Citing privacy concerns, U.S. panel urges end to secret DNA testing

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americanguy wrote:

Believe it or not I actually worked at a place where a manager had the duties of retrieving items from the trash cans after work each day, so the boss could see what each employee was doing at their desk. The thought of collecting tissue, gum, or other items to fire people who’s DNA tests show might be sick or get sick, is not only possible, I am sure it is already being done.
Of course I found other employment and resigned. I will not work in a place where people go through the garbage looking for reasons to harass or fire employees.
The real issue is how far will America allow businesses and corporations to go for more profits?

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diluded0000 wrote:

Americanguy, I had a buddy who worked security at an adult entertainment place, and had to check the trash cans in the private rooms for, um, protective devices that would indicate illegal activity. That was more about keep the place from getting raided, than the owner being nosy.

And I guess DNA sequences can’t be used discriminate on health or employment. But when I wanted to raise the coverage on my life insurance, they wanted me to get a cheek swab at the doctor. I declined.

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AlkalineState wrote:

DNA testing is fine, but it should be open and transparent.

We pay higher car and home insurance based on risk. Why not higher health insurance? In premiums, Obese people and smokers are being heavily subsidized by regular people. Just because it has always been that way, does not mean we can not change it. And those two things don’t even need DNA tests. But if you have a gene which imparts a 6-fold higher probability of you getting cancer before the age of 50, why shouldn’t you pay a higher premium. You’re a higher risk. Those don’t have to be the exact parameters, but…. you get the idea. Charge according to risk.

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StigTW wrote:

Tin Foil sales are going up this month!

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