Cartoons in French weekly fuel Mohammad furor

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Lord_Foxdrake wrote:

As a progressive I’ve always preached tolerance. That, however, is not possible. Because the intolerance comes from them. The simple truth is all they have is their religion and when all you have is one thing, that thing becomes everything.

Culturally, the Middle-East and the West are just too different. Best we keep apart from one another, perhaps,we’ll try again in another 200 years.

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Life1 wrote:

@Lord_F: someone who was truly tolerant and progressive, would not refer to 1.5 billion people from 50 different countries and cultures as ‘them’.

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PKFA wrote:

@Life1: Lord_F is correct. It’s “us” vs. “them” when “they” kill “us” in the name of “their” religion.

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scythe wrote:

if not “them”, then “the other”

on the serious side, muslims know how to draw red lines in the sand regarding blasphemy

something for the post-modern secular states to ponder

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Ashau wrote:

Muslims think it’s perfectly acceptable to denigrate Ccristianity, its prophets and its Bible. They think there’s nothing wrong with that sort of activity and don’t care in the least that devout Christians are offended. But, if someone denounces Islam, makes a joke about it or its prophet, draws a cartoon, or makes a stupid little film clip, they riot, burn embassies, torture and murder.

It’s grotesquely hypocritical and infantine behavior on their part.

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aquacalc wrote:

” someone who was truly tolerant and progressive, would not refer to 1.5 billion people from 50 different countries and cultures as ‘them’.”

You’re right. That was my first thought, too.

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Gall0wz wrote:

@Ashau, funny how that goes both ways….huh? I mean… as long as you’re pointing out hypocritical behavior we should just go ahead and lump all religions together where they belong.

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antosh wrote:

….”Life of Brian” leaves this very amateurish rubbish for dead.

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green_ wrote:

The lack of education in Middle East makes it so easy for some to manipulate people and instigate them to protest and kill. They don’t understand that actually that controversial silly movie or the stupid cartoon has nothing to do with any government … They don’t understand freedom in their ignorance.

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Samrch wrote:

It will let the Muslim world slander themselves like not film can by rioting and killing.

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PenRumi wrote:

I must admit @Lord_F is right: He is referring to the mindset of a large number of people in Middle East countries. One cannot hide behind numbers – “50 different countries and cultures” – as suggested by @Life1. Talking about reality does not diminish the tolerant and progressive attitude of a person.

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Vuenbelvue wrote:

U S State Department doesn’t object even though we have been involved in what the government says is the longest US war with “them”..

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breezinthru wrote:

Proposing a UN edict against insulting religions is ridiculous.

Expecting reasonable, rational people to treat ancient superstitious thought with respect simply because indoctrination has enabled primitive belief systems to survive into modern times is an insult to reasonable, rational people.

Organized religion is a pox upon the modern world.

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Snownow wrote:

Where the freedom of speech is for holocaust deniers in Europe or for the newspapers to publish the British royal family inappropriate pictures -not that I agree with any of the two? Why all depictions of Virgin Mary with her hijab show motherhood and chastity but Muslim women wearing it is suppression and submission. Why the 3 thousand who died on 9/11 are victims but not the one million who died in Afghanistan and Iraq as a result of that are not? why nuclear capabilities of Iran is such a huge concern but the hundreds of nuclear bombs Israel has which threatened to use and proliferated to former apartheid south Africa are not? Why threatening to wipe a country off the map is such a big deal but completely wiping off Palestine is not? They say if your house is made of glass don’t throw stones at your neighbor’s house, and ours is made of glass so hush and learn to respect others and their cultures. And for the Muslims please chill down and relax. When Muhammad’s neighbor used to throw animal parts and trash at his door step every morning – much like our commentators here- he didn’t threaten to kill him or set his house on fire, in fact when he didn’t find the trash one day he asked if his neighbor was doing OK, and when he was told he was sick he went and visited him. That’s how his neighbor became a Muslim. So please learn from your prophet.

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boreal wrote:

Stephane Charbonnier the “artist” and editor of the rag called Charlie Hebdo expects to double his usual 35,000-copy print run. There you have it. It has a profit motive angle beside being rather provocative insult to Muslims, around a quarter of the world’s population. But would there be as much support and encouragement for Stephane Charbonnier’s fake as a three dollar bill freedom of expression and freedom of the press noble ideas if next month the artist/editor would decide to poke fun let’s say of the Holocaust?

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NormRobichaud wrote:

Jesus says, “Love God, Love Each Other.”

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Rhino1 wrote:

Samrch: Well said!

Why not stop pouring acid in your wives’ and daughters’ faces before talking to us about sensitivity?

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Rhino1 wrote:

Samrch: Well said!

Why not stop pouring acid in your wives’ and daughters’ faces before talking to us about sensitivity?

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boreal has a slight point, but:

There is a huge difference between being offended by someone or something and expressing that offense by killing others. There is no doubt that many would be offended by poking fun at the Holocaust or any belief of their deeply held convictions. Humor, or what passes for it, that offends someone happens all the time. This is not a license to kill. Save that for James Bond.

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anachrony wrote:

What is the cultural measure of provocation?
Are murder and arson less provocative than democratic practice of free speech?

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Overcast451 wrote:

“someone who was truly tolerant and progressive, would not refer to 1.5 billion people from 50 different countries and cultures as ‘them’.”

Well see – it works like this. Many people, like myself are very tolerant and progressive. There is one thing, however, and I have no tolerance for – and that’s someone else trying to take my rights.

Then I’m quite intolerant of them – and that’s just the problem in this situation. A group of people want to live somewhere and practice their religion, but when, in a free country, someone criticizes them; they want to be the ONLY ONES who are free to speak their minds – sorry, doesn’t work that way.

Tolerance must be a two-way street, it cannot exist as a one-way street.

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AZWarrior wrote:

Ignore them whenever possible. Point at laugh at their ignorance at their every turn. Refuse to allow them to instil terror and fear. Do not tade your hard won freedoms to the mob. In other words, stop trying to tolerate the intolerable.

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morty62 wrote:

Thankfully, the people at Charlie Hbdo get it. If it’s ok to poke fun at one sacred cow then it’s ok to poke fun at all sacred cows. It seems to me that people on the left are twisting what the word “tolerance” means, actually turning it inside out so that it defends intolerance while castigating the West for its … well … tolerance. Being tolerant means that others have the right to practice their beliefs and express themselves freely without fear of government interference or threats of violence. What it doesn’t mean is that individuals are forced to self-censor themselves just because it “offends” someone else’s sacred cows. Religious and political satire are linch-pins of Western culture. From Moliere to Swift to Twain the right of free expression has been recognized as absolutely essential to the life of a free and open society. The fault here lies with that part of the Muslim world that feels it is acceptable to kill others in response to words or images that offend them. This is not tolerance. It is a form of cultural blackmail. Do what we say or we will kill you. No one in the West should feel that this is a defensible position. If the Pope, Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu and other religious religious symbols are fair game then Muhammad is too. To say otherwise is to give in to intimidation and barbarism.

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Adam_K wrote:

Criticizing and insulting are different things. Plus, if the west is sure that what “they” believe is wrong, they should act patiently and cool instead of poking “them” like enjoying it.

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spepa wrote:

Did the Moslem countries, who even brutally murdered their own leaders recently, for the cause of wanting “FREEDOM” really understand that Freedom comes with a package? incl. freedom of speech???
Or has the Us film -who no-one has ever seen? – nothing to do with the uprise and it was greatly organized by whoever wants “their own people killed”?? …. By the way: short film was produced by an Egyptian catholic, who understood better then the rest of us ever will! how volatile the religious fanaticism in his own country is!!)
MPOV – if Mohamed is worth killing each other – so be it.
I am proud that our freedom includes freedom of speech – do ever change that!

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HAL.9000 wrote:

I cant help but feel all these outbursts are a just a red herring. Of All these protesters, how many are devout practicing Muslims? Seriously…praying 5 times a day makes you devout? Or are you just going through the motions taught to you since childhood motiated by fear?

I suspect however that Islam is so oppressive that Muslims are just itching for an excuse to explode into animal behavior.

Here comes “religious indignation.”
OH BOY!! The gloves come off, the hair comes down…loot, rape pillage all because they insulted “our” prophet. Weird thing about this religion is that they place more emphasis on their prophet
than there god.

In’s all a bunch of ignorance, hypocrisy and plain old evil running the show in the middle east.

For those interested..The Biblical Book of Revelations makes note of the “False prophet” and the “Beast” and their relationship with the kings of the earth.

Maybe the time is soon. One thing I know for sure, Christianity thrives on “love” while Islam thrives on “fear.”

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Life1 wrote:

@PenRumi: ‘Talking about reality does not diminish the tolerant and progressive attitude of a person.’

You’ve obviously never set foot in the Middle East otherwise you’d never support an idiocy as big as ‘best we keep apart from one another, perhaps, we’ll try again in another 200 years.’

That comment is about as devoid of reality as it gets.

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OmarMinyawi wrote:


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Jen06 wrote:

Does this mean muslims plan to stop beheading, crucifying, and generally harassing Christians and Jews?

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Bangyal wrote:

i strongly condemn this brutal act by the french magazine,when we were near to resolve the issue of anti-islamic looks a strong lobby who want to erupt the muslims emotions to divert them towards a muslim am in a great shocker….

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ConstFundie wrote:

I agree with Lord_Foxdrake.

They (the, I assume and hope, small proportion of Muslims that would kill another human being for heresy or blasphemy) are expressing the most tyrannical, oppressive, and evil form of intolerance of all. I must assume small, because if a majority of moderate or liberal Muslims believe otherwise, they are silent as church mice. The tiniest of squeaks in support of tolerance, and reliance upon strength of faith under doubt, might result in their brutal murder, and worse, the brutal murder of their family and children?

The magnitude of tyranny and violence required to support any idea, policy, or God is proportional to it’s irrationality and fragility.

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CCs77 wrote:

“We have the impression that it’s officially allowed for Charlie Hebdo to attack the Catholic far-right but we cannot poke fun at fundamental Islamists,” said editor Stephane Charbonnier, who drew the front-page cartoon.
Is the issue not becoming a little fuzzy? Catholicism is one thing, it is a religion, and can be equated with Islam, which is also a religion. I believe that the Muslims equate Mohammad to what we Christians consider Christ. You can poke fun at Catholicism, but the reaction would be quite different if you poked fun at Christ. The same maybe holds true for the Muslims,i.e., you can poke fun at Islam, but dont poke fun at the one they consider as their Christ: Mohammad.

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spepa wrote:

If the Moslems want to kill each other in the name of Mohamed… then they should have the right to do it, that also is ‘freedom”…

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spepa wrote:

maybe one day – when the countries who just fought to get their “freedom” will realize how ridiculously they behave. “killing each other” over the picturing of Mohamed? How little value do they associate to “life”….

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totherepublic wrote:


Resolve it? You mean after they destroy our embassies, burn our flags, murder our citizens, and attack our whole way of life we just act like nothing happened and let it go? Is that what you mean by resolved? Not a chance. Egypt and Libya may and may not be our allies but France most defiantly IS. If America takes a stand in this it will most likely be with France before the others…no matter what Obama does.

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randburg100 wrote:

All this ‘raging’ from the islamic world is just showing them up to be narrow minded bigots – still living in the Middle Ages!

It’s quite acceptable for them to swan around killing any one who doesn’t adhere to their particular fairy story/religion..offending left, right & centre. BUT woe betide anyone who makes a remark that somehow ‘offends’ some chap who’s been dead for centuries & they’re like rabid sheep! Some vicar/priest/mullah tells them – ‘go rage against the infidel’..and of they swarm!

Is it beyond the mentality of these lunatics to think for themselves?

Just for the record, I couldn’t care less about religion – it’s all mumbo jumbo to catch the gullible – christiany/islam/sikh/hindu..the works!!

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Jean1521 wrote:

Voyons plus ridicule de cette folie

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Cranios wrote:

I wonder if it will ever occur to Muslims that if his followers keep acting like uncivilizable animals, people may tend to think poorly of Mohammed himself? Seems like an obvious question to me.

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victor672 wrote:

Remember when the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) used taxpayer dollars to fund a crucifix in a jar of urine? How many people were murdered in that incident? How many other grievous offenses have been committed against Christianity globally and in America, and how many murders were committed because of those things? None.

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totherepublic wrote:


You have to keep in mind that the persecution you mentioned was foretold and we (Christians) were warned about it. It is almost as much a vital part of our faith as the resurrection (let’s see mohammad pull that one off). The martyrs of islam get to heaven by killing people, the martyrs of Christ by loving people.

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ConstFundie wrote:

@totherepublic, Tell that one to the Cathars and others among the millions of people “loved” to death on bonfires and racks, and with every weapon at hand for Blasphemy and Heresy. Admittedly, there has been a trend to a comparatively kindler-gentler Christianity in the last 200 years. One of the benefits of separating Church and State.

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uolamer wrote:

Seems terrorism works… :(

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bobber1956 wrote:

Do you talk to dead people often? I never do, and I doubt totherepublic does either. Thank you for the persecution-you have re-affirmed my faith.

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I hope the French response is a little more brutal than our wimpy response was..

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Evelio wrote:

I think that there should be a worlwide effort to print 10 thousand cartoons everyday from everywhere around the world with the hope that after the billionth one is printed they will be tired and no longer be outraged by stupid things.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“When Muhammad’s neighbor used to throw animal parts and trash at his door step every morning – much like our commentators here- he didn’t threaten to kill him or set his house on fire, in fact when he didn’t find the trash one day he asked if his neighbor was doing OK, and when he was told he was sick he went and visited him. That’s how his neighbor became a Muslim. So please learn from your prophet.”

Did he do this between waging wars, killing, beheading, maiming people. Or did he do it at age 53 after consummating his marriage with his 9 year old wife? I can’t find your story in the Muhammed timeline.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


In America we attack all religions. There is a large atheist movement, and nothing is sacred. There is a play on broadway making fun of mormons. We have a painting named Pi$$ Christ. Comedians take shots at religion all the time. You should hear liberals such as Lewis Black or Bill Mahr talk about religion or a religious person. Whether it is in good taste or not, it doesn’t matter. It is a freedom we are guaranteed. And no we will not back down from some ignorant, stone throwing, rioting, Muslims. If you don’t like what you see on TV or the internet, turn it off and move on.

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ConstFundie wrote:

@Bobber1956, I do not understand the intent of your response. Are you saying that you are unaware of the expression “tell that to-”, and that it is not intended literal? If so, do your comments go on to imply that because dead men, women, and children tell no tales that you are denying that no humans were ever murdered for Blasphemy and Heresy by Christians?

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kafantaris wrote:

The key element of the right to free speech is that it be independent of its content, and that it be applied equally across the board — no matter what the subject being discussed — or who agrees or disagrees with what is being said.
The French government, therefore, violated this basic rule when it prevented Muslims from peacefully protesting in France. Though it may have done this to keep the peace, this is not a good enough reason to cut off free speech and peaceful assembly.
France should thus reverse course and allow Muslims to protest — to prove its tolerance for dissent and to show how things are done in a mature, civilized country.

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ConradU812 wrote:

Time to stop walking on eggshells every time the Muslims in the Middle East get offended. They’re only tolerance is of Islam and opression, which is as foreign to the free world as our culture is to them.

Unfortunately, the United States is headed in that direction also, since the protocol here is to become increasingly intolerant of other peoples beliefs as well as what they say, if what’s believed or said isn’t politically correct.

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Jimmy1234 wrote:

Muslim never disrespect Bible or the Jesus. And as a Muslim i am proud to see, even today Muslims are not disrespecting Jesus or Bible. Your culture of freedom is only active when Muslim are concerned.What happen to the freedom in holocaust deniers. Their is a rape every minute in US but if their is a rape in Afghanistan in become CNN headline news. When Muslim do something wrong you blame their religion when Hitler kills Millions, religion never mentioned.Listen to yourself you guys are joke.

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bobber1956 wrote:

If it has to be explained you won’t get it anyway.

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bobber1956 wrote:

If it has to be explained you won’t get it anyway.

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bobber1956 wrote:

In consideration of muslim actions the past week the French have no reason the believe any protest will be peaceful. Any one that believes thy will be peaceful is an idiot. We will not be deceived any longer. I am not going to say exactly where in the US I live be you can be sure we are already prepared for any and all “protests”. They are not going to happen. Our community did not make the movie or print the cartoons. If you want to protest you have to go somewhere else and do it.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

I would just keep releasing ever increasingly insulting images and messages regarding Muhammad. They will get tired eventually and some will figure out how unproductive their protests are. Some will never figure it out, much the same as many evangelical and fundamentalist christians don’t see the similarities between them and the radical muslims.

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ConstFundie wrote:

@bobber1956, Oh i see. You refused rational response to truth and instead cried-out with pain of persecution caused by imaginary injury to the faith nerve. Thereupon you placed a band-aid.

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rckymtnbox wrote:

get out of the region. these are little men who are struggling to seem big – we provide them with our toes as food to grow.
our influence in the region gives their leaders something external to point at, saying “these foreign invaders run us with their money. they are the reason you are opressed. they are the reason you are hungry.” combine this with uneducated masses under the influential pox that is organized religion – and you get this quagmire. Get our and the fingers start pointing inward… that is the true birthplace of socio-economic growth.
learn your history. none of this is happening for the first time.

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AquilamCalvi wrote:

Right….Millions of muslims are angry at america because of a really bad amateur film. It has nothing to do with the thousands of innocent civilians Massacred as a result of our imperialistic foreign policy. Nothing to do with our hypocrisy in backing brutal dictators until they turn on their puppet masters. And nothing to do with our training the very terrorists the are now fighting and in that fight are killing thousands of innocents.

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bobber1956 wrote:

Not to be overly critical but you have a very clear way of thinking and getting to the point. You might want to learn to express yourself a little more clearly, more of your message, and good message it is, would come through and have more of an impact. One phrase that is unfamilar to me “our toes as food to grow”, what is that?

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I don’t know why people publish these insulting, idiotic cartoons–regardless of which religion they’re making fun of, it’s just wrong. That being said, this is the type of thing that’s going to cause governments to crack down on freedom of speech! They’re going to use these types of things as an excuse to limit or even do away with freedom of speech, freedom of the press, etc. and we’re going to end up with government controlled everything.

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kcwilsonii wrote:

maybe they could respond by making their own cartoons?

Sep 19, 2012 4:41pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Butch_from_PA wrote:

The French have always been avante garde and an early adopter of mufti-culturalism.

For them to publish these cartoons really shows how offended the French are with the lack of respect for our open society by Muslim fanatics who have no purpose in life and are brain washed since youth to blindly obey their religious leaders.

What is most appalling, disgusting and scary is the really really really low level of Muslim leadership coming out publicly to denounce murder and mayhem over a cartoon.

This tells me that the majority of Muslims support this kind of rage and violence when you challenge their beliefs.

I now, more so the ever always have my eye open around a Muslim and never trust them to not just bust out and kill me over something that happened half way around the world that offended their “religion”.

Mohamed really created some scary freaky intolerant religion with locked in hypnotize practices.

He is likely shivering on Pluto in a polar ocean for a billion years to cover his sins. : )

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dreamymiss wrote:

I can’t believe I just saw someone compare the holocaust to muslim intolerance. Wow

Sep 19, 2012 5:39pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
dreamymiss wrote:

@bangyal “now they ll come to know the power of muslims come what may..”

Threats again. *sigh*

Sep 19, 2012 5:47pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
dreamymiss wrote:

@bangyal “now they ll come to know the power of muslims come what may..”

Threats again. *sigh*

Sep 19, 2012 5:47pm EDT  --  Report as abuse wrote:

I am very tired of these racist pigs. They would not find any issue berating any religion other than their own. They have a double standard. Maybe you will get your wish to kill everyone outside your religion. If all you can do is blame others for your problems feel free to become a human bomb.

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booker71 wrote:

To people posting some variation of “What if they were making fun of Christ or the Holocaust?”, etc, I just have one question: is this your first time on the Internet?? Take an actual cyber-trip to YouTube and enter a keyword relating to Christianity, the Holocaust, gay marriage, etc and you’ll see stuff that makes the cartoons and The Innocence of Muslims look tame (both in the videos themselves and the comments below)

In fact, you’ll see more insulting things about Muslims as well, that were up long before the current unrest started. Personally, I think the whole thing has more to do with the 9/11 anniversary than any videos or cartoons, and now it’s just feeding off itself, with any new provocation an excuse to keep it going.

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JamVee wrote:

If the Muslim masses think that their God, Allah, is so weak and ineffectual that he needs mere mortals (the uneducated and uninformed masses of the Islamic world, most of whom know less than nothing of the teachings of the Koran) to defend him . . . Well, that tells the whole story, right there!

I propose that Allah, is also God, and Yahweh, and all the other names that we dismal humans use for the entity that is the object of our worship, and he does not need our pitiful attempts at protection!

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paintcan wrote:

@Snownow – beautiful! Maybe you’re better than the role model and certainly many of the followers of any religious persuasion?

If blasphemy laws were ever to be enshrined in the rest of the world (a suggestion raised at the UN by the ME regimes, which religions would be given special treatment and protection and which wouldn’t get them? There are five or six major religious traditions and hundreds of minor ones. One wouldn’t be able to talk about the subject, in jest, at all. And some people have no sense of humor.

Many of the followers of the major religions don’t like to have to think about the others in rather the same way primitive tribesmen don’t like having their photo’s taken. It forces them to have to think about themselves as discrete objects in a wider landscape perhaps?

Relativity is a hard concept to get cozy with. One can never quite own it.

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tyedyed wrote:

How can the followers of Islam ” The Religion of Peace ” actually expect people to believe them that it is peaceful if they want to kill over a derogatory comment, book, movie, cartoon, speech, anything they don’t like, etc. ?

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Lamashtar wrote:

Without satire, there is no freedom.

But let’s remember that most of these mobs protesting for Mohammed aren’t interested in Mohammed at all. The movie is a pretext for political movements showing their strength.

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Bluhorizon_ wrote:

The people of the world who cherish freedom of speech should not be cowed or feel that they have to apologize to anyone when someone publishes material that is offensive. It’s time to stop acting like cowards and grovel to anyone or group who thinks we should curtail our civil rights to please them.

In fact, maybe it is better that more frequent offensive cartoons appear, so that the Muslims either learn what freedom of speech, which they entirely lack, is, or they continue on their rampage until people finally wake up to the global jihad now in progress against everyone and everything that is not Muslim. Maybe relations with countries that encourage or passively accept arson and murder should be ended.

Maybe the Brits dropped the ball when Rushdie was fatwawed. In fact, the “reward” for his murder has just been increased. Maybe if a head of state issues a fatwa against a foreigner, that is the time to break relations with that state. There is in fact a difference between an unpleasant book, cartoon or film and incitement to commit murder which is a crime which in this case is committed against us all.

The world is now experiencing global jihad and the rise of the 6th Caliphate. It is easier to count the countries not having a Muslim uprising than these with one. Either the people of the world stand up to this nonsense or get rolled under by it.

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TomPaine1791 wrote:

“Everyone is driven by fear”–that says it all.
I am starting to think there are two things that “make the world go ’round”: Fear and Initiative.
My choice is made. Make yours, and then exercise it with informed wisdom.

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Ashau wrote:

Much of those in the Muslim world have a gullability akin to that of a child. One could dsay that he/she believes in love and tolerance and would never kill in the name of religion but when their Imam starts whipping them into a blind frenzy of hate and blood lust, they follow along like bobble-heads, pick up a sword, a stick, or a rock, and go looking to draw blood from whomever is the target of the Imam’s ire.

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CCs77 wrote:

It is all so very, very, very sad.

Sep 23, 2012 7:44pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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