Syria's opposition groups strike unity deal against Assad

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ablingcain wrote:

Now we hope this ‘newly formed umbrella opposition group for the new Syrian government, after Assad is ousted, is better and stronger and more cohesive than the disaster that the West, namely the USA . st up in Libya.

The only honest reason for the formation of this ‘ coalition government ‘ is to appear as an organized entity that will receive weapons and ammunition. The green flags and cries of allahu ahbar fill all the news reports…makes one thin these ‘rebels’ are very like the ‘freedom fighters of Libya who immediately compromized the ‘coalition government’ that was formed to replace Qadaffi.

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What countries do these “opposition groups” come from??

Because they aren’t in Syria, and they don’t have the backing of the Syrian Islamist fighters either…

The US has been grooming some of these people for decades! They are trying to highjack the Islamist coup from the same people they have supported militarily.

I’ve been saying it all along, the US will support these hardcore terrorists and Islamists and then double cross them in the end with a US created opposition entity.

They will insert their own dictators inside the opposition and fund their campaigns, that is the plan.

The only reason why reuters is saying they ‘struck a deal’ is because they were not allowed to leave without creating that headline!

Many of the so called opposition leaders left the conference in disgust, and because the US and their dictator ally Qatar have gone to the trouble of setting this propaganda conference up in the first place, they were never going to let these guys leave without “striking a deal”.

It’s just unfortunate that these people (whoever the hell they are?) represent no one on the ground in Syria!

A few days ago Assad said the next leader in Syria would be decided at the ballot box BY SYRIANS… today the US and Reuters are saying NO!

The next leaders will be decided in Qatar by America!

Nov 11, 2012 7:51pm EST  --  Report as abuse

An outstanding article on ‘the syrian opposition groups’ by the guardian, and one of the only western journalists to publish actual information on who these guys are and what they are about:

A must read!

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It’s worth noting that this has NEVER worked.

The US has NEVER sucessfully installed a democracy in a conzuered country, only dictatorships.

So if Syria ended up being democratic, it would be the first time the US has ever accomplished this.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

They should be able to recieve weapons just like Russia sends to the Assad Regime. After all, it is a civil war and Assad is merely an actor for one faction, a minority faction at that. There is no representative government of Syria, nor has there been for almost 2 years.

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What weapons does Russia send to Assad?

I don’t think you know what you’re talking about… there is a total UN embargo on weapons sent to one side of this conflict (The Syrian state) and the last time Russia even tried to send helicopters it had fixed under an old contract it was blocked on all levels and the ship was turned around with its insurance cancelled.

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Free_Pacific wrote:


Please show me a link or ANY evidence, of a UN arms embargo on Syria.

Citing an EU embargo, while showing there is still some guts in some corners of the world, does not constitute “There is a total UN embargo on weapons sent to one side of the conflict (The Syrian State)” Words from your very own mouth so to speak.

You also asked “What weapons does Russia sent to Assad?”. While I commend you on realising they are sending ‘Assad’ weapons, as there is no legitimate government in Syria, I will answer your question.

Russia sends all and any arms as governed by agreements signed.

So basically, they send everything and anything. It’s all fine and Russia will veto any UN resolution on arms to Syria to protects it’s little dictator ally, maintain the slaughter and increase the killing.

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kenradke11 wrote:

ASSAD is falling and falling hard AMEN!!

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@Free pacfic, Well said sir

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