Obama warns Iran on nuclear bid, containment "no option"

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mikeb270 wrote:

anyone else see this as a big post election bluff to both the Americans and Iran?

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Krots wrote:


This statement is the only one Iran should utter at the forthcoming UN meeting and thereafter.

The hypocrisy and duplicity of the USA – the country with the highest stockpile of nuclear weapons and the only country to use them (Horoshima & Nagasaki) is enough to make every citizen of this beautiful world want to puke.

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What are our President and Secretary of State thinking and doing? Israel is girding for war with Iran. Obama is snubbing Netanyahu at the UN this week. Israel’s delegation gets up an walks out of the General Assembly during a speech being made by Ahmadinejad. I am seeing news reports of a big naval build-up converging on the Strait of Hormuz. Other news reports quote Iran as threatening attacks against US interests if Israel attacks Iran. And now I hear that our State Department knowingly sent a gay ambassador to represent the US in Libya. Somebody please tell me this is not the opening scene in a plot from the latest John Grisham novel.

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Dhirajkunar wrote:

If the “International Community” heroes warn Iran, then let them take a hike. The Hudson River or the Atlantic Ocean is nearby. Let them take a one way trip into the water. Iran has clearly said what it wants to say. The ball is in the “heroes” court if they want to start a war. They expect the world to be in peace and tranquility thereafter.

Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin landed their space module on the moon at a a site of a big crater called “Sea of Tranquility”. If Iran is attacked, this tranquility will exist only on the moon. Not on earth. The heroes and their people will have to relocate to the moon permanently.

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tappy-smi wrote:

i dont think its a good idea for US. Iran is not like Iraq to let it invade and steal oil

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Obama is doing very rightly .Israilies are just using Americans for there self use.Obama shud show them that america is not a TOY of Israil.

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JeffHB wrote:

As the American people and their European allies become more aware of the economic nature of the war being waged by nuslim extremists, and as the people of the western democracies become increasingly unwilling to shoulder the economic burdens of warfare, the probability increases that the ultimate confrontation between the modern world and the fundamentalist muslim world will be genocidal in nature. There is an assumption by many in the middle east that if they stand strong against the west, the west will appease and withdraw. It is a very dangerous assumption. Unfortunately, it seems more and more probable that the next war in the middle east will be fought with WMD. Time for someone to tell Arab and Iranian leaders to just “Stop it”. Of course, that would take a President with “brass”, something that is not an option if the choice is Mitt vs. Barack. If only Ann Romney were running for President and Mitt Romney running for First Lady. That would be a ticket many Americans could vote for, headed by a presidential candidate with cahones.

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stambo2001 wrote:

You know what, I’ve changed my mind and now want barry to win another term. Nothing would undo the american empire faster than another 4 years of this wet-noodle. It would be poetic justice on a cosmic scale if the american citizens give him another four full years to carry on down this path, harhar! Go barry go! Four more years! Four more years!

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OilDrone wrote:

Funny how a nuclear armed Pakistan is acceptable to the Western culture, but Iraq (they had “nukes” too) Syria or Iran would destabilize our peaceful and altruistic “interests”.

Strange bedfellows dwell where black gold flows. Allegiances shift with the tides, but great towers of paper are built around an oil economy infrastructure.

14 generational banking dynasties are plugged into this “full faith and debt …

Believe half of what you see, less of what you hear and none of what you read.

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Prime Miniser Netanyahu comments and opinions, have been timed to influence the U.S. Election.

‘Bibi’ Netanyahu may be friends with Governor Mitt Romney, but the Israeli Hawk, will find no overflowing military recruitment offices among the Mormons. Mitt Romney’s 4 deferments, and 5 sons, are good examples of SAINTS AGAINST WAR!

President Obama is a proven Commander-In-Chief, and Noble Peace Price recipient. Credentials that America needs, and wants.

Barack Hussein Obama 2012

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Larrymoe2012 wrote:

Matt and Mark. Please don’t tell us what Obama is going to say. Tell us what he actually says. More importantly tell us what he does. Talk is cheap.

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A VERY serious question in the weeks before Iran is attacked:

Does the UN Security Council of five permanent members legitimately represent the nations of the world?

1.2 billion Chinese: 1 seat.
310 million Americans: 1 seat.
140 million Russians: 1 seat.
65 million French: 1 seat.
60 million British: 1 seat.

i.e. Just 1/3 of the world community holds every seat

1.4 billion Muslims: 0 seats
1.1 billion Indians: 0 seats
1.0 billion Africans: 0 seats
700 million Latin Americans: 0 seats
610 million South East Asians: 0 seats
200 million Japanese/Korean: 0 seats

i.e. Two thirds (5 billion) have no permanent seat at all

The above is a constituent analysis of the UNSC. Just as interesting is the fact that a lobby, acting in the interests of a small foreign state of just 7 million, regularly determines the foreign policy of the 310 million people of the entire United States!

In America, they call it democracy! Whereas in Israel, they are astonished at the degree of influence they have so easily attained over the US Congress.

In Europe, we cannot believe how ridiculous and how dangerous is the fact that the US legislature acts in the interests of a Middle Eastern state instead of its own electorate. And how cataclysmic an effect on both the Middle East and Europe will be the result an attack upon Iran.

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Obama’s only idea of a red line is closing Ahmadinejad’s checking account. I seriously doubt he has the political courage to do anything between now and the election.

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Larrymoe2012 wrote:

Life 1.

Who the H*ll do you think you are saying “people like you should be de-naturalised” You,obviously, are not an American. What country are you from? Stay out of our business.

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shaggyjeff1 wrote:

Thank God for Obama ! he is wise and a great President !

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sjtom wrote:

What will the Chief Clown say, no more “bumps in the road?”

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MetalHead8 wrote:

Well it’s easy to spot the trolls here.

@dane, im afriad your right

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ccharles wrote:

One thing has been a hallmark of the obamas way of doing things. Chaos.

Most of the people he has put in positions are steeped in controversy. Doing things that make people scratch there heads. What was the purpose of the Arab Spring? By now its pretty clear that it was engineered by the Americans using USAID NGO’s and cia operatives. The result is a destablizing of the entire middle east, which is the only foreseeable outcome to toppling those goverments. So you would think the purpose would be to aid Israel in the event of an attack on Iran. No one or not many could help iran in any major fashion as to be a threat to what israel could defend against. But then Obama snubs Israel and goes on the View instead. Back to the Hallmark … Chaos.

Besides, obama dosnt have a foreign policy, but hillary sure does!

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Larrymoe2012 wrote:

Krots said “The hypocrisy and duplicity of the USA”. You, obviously, are not an American. Where are you from?

Yes, thank God, thousands of American lives were saved when Japan surrendered. Read your history book. Japan attacked the USA and was killing thousands of Americans during World War 11. Japan was given ample opportunity to stop the killings and surrender. Our military is for the defense of Americans. Obama wants to decrease our military strength and put Americans at risk. Obama will be defeated.

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Life1 wrote:

@Larrymoe2012: Any person that puts foreign interests in front of their own peoples deserves to be de-naturalised. Half your congress should be instantly de-naturalised, along with the rest of your population that lobbies for or benefits from Americans sent to die for interests that are not theirs, and they should all be sent back to their motherland they seem to love so dearly.

You seem to fit the exact profile described above, so your response isn’t surprising. Unless of course you’re happy being dictated to, and don’t care that your country’s population continues to die for a group of foreigners who wouldn’t lift a finger to save or help you.

As for me staying out of YOUR business, how about you stay out of the world’s??? All eyes are currently on your hijacked empire, with foreign leaders embarrassing your standing president in an attempt to influence the outcome of your ‘democratic’ process. Not mine.

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So let me get this right, if you support Obama you are labelled a troll if not you are a patriot? Of which country US or Israel? This is truly disturbing that we have to live by Israels agenda of what is right and what is wrong. America is for patriotic Americans
People who want to run their own agendas must espouse the country they support. And leave US to their own decisions.

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mosaicvic wrote:

It is amazing how each Middle East Nation; Iraq, Eqypt,Yemen,Libya, Tunisia,Afghanistan,Syria,Palestine have been torn apart. The methods have been clever, an infection within each nation eating from the inside almost like a virus or germ. Now, at last, the theological Iran, a cult nation with cliche leaders as if depicted from a Tolkien Middle Earth; Mordor. I almost think that the whole thing is a grand joke and that Iran is solely responsible for the entire escapade.

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lazerous200 wrote:

Some of you people should stop and think things through before you spout off about the way our President is handling foreign affairs. If you draw a clear red line, then that only leaves one of two options if the line is crossed. One: We can back down and look like fools and weaklings to our enemies, and the eyes of the world, or Two: We back it up and go to war and thousands more of our country men die that means your brothers and sisters, your mothers and fathers and maybe even you. One thing I have learned in my life is that you don’t let the enemy know exactly where the line is, you just have to let them know that there is one, and the consequences will be sever. You never want to lose the element of surprise in any engagement. Also you don’t let others dictate your actions. The President is doing the right thing here for all concerned. We are not puppets of Israel and hopefully never will be. If Mitt becomes President we will be and we will be at war in a short time. That will be the one that totally breaks our Country and will never end.

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ChangeWhat wrote:

More quality journalism, the title says’”Obama warns Iran on nuclear bid, containment “no option”. The first sentence says, “Obama WILL warn” just saying. I understand people skim article titles, but do not read the actual article so that’s great way to say tune the readers mind to the beat of something that hasn’t happened yet.

Any warning from Obama is nothing more than a last minute stretch to try to gain votes in November, the fool should have taken hard action years ago by shifting Iraqi forces (illegal occupation) towards Iran while they were in Iraq.

Only a couple of more months of the tool.

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mcoleman wrote:

Not sure why one should believe Republicans have any sort of foreign policy insight. Bush W. took us to war in Iraq for no reason what so ever. For a while during that period, there was a drum beat to go to war w/ Syria as well, because some were convinced that Sadam was hiding there (not even close). At some point during this year’s campaign, Romney said we should not be drawing down troops in Iraq, but rather building them up. Does he still think we might locate those elusive weapons of mass destruction?

During the 2008 campaign, in one of the debates, John McCain, supposedly the grand ol’ foreign policy sage of the Republican Party, chided Obama for even suggesting that Bin Laden might be hiding in Pakistan and that we might have to some day take military action in Pakistan. If this were a game show, that statement would now be getting the proverbial buzzer.

Mr. Romney may know how to make bucket fulls of money, but I would not put a lot of faith in his ability to craft foreign policy. An American taking a trip to England is the foreign policy equivalent of a fisherman visiting an aquarium, but Romney somehow managed to screw that up.

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willieloman wrote:

Like the rest of the obama media, reuters must repeat the lie that the you tube video is responsible for all of the mid east violence…..shame on you!

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