France recognizes new Syria opposition

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cocostar wrote:

What exactly would be any benefit to the U.S. and its so called special interest human rights group in N.Y. city? The U.S. does not need to stick its nose into another middle east conflict without full restitution from any of our allies that might need our help.

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americanguy wrote:

Maybe the US should give the Syrian terrorists (aka freedom fighters) F-22′s, M1A2 tanks, MRAP’s, Strikers, Patriot systems, and what the heck, give them nukes and ICBM’S too.
I remember a guy and his fighters named Bin Laden that was the darling of the US and we gave him a lot of weapons and money during the Soviet-Afghan war.

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kenradke11 wrote:

Iran can stick their weapons in a dark hole and blow themselves up with it! The west can afford to arm the rebels and all the while wipe out the groups that are using ulterior motives anyway afterwards.
Come on international community. Arm the new umbrella group to the teeth and get rid of Assad!

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trumanj wrote:

For once let the Middle East solve their own problems that they created. Let them fight for the freedom they want with their own weapons and the the west out of this civil war.

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Yesyes wrote:

@trumanj While I strongly disagree with your opinion that the problems in the Middle East were created without outside interference, I do agree that nobody should be sending arms into Syria, to either side. There are more than enough weapons in Syria and if the rebels focused more on trying to take the government’s weapons rather than trying to take territory, they would probably be a lot more successful and wouldn’t have to rely on foreign assistance. It would also mean that not only are they increasing their own fighting abilities, but simultaneously reducing the government’s. In Ireland during the war of independence, the Irish were for the most part fighting with weapons taken from the occupying British forces, and in the space of two years managed to defeat what was then the world’s biggest superpower. I have seen some evidence of this happening in Syria, but so far most rebel groups are too focused on trying to create strongholds, which in a lot of cases simply turns them into sitting ducks for the government’s airforce and artillery. When fighting against a much more powerful opponent, stealth and mobility are generally the best tactics. After all, in the end the only stronghold that matters is the seat of power

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DiaRia wrote:

I wonder if France recognizes it gave its country away?

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Democracy western style:

1) Create an opposition group.

2) Arm a bunch of terrorists.

3) “recognise” a foreign made opposition group as the government of Syria, even though they are not in Syria and represent noone.

4) Insert new dictators (western created government) inside Syria.

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The country Reuters hates, the dictator they support, and the democracy activists they sensor:

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