Lenovo knocks HP from top of global PC market: Gartner

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scythe wrote:

the DIY and PC upgrade market is still an opportunity for growth based on more price competition for hardware components

current hardware prices have encountered consumer resistance from PC owners

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jscott418 wrote:

DIY PC’s are dead. I see no reason to buy separate hardware to build a desktop PC anymore.
Not unless you require specific hardware and you care to spend the money to do it. Most people buy laptops and smaller desktop PC’s which only need to do basic PC work. They do not require any special hardware. Lenovo builds solid basic not so stylish looking PC’s. But obviously the price is right and their reliability beats the likes of HP who favors design over function. The Countries that are just now getting into technology still do not have median incomes to afford the likes of Apple or even HP. They see Lenovo as their affordable Apple PC’s.
I think the emerging markets for PC’s require something cheap not something stylish.

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tmc wrote:

IBM knew the PC market was dead. Even Microsoft finally realized it.
A growing share of a shrinking market.

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elderlybloke wrote:

Dear Friend,
Your comment about DIY being dead are not what I know.
In my Country,New Zealand the local Cosumer Institute do surveys about Computers-popularity,reliability,service etc.

For the last two surveys the DIY computer was the most numerous and was over a quarter of all responses.
We may be more do it yourself down here but personally I have not purchased a “Brand” computer for about 8 years.

I am due to upgrade and looked at Leveno but I am pretty sure that it will be another DIY for me.

Who knows in a few years I may go for a Fondleslab.

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