Company linked to meningitis scare besieged as deaths rise

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EthicsIntl wrote:

Are we sure this is happening here in the USA and not on China ?

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sleeperdvr wrote:

Why hasn’t discussion linked the expanding need for Compounding Pharmarcies to the FDA crackdown on generic pharmaceuticals, layers of new regulation, and resultant critical shortages of hundreds of regularly used drugs. Look at the trade off, the FDA indirectly has made by allowing these Compounding Pharmacies to temporarily fill in for the shortages. Is it really worth it? Was quality assurance and manufacturing really so bad that nationwide drug shortages quadrupled in numbers in the past three or so years?

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tyg wrote:

sleeper, the FDA does not seem to be involved in letting compounding pharmacies do anything to fill shortages. the courts took away some of FDA’s authority over compounded drugs and congress has done nothing to restore. we rely on the FDA to determine quality assurance and compliance with manufacturing, cheap manufacturing, cheap ingredients, cutting corners, and lots of middle men, large contracts for unapproved drugs, sometimes means more risk. compounding is even worse than cheap manufacturing because it is not supposed to be manufacturing. as ethicsintl alludes, this can happen anywhere when there is no regulation of willie nillie drug sourcing and selling. the multitude of “generic” manufacturers with problems may be the result of no national price controls where the brand name drugs are so expensive and the cost to review them is tied to the survival of the agency that regulates the end product that the public is left with no option but to take chances. the FDA has to do more to protect the public from compounding pharmacies and find the valve that would reduce the sourcing and marketing of drugs when firms start working outside of their states. local health boards and boards of pharmacies may need to limit pharmacy licenses to instate pharmacies and when the resources are limited request assistance from the federal agencies that have a vested interest in the health of that community.

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JayBee123 wrote:

When you make an augument for more goverment contol you are looking for 2 Things
1. Safer drugs
2. More effective drugs
What you get is
1. More cost
2. Drug shortages
3. Someone to blame when outbreaks happen. (FDA)
4. A move from free market system

So before you start screaming about more government intervention take a look at how the total cost to the system Vs. company’s learning in free market system. (getting sued for millions of dollars and going broke)
Nothing is ever 100% and relying on the government will always make the odds much worst.

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ccharles wrote:

Who is over this section of society? FDA or The Surgeon General? The Surgeon General oversees a force of 6000 personnel, not sure how many the FDA has, with all this money being spent, who is responsible to over see this section… and please dont say they dont know.

Oct 14, 2012 11:17am EDT  --  Report as abuse
tyg wrote:

the FDA, the state boards of pharmacy, a free market system, rich doctors and lawyers, drug suppliers, and insurance companies that make drugs and health care more expensive with every passing minute. what can the surgeon general do about price gouging? what can the surgeon general do about lawyers running our public health agencies? what can the surgeon general do with no authority? not much the surgeon general can do here except watch and listen. now what can you do when you don’t know that hospitals are giving you compounded drugs? the government can’t be everywhere and there is no need for such a society but, a “free market system” is not a very good police system as it is more about money, risk, and competition than about the general good. Mr. Cadden, Mrs. Cadden-Conigliaro, and Mr. Conigliaro will find a way to return to the scene unscathed and continue to do business, nothing the surgeon general can do about that when that decision will be made by lawyers. While when you are at the hospital sedated by a compounded drug, hope it is not one from the place where their motto is, these drugs are worth more than all the workers that make it combined, so make it at any cost so that we can compete in our free market system.

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