A comedown for America's defense lobby

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Lord_Foxdrake wrote:

So after raping the country for 11-12 years of all of it’s money. Running up record deficits on war profiteering and fleecing the US tax-payer, they find the junkie out of cash and have to face a slow-down in profit-theft.


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fromthecenter wrote:


Eisenhower’s truth still rings!

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amasiam wrote:

“And it has spent billions of dollars over the past few decades on lobbying fees and millions in campaign contributions to keep winning”

Written plainly, if they can’t buy the politician(s) they will do their best to buy the election.

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DHites wrote:

Okay, let me get this straight. Corporations that have only one customer, the government, deserve this money because they are part of the ‘free market system’ while individuals who have only one source of income, the government, are ‘free-loaders’?

If corporations are ‘people’, and these corporation’s only source of revenue is from selling items the government does not want or need, are they not also ‘free-loading’?

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Numb3rTech wrote:

Mr. President Obama said on the Letterman Show last night that the National Debt was of no immediate concern. So, we have a president that is more concerned about getting re-elected than taking care of the country at the moment. Russia is kicking USAid out of their country and is mature enough that they do not need us. Other countries are telling us to get out. Maybe Mr. President Obama needs to bend over further when he is apologizing to all of these countries and people or have Hillary go strut her stuff some more. That will get us into World War III and things will equal out. And it will all still be Bush’s fault.

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SDaignault wrote:

I’m very concerned with the lack of focus on and positive support for what’s referred to as Sequestration or the “fiscal cliff.” I was very pleased with the Tea Party and grass roots resistance to raising the debt ceiling about a year ago. The resulting legislation to have automatic budget cuts across the (Federal agency) board if no Federal budget could be agreed to by the end of this year was a victory in my opinion. Unfortunately, my perception, now, is that this support and determination have faded away. I didn’t like the language Romney used in disparaging Obama about how the White House has handled the Federal budget and Sequestration issue. It seems like Romney’s language implies that the Sequestration, itself, was not a good thing. Which I whole heartedly disagree with. The Sequestration is a good thing! It ensures some measure of fiscal responsibility in the event that a budget is not agreed to by the end of the year. The very bad thing is the lack of a budget and the determination by the White House to operate at a ~$1.5 trillion annual deficit. Unfortunately, I don’t have the warm, fuzzy feeling that the Republican side of the isle is still committed to Sequestration. I am very fearful that some shenanigans will occur after the election regardless of the winner to evade Sequestration.

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MJGSimple wrote:

Remind me again who is dependent on the government?

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Dr.Scoot wrote:

This article did nothing to discuss the reasons why the industry is frustrated, which is that there has been no guidance on how the defense department is going to make the $64Bn in cuts next year. Most military contracts cover multiple years of production and due to the complex nature of many products and government regulations the production often takes months if not years to manufacture all the componets required. Since there has been no guidance on what programs will be affected, companies have to go ahead and produce products assuming nothing will happen. So when government sequestration comes in January, not only will the military not get items that they say they need that are already under contract, they will also be handed a bill for everything that it takes to shut down the production line and pay for all of the parts in process. In normal government/congress incompetency making the cuts could end up costing more money then is saved, let alone the jobs that are also lost.

Love or hate the defense industry (which I used to be a part of), they are required to make everything in the US, unless they get exemptions which are rarely granted. It is one of the reasons why there is still a textile and sewing industry in the US, for example. I am fine with defense budgets being cut, but do it in a way that makes sense. Turning it rapidly off with no planning, communication or forethought will end up being much less efficient, save less money then promised, hurt company competiveness and cost many American production jobs at a time when they are sorely needed.

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PCScipio wrote:

@Dr.Scoot: Baloney! It’s almost 1 October. These bloodsuckers know what their customers are going to do (or what the likely hits are going to be) in the new fiscal year.

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Numb3rTech wrote:

PCScipio: You are right. Obama is too busy campaigning to get serious with the legislature and form a true budget “and” get it passed. Romneybluss is watching Obama for his cues. There are more pictures of the Presidential seat empty than being occupied for the last 3-1/2 years. Obama did sit down somewhere long enough to sign 138 executive orders.

To sum it all up, there is nothing going to be done in the way of true leadership of the legislature or the country. The economy will fall off the cliff at the end of the year. Money may have little value as it is redistributed. Government contractors and their suppliers will lose their jobs. Better get out of the market early unless you are invested in the prison system. I do not see good no matter who is elected at the moment. Doctors I know are sitting down talking about quitting except for specialty practice where only cash will be taken. They have to make a living.

If Obama wins, Romney and the uber rich will move rather than pay 90% taxation or put up with civil unrest and wars. If Romney wins, he will not take office in time to keep us from going over the fiscal cliff. It looks like the U.S.A. is fairly well screwed no matter who is elected president.

I still think I saw McCain grinning when he drove off after losing the presidential race to Obama. He knew the manure was going to hit the fan and it has definitely done that, and is already being blown all over the world. It is no wonder the U.S.A. has dropped down to #18 in the world list. And people wonder why I have stocked up on years worth of water, seeds, foods, guns and ammunition.

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PCScipio wrote:

@Numb3rTech: Callow Obamaphobia. There’s not a politician in Washington from the President to the lowliest freshman congressman who’s going to do anything important until after the election, and perhaps not even then. Some of you folks consistently confuse politics with ideology, and come across more like salafis and Taliban than savvy U.S. voters.

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Numb3rTech wrote:

@PCScipio: that sounds like what I was saying, but put into a single sentence. As far as the stocking up, That is the way I was brought up. Be prepared for emergencies. :)

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ConstFundie wrote:

@fromthecenter, good video. Strange to see a President talking to US citizens as if they were intelligent enough to understand the breadth and depth of the issue.

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AnIowan wrote:

I’m a former defense contractor executive. I can tell you the government can piss away money like you can’t possibly imagine. If everyone in the complex spent the next 3 months doing a real evaluation of needs and capabilities, the DoD could emerge leaner, stronger and more focused. But under this President, the opportunity will be lost. Perhaps our President elect can inject some leadership savvy in November and December so we can strengthen the DoD and It’s contractor community using less money by applying more vision.

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