Google says Maps not waiting in wings for iPhone 5

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Google and Apple must sort out their partner difference. And come as one giant technology beneficiary to the customer.

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Tmrw2044 wrote:

@Sandeep….Couldn’t agree more. This tit for tat is becoming annoying.

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LairBear7 wrote:

It is unfortunate that Apple and Google are both acting like adolescents on this matter. If either of them considered the best interests of their users they would do the obvious and make the Google Map app available to those who opt to use it. Shame on Apple for taking the position that they know what is best for their subscribers and shame on Google for not stepping up and making a difference for their loyal ‘apple’ users!

Bottom line each should put the end users interest ahead of their respective differences!

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crod526 wrote:

The new Map version of Apple stinks

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BDSawicki wrote:

The Maps already work much better that those from Google, the vector rendering is extremely fast. Of course, Apple needs to work on them, but I bet in a year time no one will look back.

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BDSawicki wrote:

Schmidt is quite funny in saying that numbers are on their side and bragging about market share – of course there are more android devices, but only because one can get most of them for 1 EUR not because of user experience etc. But those consumers for whom the price is the main factor spend less (if anything) in the app stores or surf the web less; hence Apple’s App Store is far more profitable that Google’s and iOS devices generate more web traffic.

Apple Maps already work better than those from Google, the vector rendering is extremely fast. Of course, Apple has to work on them, but I bet in a year time no one will look back.

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Bluegirlafs wrote:

Apple disgusts me! How dare they try to monopolize this industry! Everyone should be able to have choices, and technology is made to be copied, expanded, and improved. Apple tries to control it’s users by only allowing their brand of products to work together and no deviation or choices on the part of the consumer. I’m and Android user for life! There are no Apple products in my household.

Sep 26, 2012 8:43am EDT  --  Report as abuse
chetoii wrote:

Shame on Google? Google can’t force Apple to allow their apps to be available. Apple controls *everything* from the hardware to the software to the apps. It is so funny to see Apple users who think they are better than Microsoft users because they aren’t under Big Brother’s control. Apple does more to control their users and what they do than any other **major** software company out there. Google may be a big company, but at least they have taken a more open and free approach with their software. Also, a message to all of the Mac users out there: If you really want to be free and think different, try Linux. The new graphical interfaces of operating systems like Ubuntu make things easy – even for the unexperienced!

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dsoner wrote:

Final straw, Apple’s arrogance has caught up to them. Mapping program totally sucks. I want to go back to IOS5, but that is only a temporary solution to the real problem. Time to go Android. Even the “Apple Heads” where I work aren’t defending the comparisons between Apple and Android anymore. Now is the time to bail on their stock. Their technology, once innovative, is getting tired and old. Impossible for them to keep up with what is going on with the open sourcing. Quality/Security, blah, blah, blah! Apple is headed to where they were in the ’90s. They better make some serious strategic moves fast or they are done. Can’t be a fun place to work anymore….

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JMitchell1967 wrote:

I think the comments on here are humorous in retrospect. Pardon my directness, but it seems that you’re all squabbling over particulars in certain battles. We all know the cliche, old saying: “We may have lost the battle, but we won the war.” – George Washington & his fellow Yankees… Google’s already won the war; that’s based, strictly, on the most current & relevant evidence available: “But the ties between the two have been strained by the rise of Google’s Android mobile operating system, now the world’s leading platform for smartphones.”

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LairBear7…shame on Google? They got cut out, shame on you for lacking logic.

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drmelbelle wrote:

I recently used the new maps function on my Iphone to get directions(without knowing it switched with the recent software upgrade). I was surprised that there is now an option to have the directions spoken to you (much like a GPS) BUT the directions were completely WRONG!! Thankfully, I had a rough idea of where I was going and ignored what she was saying but I can only imagine if I had absolutely no clue.

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mbgamble wrote:

Apple DOES give you a choice…to buy or not buy there product. They aren’t holding the purse strings of consumers.

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senorjames wrote:

The customer loses. Apple should be offering the best solution to the customer and let them choose. Maps was one of the first things Google focused on outside of search. Arrogant and ridiculous to think Apple can replace that. The fact that we can’t even have Google Maps as an iOS app is ridiculous.

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stoneage wrote:

I love it. Apple is acting like Microsoft from years past and Google/Android is now like old Apple. Funny how the Apple people don’t seem to realize that they are now the Antithesis of what Apple was supposed to be. Open platform, yeah right Apple is so restrictive. All the “improvements” to the i5 were already released by either Motorola or Samsung, at least a year ago and yet the commercials act as if Apple just invented sliced bread. Oh you finally have a bigger screen, “so intuitive”, so what, it’s now lighter, so what, NOTHING NEW to anyone who cares to review their options and see what open competition has already created. It’s just pretty-looking hardware and rigid options with billions of dollars in marketing. Apple users are just lemmings, who believe whatever they are told.

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Fitz4Life wrote:

The Google Map app should be available to those that would like to use it, just as Google Sky Map. . . but we will carry on in the interim. Both Google and Apple should get over themselves, and let the people use what they want.

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citizen782 wrote:

@sandeep – Become one? Are you crazy? The last thing we need is more consolidation in tech. It’s already hurting the development of new technologies now.

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ravennome wrote:

Yeah this whole thing is a mess. But really it’s Apple who stuck it’s finger in the hornets nest in terms of mapping. They are trying to get Google off their devices plain and simple. When someone will call them on anti-trust or anti-competition practice is something if often wonder about. Google really has no way to make them reup the old app. Google makes a lot of revenue via the iPhone and Apple would probably like to use that to get some leverage with Google over Android. At the same time Google and Android would probably benefit greatly from Apple falling on its face after drawing a line in the sand like this, so it’s not like they have much reason to rush to Apple’s aid with an AppStore App. At this point, with face on the line it’s not likely that Apple would approve such an app anyway. So it’s kind of a stalemate right now, at least till things boil over. However, Google has only been working on the mapping thing for like 12 years and think of all the investment of capitol they’ve put into perfecting it during that time. Innovation requires competition and if Apple’s recent past is any indication, once they have all the competition off the field they stop innovating. Look at iTunes, Safari, etc or anything that comes bundled with their OS. Not to mention that Apple software dev is pretty piss-poor when it comes to building good stable code. The research I’ve done on the mapping issue just seems to be more of the same, coupled with the fact that Google’s search algorithm and user data made their Mapping features more robust than anything Apple will be able to muster within the next 4 years. Add to that the outside resources needed to make cartography work well at the level of Google’s is far beyond anything Apple has undertaken in software up to this point just mean that either they will come crawling back to Google or you’ll have just suffer. Contrary to their own beliefs, Apple can’t do everything and they shouldn’t try; especially when they have less than solid leadership, vision, or navigation right now.
All that said if you’re looking for a decent mapping option on the iPhone with quasi turn by turn with Voice… as crazy as it sounds everything old is new again – give the MapQuest app a whirl. Its been working great for me and their set it and forget it approach is pretty sweet for a patch over while these two techno-behemoths duke it out.

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miah28 wrote:

I hope both Google AND Microsoft block all Apple searches from Google and Bing search engines and lets see who loses out in the end. In fact why isn’t there anti trust law suits against Apple like the U.S. filed against MS for Explorer being the only browser pre-installed on Windows? is this not essentially the same thing?

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Overcast451 wrote:

Yep, Apple, Google, Samsung – all fighting like spoiled kids in the playground. But that’s ok, luckily there are other companies out there.

I hate to say this… but the Microsoft/Nokia phone has actually caught my interest and I’m really not “into” phones… I normally kind of detest them, no one ever calls unless they are wanting something anyway; and the rest is a small screen of a money pit.

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sundawg wrote:

Competition is good. No mention here yet, but while all this bickering has been going on Nokia (NAVTEQ) have a nice opportunity. Already seeing comparisons with Nokia Maps on top.

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DanOinMn wrote:

You know what, Google Maps isn’t that great. I’ve tried to use it on my HTC Android phone and It’s given me wrong directions driving through St. Louis, and around the Twin City metro area, never mind wrong streets roads and addresses in rural areas. I’m better off using a Garmin, or Lowrance navigation device. My house has been here since 1954 and Google Maps locates the address 20 miles away in the wrong direction. Worthless for getting driving directions. Oh and how about Googles street view allowing thugs to scope out your neighborhood?

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JScottA44 wrote:

Wow. Just wow. The uninformed comments remind me of the kinds of things you hear when reporters hit the streets to talk to “every man”. The ignorance and bias is deep.

For clarification, the problems Apple’s Maps is having is with the data set not with the application itself.

The calls for anti-trust investigations into Apple in the same thread with people talking up the Android platform as being the most market share are just plain humorous. Pick a point and stick with it.

The original Maps application used Google’s mapping data and the license – to anyone’s best guess, only had about a year left on it when Apple announced the new Maps application. No one is exactly sure (in the press that is), but it seems that one side or the other could not live with the new terms to extend that agreement.

If you owned Apple, would you want your biggest competitor to have location information access to your customers?

If you owned Google, would you want to give away information like turn-by-turn directions to your biggest competitor?

For the record, I find some flaws with the Apple data set and it annoys me. However, I have had similar issues with Google’s data set. Since internet mapping arrived, I have compared two or more mapping services (Google Maps, MapQuest, Waze, Nokia Maps, etc.) against each other whenever I plan a significant trips. They all have errors. They all get better over time.

And for the people that think that Apple is locking them in to their Maps application – get a brain. You can load darn near any map you want including Google Maps and make it a Home screen app. So please get over yourself.

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As usual Apple doesn’t even give Google a choice. What’s next? Apple telling us we have to use only their e-mail services and eventually their internet.

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MJKinNYC wrote:

A bit of an inaccurate headline… it’s IO6 that is affected – so ANY iPhone, be it an iPhone4, 4s or 5, is forced to use Apple Maps. It’s a huge problem.

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CaptainStereo wrote:

Google didn’t want Apple to get turn-by-turn voice navigation as that was viewed as one of the main reasons a person might choose Android or even switch from iOS to Android. And Apple, wanting that feature had no choice but to pursue another option as it was getting silly to have to rely on third-party apps for it. Apple’s Maps will get there. In the US, it works fine most everywhere. They’ll get the rest of the world figured out in short order. I’m not a fanboy, but they do have a history of not having non-working a part of their regular mix.

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JudyM wrote:

I am real pleased with Apple. Google shows the immage of my personal house about 5 or 6 years ago, while Apple is much more current. I’m sure other locations are out of date as well.

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HS316 wrote:

This is what happen when you make a competing product (Ref: Android) and expect your rival (Ref: Apple) to allow you access to their ecosystem. I’m not saying one is better than the other or who should have done what. But Google Maps on Androids have more features than Google Maps on iOS, so naturally you’ll expect Apple to go their own ways.

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mykldean wrote:

Funny how Apple’s head BS artist yesterday blubbers an apology that their map program sucks and he even gets a headline saying that he suggested other apps until they get theirs up to snuff. Problem is that Google maps works great but Apple WILL NOT let you use that app. Yes they suggested using other maps but not the Google app that works fine. Absolutely disingenuous. You got the headline but you won’t let your people use what works. That’s how the Apple “walled garden” works sometimes. It works against YOUR best interest if you are the rube and maybe it’s time to open your eyes and realize that the walled garden you pay such a premium for is not just there for your best interest. The wall is there simply to keep you in.

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JamVee wrote:

Many people would buy “Apple” if they were selling rotten eggs. It’s a strange sort of Obsessive fan kinda thing. They do have some pretty great products, but, with phones, and tablets and computers, they are certainly not the only good choices out there!

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