Egypt's liberals, Islamists clash, 110 reported injured

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1942.bill wrote:

The good people of Egypt will feel the pain more and more as the Brotherhood tightens the screws. Any freedoms they may have had under the rule of Mubarak will dissappear. In short, by jumping from the frying pan to the fire, they regressing to the 7th century.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Go liberals! Don’t let the religious nuts run your country. They can go to church if they need to worship something.

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I’m an Egyptian from Cairo living in NYC. my take on this is yes the judges are right. The prosecutor should be protected. But what if he is incompetent? I think maybe the governments case was weak although it was documented in pictures and broadcast on TV for everyone to see! And people died so it’s a serious matter. Someone has to be held responsible. And what if the prosecutor was “on the take” and got money for letting them go? these things happen. Overall I’m happy that Morsi is like me a man who studied, lived and worked in the USA and 2 of his children are American citizens so he has a personal hand account of what the good life, as the Americans see it , is? You couldn’t ask for a better way to introduce positive cultural changes, maybe a 9-5 work day instead of 9-2. A better standard for living. He knows what minimum wage is. He has been exposed to the West. So he would readily model Egypt after the US, it’s an invasion with one man, no army involved. I support my “democratically elected” (who knows) leader. I didn’t support the guys before him. What concerns me is that he might turn out to be a zealot, or as we all call them religiously conservative and try to merge religion and politics. And I assure people who voted against him who account for half of voters would fight him over it. Understand that some people voted for him because they didn’t want his opponent, a symbol of the old regime, to be elected. His extreme or conservative religious views ( all in the eye of the beholder) aren’t shared by most Egyptians. My mother voted against him so would have I because of his religious views which we consider extreme and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood which proved, alongside the Salafis, to be incompetent and effective in running the government to the point of discussing a “fatwa” over whether or not it is OK to have sex with your dead spouse for a few hours as a way to say farewell ?!? Yes they are THAT stupid. But overall things are looking up.

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Crash866 wrote:

Thought you all loved the Arab Spring…Mubarak or the new regime? Choose one because this is what those wonderful protests led to. Bet you were loving it when it started. Didn’t the OWS Liberals say they were brothers with those in Tahrir Square?? Now the Muslim Brotherhood is in power put there by the very protestors you call your brothers and now you want to protest them? Here’s the problem. People being hood winked into thinking what and who they protesting for will acutally care about them after they get into power…sound familiar…lemmings like you make me sick. Go to church?? I think those backing the Muslim Brotherhood might be Muslim so they probably don’t got to church. Go Liberals??? Again the protest mindset….

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Crash866 wrote:

Wait till it turns into the Arab Summer…Feel their anger…Feel their pain…

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totherepublic wrote:

See, they do not need Christians, Jews, films, Westerners, or anything other than themselves to hate. We need to tap our own oil pull out and let these “people” kill each other. And of course put a wall of defenses around Isreal.

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