Firms, policymakers struggle amid Western defense cuts

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That reality increasingly is challenging major arms manufacturers, spurring them to look for new markets, cost cuts and mergers.

First of all why are there major arms manufacturers? Arms just kill, they do not defend nothing. Secondly, this arms deal is just a business? I mean we are talking about 600 billion dollars a year. Just think about it… with 600 billion dollars you could provide fresh water for all of africa, you can renovate all the schools in the US and Europe together, you can build as many as 30000 hospitals or you can build wind and solar power stations enough to provide U.S with about 90% of renewable energy.

I hope they all go bankrupt, they are just corporations which produce millions of weapons each year. They get the cash, innocent people get the bullets. If I would have 600 billion I would just buy bombs to destroy all of these war mongering corporations. No one that sells death should live.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Shall we try to foretell the military future, when today we don’t care that the carcass of America is being eaten away in broad daylight by the people other nations, today, on a massive scale?

There is no other country in the world that is allowing foreigners to enter at will, like America has been carelessly doing for the last twelve years. What other nation on earth allows the unhindered immigration that America does? What other nation on earth has stopped defending its borders?

There are giant cities all over the world, brimming with impoverished people and wealthy people, both. All of them, both the impoverished foreigner and the rich foreigner, are being allowed to feast on the carcass of America. The only precedent would be the fall of Rome.

Impoverished immigrants, accustomed to living in slums of giant foreign cities, or the mud huts of foreign villages, are flooding into America, willing to work for any wage, and thus driving down American wages, in all working professions.

Scrupulously kept from the public news media is the stark fact that the huge inflow of immigrants has sharply driven up American rents, adding more and more distress to American middle class renters. Young Americans are paying exhorbitant rents in every American city because of the huge influx of immigrants.

And now the American military-industrial complex, who sold out the American worker a long time ago, is warning us about cyber-security. Whose security? The wealthy have some security to worry about. But the American worker’s security was destroyed twelve years ago when our borders were opened up to mass immigration.

But the influx of poor immigrants is only part of the story. The wealthy classes from the same foreign countries (literally all foreign countries) are bringing their ill-begotten money to America and buying up American real estate at an unprecedented rate.

Foreigners are buying not just Manhattan and Miami trophy condominiums, but small properties on, literally, almost every corner in every city and town in America.

The Obama administration is talking about cyber security, but I ask, why? Why do they care about cyber-security or military security when we openly allow the whole world to march in every day and feast on our nation’s carcass, while the wealthy get richer?

In whose interest are we governed?

The immigration into America over the last 12 years is the greatest defeat, the greatest destruction to our American lives, our livelihoods and our future, that America has every experienced — far more destructive than if 10 nuclear bombs were dropped on us.

The American military-industrial complex is only interested in money for themselves and the wealthy. To them, the American worker is a villain, especially if he dare organize with another worker.

This cyber-security warning is about big wealthy multinational corporations, not about the American people.

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Mott wrote:

The honeymoon has to end at somepoint.

It did for the rest of us long time ago.

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jrpardinas wrote:

Maybe the beginning of truly civil society here in the belly of the beast.

The US has long been a Muse to friend and foe when it came to military (over) spending.

If America cuts down others will also.

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Mott wrote:

AdamSmith: Right on target. Can you also indicate the underlying root-causes?

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americanguy wrote:

If Romney wins, not only is spending on the military and wars not over, it will increase like never before since Reagan.
Romney and Ryan have both promised big spending increases on the military and wars in the Middle East.
All to help their rich friends make more blood profits, while paying little or no taxes.

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@ Adam Smith

Mr. Smith you are exactly the ignorant lower to middle class lazy american that has no idea about reality. First remember that you are an immigrant, your family … everybody you know are immigrants. Even if you were born there… that land has been taken by force and the native population killed. The immigrants you are talking about are also doctors, are also researchers, police, teachers and are present in every aspect of your life. If they are good people, let them be.

Rent and house prices were increased because that is business. If you have inflation the prices are going up.

You are blaming the wrong people. 600 billion is not a price that a country with 16 trillion in debt can pay. and guess what…. every drone and every plane and every bullet…. is paid by you sir. you and another 300 million people. and also the immigrants that pay the taxes.

think about it in this way. For every B2 bomber (price tag of 2 billion $), you sir have to pay almost 7$. For those 7$ i want to buy my kid an ice cream, not a bullet.

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usagadfly wrote:

First, there is no significant research to cut. That was all slashed under Dick Cheney during the administration of Bush I. If you zeroed out current spending on research, no one would notice.

Second, current spending on product “enhancements” or “development” could be zeroed out as well. Most of it is unnecessary “make work” for contractors. It is of little benefit otherwise.

Third, the great bulk of spending is on personnel. Boots on the ground mostly with old weapons. Soldiers are well paid by civilian standards. That is where the cuts must come.

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@adam smith

Impoverished immigrants, accustomed to living in slums of giant foreign cities, or the mud huts of foreign villages, are flooding into America, willing to work for any wage, and thus driving down American wages, in all working professions.

May I ask who is employing these immigrants for low wages? Let me give you a hint…. look in the mirror and you have an answer. There are very many smart people that have emigrated to US because of wars or fear or other factors. There are toilet cleaners that work for 20$ a day and there are scientists that have less than half the salary of a waiter at starbucks. Watch American History X… you can learn something from that movie.

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usagadfly wrote:

Once there was a nation here with more identity than a corporate logo and current management. Now, there is not.

Foreigners are just that. Foreign. If you don’t belong here, you need to get busy fitting or get going back where you came from. The place is overrun, led by the rich who do not care because they do not work. Ask any American born engineer or PhD about what is going on with our very own “very smart people”. Discrimination is rampant, against them. We have the makings of a new Balkan division here, thanks to our country club rulers. Whoopee!

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Gargoyle38 wrote:

There is another fright report, part of a continuing boogie man saga, oh now that we are “slacking off,” the sky is going to fall.
The reality : a lot of the money has been “lost” — ie, trillions unaccounted for. This is in a country where Internal Revenue can spot
$70 discrepancies in individual returns — but the Pentagon loses trillions. And routinely gives billions away. A lot of the money has been blown on useless weapons systems and development. And a lot of the money has been spent creating the appearance of fighting wars, which we never win of course.
[The Marines in Afghanistan actually had strategies in place -- but naturally they were called back to the fort, so to speak, because geez they might make the Army look bad.] Now, we will continue to see these handwringing epics about how the defense of the country is going downhill, when — as so many comments here note — the real dangers are unrestricted immigration and all the attendant dangers. The only dangers in the defense spending cuts are to those on the gravy train.

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WJL wrote:

And the Bible says that you should beat your swords into ploughshears. The western economies are so distorted and geared towards war, mayhem and killing all over the world. Shut down 75% of arm industries and direct the people and skills towards peaceful occupations and their economies will then be in good shape.

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WJL wrote:


You are shooting at the wrong target. Foreign immigrants contribute greatly to the competitiveness of American industry and makes the economy more dynamic. Taxes on the rich in America are the lowest in the world and there are multitudes of loopholes. What America needs is revolution and a socialist system.

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Numb3rTech wrote:

America may need a revolution, but we definitely do not need a socialist system. Socialist systems are absolute rule over everyone and everything. They can take anything you have and keep it or give it to someone else. They appoint their own czars (we already have that) and the leadership usually runs in the family. Regulations run rampant at the whims of anyone with power. Government positions will be filled with those that have power or money to buy their way in. (Sounds like we have that already too)

I would not mind a revolution that would place a mix of common normal successful business people and ex-military in office. Let them run on a record of their accomplishments and morals. No funding or super-pacs. Just a factual and history checked page on their records and what they want to accomplish in office. Cut out all of the extra pensions and fancy medical care. Make them have the same social security and medicare/medicaid that the masses have, if the programs are still around. I believe in freedom, personal responsibility, personal values and high morals. Socialism will take a lot of that away. Socialists can even dictate a specific religion. No, thank you.

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OmarMinyawi wrote:

Panetta looks funny in the picture above.

the whole defense spending could be summarized as

adjustment through pain

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