Japan's Softbank snaps up Sprint in $20 billion deal

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Gabenuggs wrote:

Consumers are finally noticing that AT&T and Verizon = The Most Expensive Wireless Plans in America. For the post-paid customer, the fact remains that Sprint is the only U.S. carrier to offer them the iPhone experience with unlimited data plans starting at $79.99 per month. Plus, Verizon now charges its customers $30 to upgrade to a new phone when they renew. AT&T charges $36. But Sprint only charges $18. An investment writer recently summed it up best: “Sprint offers the best value proposition for a new smartphone user. I got my first smartphone on Sprint because a new AT&T or Verizon data plan is outrageous. My Sprint plan includes 450 afternoon mobile-to-landline minutes, unlimited other minutes, and unlimited texting and data for $79.99. Unlimited AT&T or Verizon plans would approach $150, and to get a comparably-priced package, I’d have to settle on limited data or texting plans, which I’d have to constantly try to not blow through. Why get a smartphone if you can’t have fun using it?” Sprint also placed first in the industry in customer satisfaction, according to results from the 2011 and 2012 American Customer Satisfaction Index. They also just received the J.D. Power award for being top-ranked in the consumer wireless purchasing experience.

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Richard315 wrote:

Sprint’s upgrade fee is also $36. It has been since late September last year. The activation fee is charged to any new handset sales regardless of subsidization.

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My_Opinion_7 wrote:

Corporate America getting sold off one company at a time and for what? This must be the New World Order they keep talking about. I was thinking about buying my next phone with Sprint but now there is no effing way.

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soulice wrote:

…and another one bites the dust

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americanguy wrote:

Just like the oil companies.
Get the world hooked on something, a few companies buy everything up, service goes to garbage, and prices go sky high.
It’s an old capitalist business model.
Eventually we will have one oil company, one cell phone provider, one hosptial company, one insurance company, and one utility company, and they will control everything.
Think it could not happen? Think again.
With regard to money and power, the wealthy have a motto ” too much is never enough”.

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jscott418 wrote:

Sprint/Nextel investment in sponsoring NASCAR did not pay off. It thought that ignoring service improvements and trying to advertise its way into consumers was the best way.
Obviously they were wrong. No matter what branding you associate yourself with like NASCAR.
Its still the quality of the product that you will be judged on. I wonder how NASCAR will feel that its primary series sponsor is now Japan owned? Another failure in America, people you need to wake up.

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DougAnderson wrote:


Hey, I hear Chavez over in Venezuela shares your opinion. Why don’t you take your business there?

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Revenimus wrote:

These are the direct effects of globalization, so nothing is really surprising in this acquisition.

I wonder why Reuters and all the so-called news outlets are deliberately avoiding covering the Sensata Technologies story? Is it that American jobs being exported to China doesn’t matter or tis it because Bain Capital owns Senstata Tech?

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JapanViewer wrote:

A gain for free enterprise, where competition creates, cheaper, better products for the consumer. Yes, I’m aware that that’s a very simplistic naive understanding of the market, but it will still help the consumer.

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“At Bain Capital-Owned Sensata Technologies, Arrests Ahead Of Layoffs And Plant Closing”

That certainly IS news!! Where are you Reuters?

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quatra wrote:

As the bible says “Beware of the yellow race”.

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