Western embassies edgy as Muslim anger at film simmers

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Renox wrote:

Not anti-Western but against the corrupt, decadent Western leadership where mass murderers like Obama can lead a country, liars like Tony Blair go on unpunished. Where politicians sell their principles to lobbyists for the right price, and Corporations can exploit the environment with impunity.
In a Society like this nothing is sacred, everything is considered to be a commodity. Betray you family for the right price, pay off some judges to overlook your crimes even you can buy your university diploma for the right amount.

Demoralization and subversion is only possible when the society loses it s values – religion, faith and morality are discarded and people can be steered like sheep with demagogue slogans

The muslim world has resisted, unlike the Christian Church which caved in under pressure to stand against these subversive forces.

Those who don’t get the point here have already been subverted. Fascism did not come to America in brown booths, but with Nike shoes and smiley faces.

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Grant_X wrote:


This article has literally been up with the same headline for three days. Furthermore, I have seen and left comments on other iterations of the article that are now gone. I don’t understand what you are doing here. This is an important story and you’d think you might update it with a series of articles instead of changing a paragraph or two in your generically written summary piece.

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Pompay wrote:

…we have seen these tactics before from NAZI Germany, to Soviet Russia, to Mao’s China….free speech is always the culprit…!

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nofxsbrain wrote:

You must excuse me but did you just compare Nike and the Nazi’s?

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jimguinnessey wrote:

It seems that rioting and killing are the two most popular male hobbies in the Muslim dominated Middle East. One wonders if any male in those countries ever works. One also ponders that, apart from oil interests, why any Western country would ever do business in such a volatile (for centuries) and backward region where any good the West does there is eventually greeted with hatred, death and acrimony. Does not the Bible have something to say about such ingratitude? “Do not cast your pearls before swine.”

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afriend2 wrote:

Do you really think the trailer to a short movie that appeared on YouTube that 99% of people haven’t even seen could start coordinated riots across the ME ? Americans are tired of our soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan so when public opinion starts showing americans want a withdrawal or cuts to the military budget we all of a sudden see riots start….JUst as planned ?

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KDupre wrote:

For the hate filled M—–, a simple short video expressing an opinion opposite of theirs is enough for them to murder endlessly in the most depraved way possible. And then they point fingers and say that others have problems. What a chuckle.

The truth is these people and their culture are the problem. Without their hate, the world would be a much better place.

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There are an abundance of insulting films posted on the internet insulting people of many faiths and cultures other than islam. There is a particular fictional film with actors portraying people of a certain religion (not islam) killing children and drinking their blood. That is certainly insulting and inflammatory (not to mention completely FALSE), but you don’t see people of that religion using that film and others as a justification for violence and murder. The right of free speech and freedom of religion are core values of this great country of ours, the United States of America. Frankly, I don’t believe this hatred and violence against Americans and other Western countries is caused by this film (witness 9/11), if anything this film mearly put a twig on a raging fire of hatred that was already blazing against people of any religion or culture that is not islamic.

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Attributes of a CULT: “Studies have identified a number of key steps in coercive persuasion:

People are put in physically or emotionally distressing situations;
Their problems are reduced to one simple explanation, which is repeatedly emphasized;
They receive what seems to be unconditional love, acceptance, and attention from a charismatic leader or group;
They get a new identity based on the group;
They are subject to entrapment (isolation from friends, relatives and the mainstream culture) and their access to information is severely controlled.”

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oldguy19 wrote:

Denial, are we really in denial? Find out.http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/opinion/us-in-denial-over-embassy-murders/story-e6frgd0x-1226475186128

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PKFA wrote:

Eid al-Adha or “Festival of Sacrifice” commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son. Celebrate this year on October 26, 2012 in Washington DC among the embassies of Muslim countries who, in the name of freedom eagerly accept the blood of American sons, then slap us in the face.

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JamieJR wrote:

I think someone recently said: “Why set a target date for bringing the troops home from Afghanistan; just bring them home tomorrow morning.”

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bocomojoe wrote:

Renox, what about Bush and the Republican congress that rubber stamped these wars? They are the ones that got us into this huge mess, or is your brain so corroded you have no memory of the recent past. When you lay blame, you have to look at the cause of a problem. Bush created problems then walked away from them, and left others to clean up his mess. Renox, not everyone is as stupid as you. Some of us can remember back to 2000-2008 very clearly — massive inflation, 2 illegal wars, mortgage and real estate market collapse, record unemployment. You’re only kidding yourself. Turn off Fox News and quit listening to Rush. They’ve turned your brain to mush.

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rjd757 wrote:

OK fine. It’s obvious that Muslim lands don’t want to have anything to do with America. How about this? The U.S. pulls away and completely severs all ties with Muslim countries. But, every Muslim here in the U.S. must leave back to their Muslim lands and rejoin their brothers. We stay on our side; you stay on your side. But when the S__t starts hitting the fan in your country, don’t you people dare to ask us for any help. That’s a fair proposition that ought to cool things down. Don’t you agree??????

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ArghONaught wrote:

From international reports it seems virtually no protester has actually watched The Offending movie because it was so offensive. They are being manipulated end-to-end. If these precious people think America should exit Muslim lands, perhaps they should consider Muslims should exit America in protest? By the same reasoning the Israeli supporters who care so much about the fate of Israel should best move there and join their army and leave the rest of Americans out of it.

Renox – compare western leadership against the like of Muslim leadership? Here you have the right to say your mind – unlike putting 11 year old children in jail for blasphemy. You are a puppet and peddle blind hatred!

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matthewslyman wrote:

Couldn’t help but chuckle at the image of those Hizb-ut-Tahrir fellows holding their signs in LONDON (ENGLAND) saying quote “AMERICA — GET OUT OF MUSLIM LANDS”. Don’t they see the irony of it?

Perhaps they still wouldn’t understand this point, if they had an English/Scottish flag or a Union Jack on their posters (with a big CHRISTIAN CROSS on it, as is integral to these designs)… One might just as well write a poster saying,
“GENERALISED ARAB/MUSLIM INFLUENCES including in its broad spectrum, Hizb-ut-Tahrir — GET OUT OF CHRISTIAN LANDS [not welcome here]“. But that would be “racist” and prejudicial against certain religions, so we can’t say things like that…

This naturally begs the question: how exactly do we define “MUSLIM LANDS”, “CHRISTIAN LANDS”, “HINDU LANDS”, “CONFUCIAN LANDS”, “JEWISH LANDS” etc.? According to who was there first, or, who is presently in the majority in a particular land? Then surely (regardless of which of these methods you use for deciding); Hizb-ut-Tahrir (being the non-hypocritical, pious, even-handed persons of justice that they are), must also persecute the Palestinians in support of the principle that Israel belongs to the Jews???

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matthewslyman wrote:

My previous point is only meant to demonstrate the hypocrisy and injustice that always characterises such emotional, exaggerated, unfocused responses to insult, as what we are now witnessing from the more militant part of the Muslim world.

Let us be thankful that perhaps well over 90% of Muslims are more sensible and peaceable than those we are currently reading about & seeing in the pictures on Reuters…

Here’s a tribute to all my Muslim brothers (a true compliment, from a Christian who has experienced true Islamic hospitality more than once)…

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covertice wrote:

Hey Renox your god mohamad is a fake and a hypocrite….hanging people for a different opinion, beating your women for making a opinion, I saw the video and laughed at your fake god. There find me now

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TheNewWorld wrote:


I think 90% is a bit too high. The more moderate muslims live in nations outside of Africa, the Middle East, and Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iran. The closer you get to Israel the higher the percentage of violent fundamentalist Mulsims you will find.

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Overcast451 wrote:

Oh yes, this is always the best way to answer hate – with even more hate – this is exactly why the Middle East is still a cesspool of hate with the mentality of the year 1200.

And it still continues today – hate, hate, hate and more hate.

Can’t you people let it go? Who care if this guy that made the movie is full of hate – some people just aren’t mature enough to be able to look past the shallow ness of racism and hate.

But keep your hearts filled with ‘hate’ – I’m sure it’s what your ‘god’ wants – just ask yourself… what god promotes hate?

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Bartski wrote:

I wonder if this incident in recent history isn’t symbolic of the mindset that stifles progress & prosperity among many Muslims.When Israel occupied Gaza, they built greenhouses to grow export quality fruits & vegetables.When Israel left Gaza in 2006, they didn’t dismantle the greenhouses.Rather, they left them to the Arabs as a gift of goodwill, as they were a good source of employment & foreign currency.They were promptly destroyed.

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