U.S. says Palestinian status bid jeopardizes peace process

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1. Israel has no intention whatsoever of restarting the peace process.
2. Israel’s Likud party charter has always been to ethnically cleanse the whole of former Palestine by the ‘transfer’ of all Arabs, Muslims and Christians from the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
3. Israel’s illegal settlement policy is to abort the establishment of a Palestinian state.
4. Israel is in gross breach of the 4th Geneva Convention on Human rights
5. Israeli settlements have been declared illegal by both the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.
6. Israel does NOT want peace.
7. Israel has placed itself outside of the community of democratic states.
8. Israel still holds thousands of political prisoners without trial
9. Israel still uses state sponsored assassination to remove its enemies
10. Israel, under this government, is a rogue state that does not understand the meaning of either human rights or democracy.

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sadegibs wrote:

The Palestinian Authority is in a tricky spot: As long as rockets continue to be fired at the hands of their Gazan counterparts, who seem to be eternally destined to spoil the peace process, the process will continue to unravel. Also, despite being a non-violent action, it is clear that approaching the UN to request a status change is also an act of those trying to spoil the peace process.

The consequences of unilateral action are risky and unpredictable to say the least, and will only amplify an already volatile peace process – I truly believe that in this case the risks would outweigh the rewards.

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