Analysis: As PC era fades, good times may be over at Intel

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realjjj wrote:

The ASP erosion is not just due to new form factors,ARM is bound to scale up into laptops and desktops,might be slow but it will get there and that’s when Intel will truly start hurting.

Oct 14, 2012 2:44pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
MikeFrett wrote:

Apparently Reuters doesn’t know what a PC is. And in case you haven’t noticed, shipments of ‘Desktops’ are up this year.

By the way Reuters, where do you think those little ‘Apps’ are made?. A PC. Don’t listen to this garbage guys, Desktop computers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon or in the far future.

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EGSlavik wrote:

This is sad. PCs are not dying off. I use my PC far more than my smartphone, or tablet. You cannot replace the desktop PC.

Just because a flurry of first time tech owners decide to go with a smartphone or tablet over a PC means nothing. We geeks and PC users have been at this for decades. We aren’t giving up something we love.

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silentwitness wrote:

This article is misguided. Intel chips dominate the so-called “cloud” infrastructure that Reuters is also fond of mentioning. The same exact equipment that runs the back-end to all the Fisher-Price “apps” the Reuters editorial staff is likely familiar with from their iPhones.

The technology industry needs x86 chips. It is as simple as that. The internet ultimately means that for each end user there must be a device reciprocating each request: the server.

There is also another issue at play. Was this editorial written on a tablet, and if so, are you hourly? People who actually need to do work need the traditional interface to a computer being a keyboard and mouse. Tablets are still best suited for being passive devices for consuming content and have yet to demonstrate their potential for anything beyond that.

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pavi_anu wrote:

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