Syria opposition seeks support; Israel fires from Golan

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queequeg wrote:

Will the Syrians accept traitors promoted by Doha and Washington? Why would they? How much of a warranty for democracy and human rights is the sponsorship of Saudi Arabia?

The so-called Syrian rebels = desperate minority faction of foreign-backed killers.

Just like the Chalabi murderous traitors in Iraq.

The West only arms subversion and destruction in the Arab world. How can it be otherwise when it religiously would never ever do a thing that Israel would not welcome?

Think and conclude. US support of the rebels means they are vetted by Israel to destroy Syria’s unity and sovereignty. Saudi support for the rebels means they have nothing to do with human rights and democracy.

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jaham wrote:

Obama continuing to lead from behind on Syria; no surprise.

Kofi Annan stepped up yet left discouraged after little support.

Who will be next to step into the position of leadership that Obama should be occupying on this issue?

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CDN_Rebel wrote:

I guess with the West it’s really damned if you do, damned if you don’t regarding the ME. Frankly the West is tired of dealing with these tribes that are so desperate to kill each other and blame us all the while. They need a good bloodletting while the West stands idle, so they understand we really DO help them and have their peoples’ interests in mind when we do. Otherwise the muslims can handle their own issues and continue murdering along sectartian lines.

Speaking of which, al Qaida are mostly sunnis no? How come they don’t go in there and try to topple the murderous shi’ite regime? (or maybe that’s why car bombs and such are starting to go off…) Or will this be another charge on the list, one that includes a number of humanitarian missions that blocked muslim agression (Palestine is not on al-Qaida’s list of charges against the West.)

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You couldn’t find one person in one hundred in this country (USA) that wants to intervene in any way in Syria, regardless of how bad it gets. Any intervention will turn out poisonous for us and destroy Obama. Syrians have got to win their own freedom, if that’s what they want. Any outcome involving Western intervention will ultimately be viewed as illegitimate by the Syrians themselves and other Muslims. It sounds horrible to tell these people to “fight it out” but believe it or not, the Assad family didn’t hold the power all these years without a massive degree of domestic support or toleration. If real democracy is actually the goal, the population has to win it.

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BioStudies wrote:

Yea the US doesn’t want to “intervene” in Syria. We just supplied the arms to Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia so THEY could support the “rebels.”

Have any of you people even LOOKED at the videos that came out of Syria early on when the “military” was firing on the protesters? Most of them showed masked men in 1-2 cars. Hardly a military suppression. More like a militant attack on the populous.

Obama is like Clinton. They don’t intervene they just give arms to every radical group in the world and sit back and say “look how peaceful we are.” It’s a dog and pony show.

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sae-sho wrote:

The West only arms subversion and destruction in the Arab world. How can it be otherwise when it religiously would never ever do a thing that Israel would not welcome?”
jebus, there sure are a lot of trolls on rheuters.
religiously/ich habben kine deutch und ich habben kine religion. most americans have little or no religion. if you think we love and fight and die for jews, you are mistaken. we love our children, and we hope you love your children too. if you love them, give them a home, an education, a love a family. forget religion. throw your anger down, and never speak of it again

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Slammy wrote:

The Cowardly Lion is losing…. :-)

Go Insurgents!

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matt_wilfley wrote:

Seriously, do we need/want another cleric in the political game? Democracy? Perhaps clothed in religion. No need to meddle in the civil/ religious wars of other nations. In the name of humanitarianism? Terrorism? Oil? Money? What’s your poison? If they can’t work it out through bloodshed, who are we to deny them to work it out through other means?

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xcanada2 wrote:

@sae-sho: Absolutely!

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xcanada2 wrote:

Meanwhile, Israel is gearing up for another onslaught on Gaza: kill another thousand black people from the South (that’s what Russians call people with darker skins than mainstream). Maybe those black people (Palestinians) will get the idea, and move on. That’s the plan.

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“hope the creation of a new Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces can finally unify a fractious and ineffective opposition..”

Yea but the last fractious and ineffective opposition was still chosen by the US and still represented no one in Syria.

And neither does this one…

That’s why these opposition figures keep walking away from the talks, because the guys America are trying to install are nobodies!

Nobody knows them inside Syria! They are entirely invented leaders…

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Some very misinformed individuals on here keep commenting that America or Obama should ‘step up’ and arm the rebels (Islamists).

These people really don’t understand how this works!

It’s the same reason why Israel won’t back the rebels, even though they want them gone…

Because the US and Israel are still the most hated enemies of these terrorists and Islamists killing in Syria, if these countries were to formalize their support for these killers they would lose all their fighters!!

No Islamist would be caught dead fighting alongside the Americans or Israelis!

That’s why it is imperative for the US to funnel their arms and money through Arab dictators (yes reuters DICTATORS!!! you can say it…).

Proxies are necessary to maintain the Islamist fighters inside Syria, because if they knew they were fighting for washington they would instantly lay down their arms.

Many of these foreign fighters are even on record saying that they were told they would be fighting Israelis in Syria!

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Accept them…? They won’t have a choice!

The new rulers would be helecoptered into mansions with full a full compliment of armed guards paid for by America.

All of Syrias media will be closed down and US propaganda stations will be set up like ‘Al Hurra’ in Iraq… it will be basically illegal to criticize the new rulers who will form an illegal “ruling council” or “transitional council” and the constitution will be scrapped.

This new US hand picked “ruling council” will write a new constitution as dictators, it will set up an electoral process which 100% favours Western backed candidates who will be funded to the eyeballs by washington and her allies.

In a sham election washingtons new puppet will steal legitimacy and entrench themselves in the seat of power.

If their are rivals posing problems to the western puppet they will be banned from participating by the “ruling council” like they were in Egypt. If that fails there will be many US death squad operatives and assasins inside Syria to secure the US candidates victory.

This is how it works son, there is no choice…

The rulers in both Afghanistan and Iraq only won with under 10% of the populations vote.. and that was AFTER massive electoral fraud!!

Reuters and the US now refer to them as ‘presidents’ and ‘governments’….

But they are dictators, like every single one of Americas Arab allies.


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