Russia says it will not renew arms agreement with U.S.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

If the collapse of the USSR were real and not the obvious strategic ruse it was, this debate about nuclear weapons wouldn’t be happening, NATO wouldn’t be trying to place a missile shield at Russia’s front door, and the Russian electorate would be electing non-Soviet era Communist Party Quislings for President and Prime Minister. Oh, you didn’t know that? Yes, EVERY President and Prime Minister of Russia these 21 years were Communist Quislings during the Soviet era!

Now you also know why the hated Communist Red Star was never removed from the bows of Russian Naval vessels and the wings of Russian military aircraft, and is placed on all new Russian Naval vessels and military aircraft. Because the Communist Party officer corps that controlled the Russian military in late 1991 never left their positions. The same for the KGB, controlled by Soviet era Communist Party members

For more on this subject, read KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s 1984 book, “New Lies for Old” (available at Internet Archive), the only Soviet era defector to still be under protective custody in the West (what does that tell you?).

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DragonTattooz wrote:

I have nothing to add. You nailed it. Good job.

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StephanieSky wrote:

Russia is seeking to be granted regulatory control over the internet. Russia has stated it has China and Indias support. The UN states it has control and will negotiate the talks.

A ‘behind-closed-doors’ battle for control of the Internet is likely to put ‘government handcuffs’ on the web, and threatens to end a free and open internet, it has emerged. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a United Nations organisation representing 193 countries, will hold a summit in Dubai in December where member countries will negotiate a treaty that sets out regulations on how international voice, data and video traffic is handled. They are also proposing a tax on the exhange of information.

Times are changing fast :/ Now we know what Obama meant when he said he’d have more flexibility AFTER the election. Russia is grand standing to downplay the upcoming snatch and grab of the free web.

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Gyre22 wrote:

Russia is a country with criminals in charge. Their leaders don’t care about the People, and their foreign policy is a disaster waiting to unfold. In fact, it hasn’t changed much from the time of the Tzars. Pathetic.

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Why does it seem like the world has become a great deal more dangerous, since Obama took office? Why does it seem like being an American, doesn’t have the same meaning it used to? Why is it that other countries are saying ‘no’ to American ways, all of a sudden? Maybe America isn’t what it used to be…FREE? Maybe, our government has become too much like the German gov’t used to be; too restrictive and controlling of everyone and everything? Could it be?

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Starkstruck wrote:

Putin knows that if Obama wins re-election (a long shot) that Obama will be a pushover in his haste to renew the Treaty for appearances sake. Putin knows Romney will be more difficult to fool in negotiations.

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ChrisHerz wrote:

Of course this is a catastrophe. But one can hardly blame Russia, now threatened by a US rogue state which is intruding into Central Asia via Afghanistan, into the Caucasus via Georgia and surrounding Russia with its vaunted missile shield. And of course the USA are vigorously modernizing all its nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. Obviously the USA continue interested in further dismantling the old Soviet territories.
US citizens are NEVER told by their media or government of the total mendacity of their government, which among other things has grossly violated the guarantee given to Gorbachev by Reagan that if the USSR removed itself from Eastern Europe then NATO would not expand eastwards.
It is not merely Russia that is under threat from our rogue US state.

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americanguy wrote:

Russia is correct. The reason stated at the time was that the “new” Russia, did not have the funds to dismantle it’s nuclear and chemical weapons. Russia now has the money.
I think a new treaty should be a priority and based on current conditions, just like Russia says.
Some people are still living in the past, and still think Russia is the Soviet Union.
Russia is strong again, and the US needs to start treating Russia with the respect it deserves, and quit treating Russia like some homeless person. Russia would be a very powerful and useful friend for the US, if we can put aside our arrogance and the old cold war mentality.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

ChrisHerz says, “It is not merely Russia that is under threat from our rogue US state.”

Response: If Russia is a democracy, there is no threat.

The only reason there would be a threat that each nation poses to the other is as I explained above, the collapse of the USSR was a strategic ruse under the “Long-Range Policy”, which all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 as their “new” more workable strategy to defeat the West.

If you continue to discuss the USSR/East Bloc without reference to the “Long-Range Policy”, then you are either incompetent to discuss this topic, or you are an agent provocateur .

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majkmushrm wrote:

And nobody seems to remember that GW Bush unilaterally pulled out of the ABM treaty in 2001. What goes around, comes around, bro.

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Numb3rTech wrote:

It may not be long before they have to start building bunkers underground again all over the country. The world is definitely changing and not for the better.

We may actually need a business oriented person like Mitt Romney to deal with the Russians. They are definitely more business oriented than looking for Hope and Change. Mr. President Obama, even with his Marxist and Muslim background knowledge, seems to be making relations with other countries much worse. In my opinion.

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MArktwain02 wrote:

Bolton and tne neo-cons did more to convince hawks like Putin and friends to discount American negotiated initiatives than any democrat. The fact is that under Bush we waived a sword in everyone’s face, did nothing but attack the helpless under the guise of policeman and destroyed our credibility for two generations internationally. We spoke loudly and lost our stick completely. Then we lost all the carrots to the banker friends of the neo-cons and now all we have left is no leverage and sour grapes. Romney can do nothing but nudge us closer to war and civil strife.

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Tiu wrote:

@Gyre22 – unfortunately it’s not just Russia who has criminals in charge. It seems to be a very wide-spread problem.
Democracy is a myth for the gullible.

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StigTW wrote:

Buy more shares in Tin Foil manufacturers

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“In 2002, the United States and Russia agreed to reduce their stockpiles to not more than 2,200 warheads each in the SORT treaty. In 2003, the US rejected Russian proposals to further reduce each nation’s nuclear stockpiles to 1,500. Russia, in turn, refused to discuss reduction of tactical nuclear weapons.” – Wikipedia.

This is the legacy of the historical idiot George W. Bush, and the historically idiotic NATO “adventure” in the Middle East that has made Russia feel smaller and more uncomfortable and in the end resulting in the end to the nuclear weapons disarmement.

The USA and Russia each have ca. 2000 nuclear warheads ready to launch at this very moment, the explosive power of making 3/5 of the Earths land mass into a fireball or the equivilant of a volcano, while the explosive damage alone would make the totalt land mass of the Earth a bombed out waste zone 30 times over, and there is still four times that amount in nuclear weapon stockpiles. And that is only explosive damage, nevermind the radiation and radiation toxicity.

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