Shot fired into Obama campaign office in Denver

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Marcus1000 wrote:

Welcome to the new Republican party. They’re attracting a a whole bunch of nutjobs. They feed em lies and hate and this is what happens

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DaMan916 wrote:

I would have to agree with that. It’s just a matter of time before this starts to happen everywhere. GOP needs to be held responsible.

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Talleyrand02 wrote:

Marcus and flashrooster:

Let it get worse. That is what’s needed. Until the american people realize that the Republicans have been selling them turd-in-a-bottle for over 30 years now.

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qmcswret wrote:

More likely a self-inflicted gunshot looking for the sympathy vote since they have no platform to run on and they certainly can’t run on their performance during Obama’s first (and last) term.

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JohnTemple wrote:

If we cannot agree to agree… we will default.
If we default our dollars will be worth less.
If our dollars are worth less it will be more difficult, if not impossible. to payoff our debt.

A World Bank policy research paper issued in March looked at 90 countries that have gone through a sovereign default. The paper found that countries with weak institutions, polarized government, and powerful interest groups are more likely to default. We know, ultimately, that debt causes default. What causes debt, however, is not too much spending or too little revenue. It’s an inability to make decisions.

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jrg wrote:

This is a reaction to the VP debate. Yes, Biden won.

Actually Obama won the presidential debate too, except the media reported it at face value. Obviously the president couldn’t bring up the 47% comments to attack Romney directly. That would be crude and the low road, but Biden could bring up all that in defense of the president and be noble about it. Very good politics.

I expect the remaining presidential debates to be good.

Maybe Obama will ask Romney about Ryan’s ideas of bypassing the UN for actions in foreign countries. What a great foreign policy. NOT!

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flashrooster wrote:

Talleyrand02: So far there’s been little indication that people are wising up, besides those who have been watching this development happen for some time now; the ones who already know. The right has a frighteningly efficacious propaganda campaign that has reached a point where it’s so effective they it can just about get people on the right to believe anything. One day deficits don’t matter. The next day they’re all that matters.

A perfect example is the way Bush hoodwinked us into supporting an invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. About 6 months into the war there was a poll taken where 70% of respondents believed that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. Which means that the most powerful country in the world launch a major assault against another country and the American people didn’t even have the right reason as to why we were doing it. That is a very big deal, and yet it’s been passed over with little more than a shrug of our collective shoulders. And it’s only gotten worse since then.

If what I’m saying weren’t true, there is no way Romney would have had the audacity to do what he did during the debate, taking different positions than he’s been taking on the campaign trail. But the Republican strategists understand the power they have over their constituents, and the docile sheep-like quality in their “thinking”. And they’re learning to take more and more advantage of that. There was a time when an Etch-A-Sketch candidate would go nowhere in US politics, especially running for the Presidency. We’ve reached a point where the Republican candidate–and it wouldn’t work for the Democratic candidate–can say whatever he or she wants and if he or she wins the election, do everything completely different from what they said they’d do. When they get called on it, just make up an excuse. Any excuse will do. Then when progressives and the media cry foul, they just write the progressives off by saying we’re just being political and they write the media off by saying they’re liberal. It works. They’ve convinced half the country that policies that are clearly against their best interests are actually good–and anything’s better than anything offered by the sin-wallowing, socialist promoting Democrats. I mean, they still think Bush was a decent President with good policies that are worth revisiting. It’s the Democrats who screwed things up. That says it all.

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fireman1800 wrote:

A couple of months ago, the Occupy movement damaged Obama’s headquarters in Oakland .. I’m guessing that’s also the case in Denver ..

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fsm47 wrote:

2009 deja vu? Another fake attack ?

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Grant_X wrote:

This fool acted out every Teapublican’s inner desires.

Every single Teapublican at every level of government needs to be voted out of office on November 6th.

Every. Single. One.

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Aerin_S wrote:

What’s bizarre is that some people are suggesting that an Obama supporter did this, in a plot to make people assume it was some crazy Republican, thus making Republicans look bad and generating sympathy for the Democrats! How crazy is that?! No actual Obama supporter could possibly have done such a thing (putting campaign workers in danger), whereas it’s very easy to believe that some rabid right-winger (defender of the 2nd amendment) would resort to this type of violence.

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sjfella wrote:

Good thing Hillary wasn’t in the area. Probably would’ve thought she was under sniper fire again.

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Sam_Bell_5 wrote:

Don’t let the terrorists win. Canvas this weekend.

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gugugaga wrote:

Three years ago the Denver office was vandalized by 2 masked intruders. The police apprehended one of them and it turned out that she was a democrat that worked for an organization that lobbied for Obama. It was in the news. She kind of looked like James Holmes.

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elsydeon666 wrote:

My first thought was who really did it. While it is very easy to blame an overzealous GOP supporter, it is far more logical for an Obama supporter or worker to fire a single shot and let the press view GOP supporters as extremists. This is especially so after Obama got beat badly in the debates due to his complete inability to think for himself.

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OMGB wrote:

well that seals it. Another term for the President. How ignorant for the opposition.

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flashrooster wrote:

Aerin_S: Rightwingers have been programed to have a kneejerk reaction where anything that occurs should be used to criticize Obama and/or the Democrats, and never, never, never should a Republican take responsibility for ANYTHING. It’s gotten absurd and it will bring our country to its knees.

Republicans are offering the country a choice: Either let them enact their failed policies (we saw how well they work under Bush) that are being dictated to them by the wealthy plutocrats to make themselves richer OR they’re not going to let anything get done. There’s only one way around this and that is to elect a filibuster-proof majority of Democrats in the Senate, a majority of Democrats in the House, and reelect Obama. Seriously, that’s the only chance this country has.

And once we’ve done that, demand that they pass serious campaign finance reform. The Supreme Court will probably rule that any campaign finance reform is unconstitutional until we get a majority of Justices nominated by a Democrat, because all of the conservative Supreme Court Justices voted in favor of Citizens United. All of those nominated by Democrats voted against it. That’s why we have to keep a Democrat in the White House until we can put enough people on the SC to start representing the American people once again, instead of corporate interests.

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Hmmm… That never happened with any OTHER re-election candidate… Has OUR nation been divided this serious prior to 4 years ago?!?… We seem to be falling apart here…

Oct 13, 2012 3:19am EDT  --  Report as abuse

What?!? This never happened before!!!… When was the last time a re-election candidate had his office shot at?!?… Was our nation THIS divided 4 years ago?!?… We are falling apart from the inside!!!

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ytvg wrote:

All of you that have identified the person involved as a member of the GOP Teaparty etc please contact the local law enforcement with your info, or stop posting such tripe

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ytvg wrote:

You dems should quote the shooting in AZ as an example of GOP hate and violence, the shooter was a registered Dem upset that his candidate failed to reply to his writing, he was and is a nut job, and he was one of your nutjobs.

I wont say the same about this incident, cause unlike you all, I wait for the investigation, i mean, the police havent even left this scene yet and you over reacting assumption driven neanderthals have indicted half the country.

No wonder you’re considered fringe

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DebbyMac wrote:

Your nutjob, our nutjob…This whole country needs a mental health check-up, and to pass a simple test before calling themself a patriot…First question, do you understand the concept of democratic self-governance??

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McBob08 wrote:

The GOP is learning that their lies and fearmongering aren’t going to work in this election, so they’re whipping up the rhetoric, inspiring the nuttiest of the nutjobs in their brainwashed throng to act in the way that comes naturally for them, and resort to violence, or even assassination to keep the Republicans in power.

Once again, can only shake my head sadly that President Obama hasn’t called for international observers to oversee this election to make sure that the Republicans don’t resort to any of their usual dirty tricks. If any elections in the past century really need oversight, it’s the American elections, simply because what America does affects hundreds of millions of people around the world; even entire nations.

With the kind of military power America has, is it really fair to exclude the opinion of other nations from America’s elections? After all, a Romney victory will lead to even more invasions of sovereign nations by the US.

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Carmi wrote:

Jumping to conclusions ought to be an Olympic event. I don’t see people appearing to be so high in any other event.

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davesola wrote:

remember “lock and load” . the republicants have become
the “brown shirts” party. ….my way or the highway…..
the republi—-CONS aka teatards are hurting America .
i pray God for president obama to be RE-ELECTED for the shake
of America .

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ConradU812 wrote:

I am amazed at all the hate mongering in these posts. The left is usually so tolerant of others…..

well, except for instances like Chick-fil-a, fat people, whites, American troops, anyone with a different opinion from them, heterosexuals, Christians, Jews, Democracy, people who make more money than them, higher educational standards in public schools….

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psittacid wrote:

…and the GOP claims to be the party of Jesus.

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ScroogeYou wrote:

This is what happens when people choose to brainwash themselves with 24/7 FAUX news’ “fair and balanced” coverage. Eventually one of the crazies will actually believe that the President of our country really is a terrorist bent on destroying our country.
As much as the “liberal” media might work against the GOP, they aren’t calling Republicans terrorists. That’s because they aren’t trying to strike the most extreme fear in the hearts and minds of their viewers/readers.

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derdutchman wrote:

I am disappointed that the very people who decry this incident as inspired by what they refer to as the Republican Party’s “hate” campaign resort to fanning the flames of hatred for those who believe in the Republican cause. There is no evidence that the perpetrator of this incident is a Republican, is interested in anything the Republican Platform has to say, even bothers with politics. Maybe it’s just the “uppity black guy syndrome,” which respects nothing, much less a political party. We, as Americans, must resist the “hate begets hate” epidemic sweeping across our country. As Lincoln so ably said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” and if we succumb to this virulent disease our common enemies will rejoice in the extinction of the “last best hope for democracy” at our own hands. Working together is the only real hope we have left. We are in the same glass boat and shooting holes in the other guy’s half dooms ours as well.

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sensi wrote:

@ flashrooster
You are so right, as a foreign observer and a moderate right-winger from Europe who is reading your press daily since more than a decade, starting when the US lied to the world at the UN on its way to the Iraq illegal war of aggression, I have since a few years and the rising of the far-right -from the already in command neo-cons to the racists or reactionary tea-party- the feeling that we -Europe and the moderates- will be at war this century with your sizable percentage of completely brainwashed nutjobs, the ones conditioned daily by the Faux news hateful propaganda, the ones begging for ww3 and the return of Jesus, the ones believing the lies while boot-licking the israeli warmongering far-right, etc. So I am glad to read one sane people with memory among the mass of crazy comments that I read, and I do hope that people like you will stay a majority and avoid leaving your nation to the many dangerous people in your midst.

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DanielDrums wrote:

All of this controversy will be our undoing very soon. Regardless of the party we support, we need to work together now more than ever or we will see the end of a free as well as privileged era. Then people will really have something to moan about when 5 dollars does not even buy a pack of bubblegum, income is never adjusted for inflation and a one world monetary system makes more sense…austerity at its greatest. It will be the downfall of a great vision. Romans and many others went through this process..the only differences are tech and the record time we are doing it.

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totherepublic wrote:

So how do we now it is not a digruntled democrat who finally woke up to the fact obama has played him as a fool for four years? Thats right we don’t.

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mjp1958 wrote:

Leave it to the political party of intolerance: The Republican Party.

Intolerant of Democrats, gays, Blacks, Hispanics, the poor, Jews, Muslims — and any other group else that hsa different ideas and objectives. Disgusting!

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jaroca wrote:

someone just exercising thier right to bear arms to compensate for their pinhead and small asexual organ………..

remember the party of NO and Hate…..they’re still using that all patriotic Karl Rove as an advisor/consultant…..real character from the GOP, huh?

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Progression wrote:

If we could get rid of the GOP in the Congress and Senate we could finally make some inroads to keep these things from happening. We need to follow the example of Britain and Australia and get the guns out of the hands of the public. We would all be safer.

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Looks more like a brick, to me.

Whatever it is, it is the usual Democrat false-flag operation like they always pull when they are cornered or losing.

Oct 13, 2012 6:38pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
jaroca wrote:

Hey Joe the Pimp,

Cornered? Losing?

Whatchu’ smokin’ dude?

I was just going down to the local crap store and get some cheap flip flops for Mitt and mini-Mitt…..they could probably each use a new pair by now. They’ve worn the others out, I’m sure.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

Reuters, why are you not publishing any of my comments?

Oct 14, 2012 1:55am EDT  --  Report as abuse
BuffaloGirl wrote:

Has Cheney been out hunting again?

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seekstruth wrote:

Ummmmm Denver has some crime issues in particuar with gun violence. Anyone want to consider this is simply being caught in the crossfire?

Oct 15, 2012 1:46am EDT  --  Report as abuse
jaroca wrote:


Nah…..that’s no fun. It’s the political season (year ’round, lately) so we have to ramp up the rhetoric and outlandish accusations, dontcha’ know.

Besides, it’s fun to hear how outrageous the right (really?) can be. I can just see the veins throbbing in their foreheads.

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hepette wrote:


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hepette wrote:


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