Minneapolis workplace shooter lost job hours before rampage

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flashrooster wrote:

Guns don’t kill people. People WITH guns do. The argument goes like this, if more people carried guns there would be less gun violence. The problem is, more people carry guns in the US than in any other developed country (probably than in any country period), and yet there is more gun violence in the US than in any other developed country. So much for the gun worshipers’ argument.

Why do we keep diminishing ourselves by accepting the ridiculous arguments dictated to us by the right? More guns in the hands of citizens will reduce gun violence; There is no global warming, so let’s not waste money developing alternative energy and let’s get rid of the EPA; Evolution is a myth and we should teach creationism in our schools as a viable alternative to evolution; Supply-side economics works, we just have to keep cutting taxes on the wealthy and they’ll create jobs; We need to require photo ids for citizens to vote even though no one is committing voter fraud. And while we’re at it, let’s purge millions of legal voters from voting registration lists and cut out early voting so that fewer people participate in our democracy; Raising taxes won’t help balance the deficit; All government programs are bad; You can never spend too much of our tax revenue on defense; Corporations are people. There’s just no end to it. The right has dummied us down to become the laughing stock of the world. We keep listening to them and our country is always worse off for it. When will we learn? What will it take?

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sjtom wrote:

When guns are outlawed, flashrooster, only outlaws will have guns. Old but just as true as ever. Also, the only thing keeping the government from completely taking over is their knowledge of millions of armed citizens.

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TheUSofA wrote:

@flashrooster, indeed the the political right has gone completely bananas. They have nothing to offer other than violence, punitive individualism and socialism for the wealthy.

The really tragic part is that the so called political ‘left’ (non-existent really, only a fool would call Obama a socialist all things considered) has been dragged to the right as well.

“The Left moved Right, and the Right moved into the nuthouse.”

Written by a long standing member of the Republican party:

The Party Is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted


As things will continue to deteriorate (while the wealthy keep on cashing in), expect more tearing of the social fabric to come.

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TheUSofA wrote:


Yes, do you have any more trite euphemisms?

Let’s change your wording a bit, if guns are tightly “controlled”, how will outlaws get guns? In fact, how is that outlaws get guns today? Gun dealers no? Any pressure on them.

Still better, what constitutes an “outlaw”? Is this the wild, wild west? So the frequent massacres were perpetrated by “outlaws”?

Please do see UK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_politics_in_the_United_Kingdom

So more massacres to come and the pro-guns folks will say, see, we need more guns! I suppose you need an RPG too. It’s absurd. Then again, the political right proudly swims in absurdity.

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hotceller wrote:

As long as the Supreme Court continues to base decisions on what the “Founding Fathers” may have been thinking in 1776, and gun lovers cherish the Second Amendment,I suggest we give them each two muskets, a tin of gunpowder, and require that they form a Weekend Warrior Militia so that they’ll be ready when the Red Coats attack again. Any other weapon would be, fortuitously, overkill.

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McBob08 wrote:

Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy to know that America’s lack of sensible gun control laws means that situations like this are going to happen over and over and over again? And isn’t just spiffy that the NRA is there to throw millions of dollars at campaigns to keep senseless atrocities like this from finally convincing people that the time to let just anyone own a gun is over. If you don’t have a damn good (legal) reason to have a gun, then you just shouldn’t have one.

That old, pathetic sniff about “If you criminalize guns, only the criminals will have guns” has been proven wrong time and again in countries with proper gun control. Reducing the number of guns out there reduces the number of guns in criminal hands, too, because as soon as police find a gun, for any reason, they can get it out of circulation. 79% of privately-owned guns either end up in the hands of criminals or are used for a criminal act by someone with access to them. That is a totally unacceptable situation.

The irresponsible, unscrupulous actions of the NRA are causing Americans to get killed, so isn’t it about time we finally admitted what the NRA really is — a dangerous fringe organization that threatens the safety of every single American. If you think an invasion of America (requiring you to have guns) is likely, you’re either a fool or an idiot. In such a situation, the guns in firing ranges and gun stores could be easily requisitioned by the government of each municipality to fight off the invaders (if a bunch of drunken rednecks think they actually stand a chance against a force with the audacity to invade America; which is highly improbable).

Stop worshipping guns, and think about the safety of your fellow Americans! Stop being such idiotic suckers for the evil gun lobby!

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McBob08 wrote:

@sjtom: That expression is moronic. Countries with proper, sane gun control prove that isn’t the case. That’s just a paranoid buzz-phase cooked up by NRA nutjobs who don’t want to lose the stranglehold they have over America right now.

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EthicsIntl wrote:

Yes, let’s issue guns to every & all citizens so that they can protect themselves from each other, by killing each other. Very logical, besides it would save this planet from a human parasitic destruction; that’s all we have proved to be so far, psychopathic parasites.

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wsokol wrote:

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this story is the media ability to set the agenda for debate. It’s about gun control – a subject that leads absolutely nowhere – not about the lack of mental health care. Debating the later may reveal some inconvenient truths, such as that this country once had a great mental health system that was dismantled under the guise of helping the patients victimized by “the system.” This may lead to some unwanted analogies to the recent assaults on another public institution carried under the guise of helping the kids victimized by unions.

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TeeCee wrote:

My condolences go out to the latest victims of firearm violence in the USA. I am contacting you from Australia where we have some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. In Australia we have 15 times less people than the USA. But we have over 100 times less gun related deaths. 310 last year. Yes 310 in a nation of 23 million.

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Belfegor wrote:

Maybe he got terminated and had no hope for the future. So, suicide is seen as the only way out, and the logical thing to do was to take some of the people that screwed him.
Death is a lonely experience, and maybe he was a people person, didn’t like to die alone.
Or one can say that maybe they are better off, because they went to heaven, and they have nothing to worry about now.
Sooner or later, we all die, our lives are just seconds in the big picture, so what’s the big deal anyway?
Or maybe society is at fault, since there is no social safety net left anymore.
This is what happens when you get rid of welfare, food stamps, unemployment, assisted housing.

They think they are entitled to FOOD …. MEDICINE ….. A ROOF …..

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TOTL wrote:

Until everyone, including the police, are disarmed, I will not reduce my ability to defend myself. “Wait,” you say, “why would we disarm the police?” We would disarm them because no one has a gun! But wait, bad guys will still get guns, because…. they’re bad guys, so the police will still need guns. Just remember, when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away!

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cindy1204 wrote:

Who in heaven name could point out the fact seeing a gun suddenly jump up and killed some one? Guns cannot kill by it self alone.Only when some human make a booby trap with one. People are the enemy of others and a very weak and coward do the act.

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cindy1204 wrote:

Guns kill when some one use a gun to do their sordid act, then all blames falls on the gun…so sic.

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cindy1204 wrote:

ALL OVER THE WORLD PEOPLE ARE BEING SHOT AND KILL BY OTHERS WITH GUNS: Why do some ignorant quick to jump on the Americans and NRA to quench their anger ?Every Nation has this identical problems, why is America the scapegoat when outsiders comes here and do their dirty crimes.

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cindy1204 wrote:

TeeCee Oh please you stay out in Australia and mind your own gawd dam buisness, leave the Americans to do their own laundries. Stop condemning this Nation for every evil done on it’s soil.

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cindy1204 wrote:

Thank you for airing my post

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cindy1204 wrote:

Drugs are the master achiever of guns, in the drugs world BIG EVIL is beating on it’s chest as a mighty king demanding it’s army to shoot first then dont even look back to ask no questions, this is the age we are living in today.

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cindy1204 wrote:

Flashrooster, hey be of great courage nothing last forever. It’s a glaring fact nothing we do or does is good enough we are being trampled to the ground even for the good cause of the nation. But we will survive. How could our ecconomy be worst than 2008 and even before? The blind could see through this clearly, Be of strong faith we as a Nation will prevail.

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pax_vobiscum wrote:

Gotta love a specious argument. I’ve an even better one: If we got rid of all JOBS we’d certainly curb workplace violence.

While we’re at it, if we got rid of all cars we’d probably curb traffic fatalities as well.

Let’s get rid of meat & dairy products, and we’ll curb clogged arteries.

Frankly, I’d prefer to rid ourselves of Elitist do-gooders, who can’t seem to manage their own lives, yet wish to manage mine. Peace.

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DDAY1 wrote:

There is more gun violence, but there is more freedom. In the words of one of the founders, Benjamin Franklin, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Gun ownership is not the problem. Evidence: Switzerland has very high gun ownership rates (including automatic weapons) and very low gun crime. I would argue that its not guns that are the problem, but an immoral culture that does not value human life. This country has always had high gun ownership rates and yet the gun violence historically was low. I believe in the right of one to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I do not want to depend on the police department to come and pull the knife out of my lifeless body, I prefer to take that into my own hands.
In God We Trust, E pluribus unum, and liberty are the foundation of this country, secured by the Constitution of the United States, including the 2nd Amendment.

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ChicagoFats wrote:

Wsokol got it mostly right. While the argument is aired by the media, it takes place among the people reading about the incidents. It always seems to come down to gun control vs. liberty (except on Yahoo, where it quickly turns into Libocrats vs. Republitards). I would love to see some lively discussion of the underlying mental health problem. I would also like to know which liberty we would prefer to give up: the right to go about our lives unmolested by government mental health police, or the right to bear arms.

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