2012 7:50am EDT  --  Report as abuse
HAL.9000 wrote:

That is what I’ve been saying all along. Where is the “jobs bill” for the president to sign? Nowhere to be seen, why? Because the Republican controlled Congress is more concerned with replacing Obama with one of their cronies than actually helping the American people.

So all of you blaming the President for a tanked economy and for (god forbid) playing golf on his birthday…ask yourselves, what has my Representative and senator done to help my situation?

Think sheeple think!!!

Aug 05, 2012 10:06am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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