"Sickened" UCI strips Armstrong of Tour wins

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mountainrose wrote:

What is the part of Lances being at the center of an organized doping ring or his bribing other cyclists to win races? Oh well he’ll just have to console himself with all that endorsement money he collected over the years being a fraud

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stambo2001 wrote:

Well that’s that then. Lance Armstrong will go down in history as a man who made a fortune for himself as a liar and a cheat. His entire legacy is built on a foundation of nothing. One of the Greatest Liars the world has ever seen. He never deserved to win, he never deserved to be idolized. Everything he achieved should have gone to another. Awards, adulation, and sponsorships from a career as a pathological liar.

Now he just needs to be sued into oblivion for false pretense and can go ‘live in a van down by the river’.

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kevmic wrote:

So, I’m certainly not supporting Lance, but who do we give the tour wins to then? For example lets look at 2005, the last year he won. Do we give the win to Ivan Basso even though he was banned for doping in 2006? Or do we go to third place with Jan Ulrich? Oh nope we can’t as he was already stripped of that third place for doping. Well certainly fourth place Francisco Mancebo will win, except that he was caught in 2006 as well. So how about Vinokourov? Whoops forgot about his 2007 doping. So did Levi Leipheimer (then 6th) win his first Tour de France? Nope guess not he was in the same scandal as Lance. So down to seventh and Michael Rasmussen, but they caught him in 2007. Eighth place then? Did Cadel Evans win well before we thought he did in 2011? I guess he did. Let’s hope he stays clean because Floyd Landis (already stripped of a victory in 2006) is next followed by 5 more guys linked to doping. All I’m saying is that we are running out of clean cyclists.

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jktnyc wrote:

They should shut that sport down not a single one of them was clean….

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Slayer666 wrote:

where is the proof he doped?Sounds like his team mates are just mad at the fact he was better than they could hope to ever be,not saying I know for sure he’s clean,but not one test negative.Which hunt….oh well he’s got money unlike you haters!

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GozieBoy wrote:

Given that doping was so pervasive that they cannot award the prizes to ANYONE, then this suggests that there is NO PLACE in cycling for ANY of them. Just trying to apply some consistency with McQuaid’s rather stupid statements. Oh, I get what they did, Lance is a scape goat.

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GozieBoy wrote:

Why pick on cycling alone? Do you not see any coincidence during the same past 10 years that professional golfers have increased their average driving distances from 280 yards to 310+ yards, with equipment technology only being responsible for a fraction of that? Or professional football kickers suddenly adding 10+ yards in their average kickoff distances (which is a phenomenal increase if you know anything about kicking)? Same football…new juice.

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Capndiesalot wrote:

OK, so we have a man who’s been tested 500 times, with NO positive results, being thrown to the lions of a nation of cheats, by a group of guys who all got caught…meanwhile, what happened to all the tested blood? Was it destroyed? I don’t think so. Something STINKS and it’s the entire sporting world controlled by the French.

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bronxonkyo wrote:

Everyone is doping? Good, it’s all even. Let us see who can do the Tour with or without dope. Lance is the man…period.

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USADA report wouldn’t hold up in court. There’s no evidence. USADA admits that in the report. They even say evidence is not required in the determnation of thier findings. See the report “Means of Proof”.

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wootendw wrote:

Mr. Armstrong is now assumed to be guilty because he gave up contesting the charges and because a few more ‘witnesses’ have ‘come forward’ knowing that they won’t have to be cross-examined by Armstrong’s attorneys. The fact is, however, that even if Armstrong were not guilty, the USADA would NEVER give up claiming he that he is and he would have eventually been stripped of his titles anyway. Tell them to shove it, Mr. Armstrong. Their only weapon against you is your giving a damn, so don’t. If you submit to their torture, you are helping the USADA to justify its existence – and that would really be a crime.

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mcmal1bu wrote:

Lance is #1 and he always will be!

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oilman8 wrote:

Well people should have known the man’s character. When he had testicular cancer Sharon Crow stuck by him until he was cured. When Sharon said that she had breast cancer, he filed for divorce. She got the better end of the deal in the long run. Arrogance will always will be your downfall.

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Hans_Kammler wrote:

I guess passing 500 drug tests doesn’t mean what it used to. You can’t take back history by rewriting the book, and Lance won all of those races. Nobody can prove he cheated other than by testimony. There is not physical evidence.

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cdfishn wrote:

Passed ALl the test as others in the Race and NOW it is an Issue..Go Figure Folks…Why Test in the first place if it does not Control the Race?

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Rorschach37 wrote:

If Lance Armstrong never actually won any of those races, then who did? This man took hundreds and hundreds of various doping tests and came up clean. If doping is that pervasive in the sport and he consistently passed those drug tests – there is no point in awarding anyone with anything in the sport if a third-party can arbitrarily go back at a later time and change the record to reflect what drug tests obviously could not.

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TheMule wrote:

Why bother having drug tests at all. If these charges are true, then the drug tests mean noting. If the Tour de France can’t be conducted without drugs, then change the route; so it can be. Armstrong, at the height of his fame brought huge amounts of money and positive exposure to European cycling, especially the Tour de France. If he was crooked, then he had to get a lot of help from on high to do it that long, and I’m wagering that the some of the same people who are cracking done so hard on him now at the UCI were the same ones who let him get away with it as long as he did.

I don’t even see the point of watching the Tour anymore. The winner will just be destroyed a few years done the road anyway.

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TheMule wrote:

Why bother having drug tests at all. If these charges are true, then the drug tests mean noting. If the Tour de France can’t be conducted without drugs, then change the route; so it can be. Armstrong, at the height of his fame brought huge amounts of money and positive exposure to European cycling, especially the Tour de France. If he was crooked, then he had to get a lot of help from on high to do it that long, and I’m wagering that the some of the same people who are cracking done so hard on him now at the UCI were the same ones who let him get away with it as long as he did.

I don’t even see the point of watching the Tour anymore. The winner will just be destroyed a few years done the road anyway.

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hednsand wrote:

Lance is the most tested athlete in history, and has never failed a test. This is nothing but sheer jealousy on the part of the small minded wanna-be weekend warriors. There has and always will be a segment of society whose accomplishments pale in comparison to true greatness, and the great ones will always have these little yapping pencilnecks at their heels. Nothing new, except in todays society it is becoming more and more acceptable to be one of these detractors. They tout the same childish actions of tearing down others because they think it makes them look bigger. The only difference is now it is adults exibiting this behavior instead of 3rd graders. Need a prime example? Look at POTUS , really really sad.

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NYCJ wrote:

Isn’t it ironic that Lance’s cancer may have been caused by his own doping in the first place? Live strong, indeed.

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HankB wrote:

Have all the details about the USADA’s investigation ever been made public? I’d like to know what “evidence” surfaced that trumps hundreds – literally HUNDREDS – of laboratory drug tests that Armstrong passed before, during, and after his races. I’m no Lance Armstrong fanboy, but doesn’t something seem a bit off-kilter when accusations and unpublished reports trump actual scientific testing?

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ArcheeBunker wrote:

Lance Armstrong Americas greatest cycleist has been taken down. The Tour De France will now suffer. Who will watch a race that takes decades to decide the winner?

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kmrod wrote:

and now because the rules say they can’t give the award to anyone associated with doping they’re going to have to go down to the guy who came in something like 34th.

what a joke.

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go2goal wrote:

Becoming even more cynical of the sport and especially of races like the TDF that go beyond the natural human capacity to perform.

It’s time to ask the question…does the TDF itself require the riders to basically cheat just to survive…let alone win….and to keep their rich payday via their sponsors and race awards! Greed is an ongoing challenge to overcome…in both biking and every business you can think of.

For me….I’m giving up on biking….even at the high amateur levels the riders are finding ways to gain an edge!

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piazzaAtl wrote:

Who cares about this? Lance Armstrong put that boring sport on the map. Let them dope. Aren’t we still at war? Enough of this, bike riding.

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piazzaAtl wrote:

Who cares about this? Lance Armstrong put that boring sport on the map. Let them dope. Aren’t we still at war? Enough of this, bike riding.

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124425 wrote:

Just another name on the list of sports figures who are put on too high of a pedestal in the first place! Too many people are infatuated with celebrities.

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RodMac wrote:

This to me is more of an indictment of inaccurate antidope testing methods than one against Armstrong. The evidence doesn’t prove it.

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D-bomb wrote:

If Lance Armstrong deserves to be forgotten, so does cycling because it’s full politics and bananas.

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oldtimer77 wrote:

Armstrong still physically won those races.

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NorthernLight wrote:

Doping and all kinds of roid usage are prevalent right down to junior high football. My friend in Utah made 1000% return on every dollar going to Mexico and getting the roids while he was in high school, selling to everyone in all sports. To think that any sport is clean is just burying your head in the sand– it ties back to the defeat of common logic. If you make something illegal, does it decrease in use? After this crackdown, will doping stop or just become more sophisticated? I think we all know the answer.

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I love this story. All these years all of those “fit” people lording their fancy bikes and cute outfits over us. All a big fraud. The bigger they are … What a bunch of mutant freaks. Don’t like it? Tough.

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timetowrite wrote:

The bigger question is what did those who testified against Lance get? They must have all been dopers that got some kind of “get out of jail free” card for dumping on their team mate. They didn’t have the gifts to win at cycling, doped and still lost. Lance was dying, with little hope of life, came back, somehow got the strength to win and did, inspiring a nation. If he doped, and that is still in question, his unwillingness to keep answering the same question with the same answer year after year, doesn’t show his guilt, it instead shows the power of a government funded agency to crucify those they deem unworthy. Today it is Lance Armstrong, next it will be th! His endorsements were earned and the companies profited greatly from their relationship with him. It was always a win win. By the way, those who testified against Lance didn’t have anything, never did and never will. Lance, it was only a bicycle race, but you won the bigger race. You wont be forgotten for the greatness you earned.

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DaveFe wrote:

They all doped. Who gets the titles?

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DaveFe wrote:

They all doped. Who gets the titles?

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VWDriver wrote:

Lance is an American hero. They chased him for years and still have no proof. Lance, I say screw’em. I would be proud to ride with you any day.

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ChuckShire wrote:

One thing is for sure, Lance knows what the meaning of “Witch Hunt” truly is.

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raiderbaiter wrote:

I see a run for congress in his future

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notfair wrote:


It was Sheryl Crow, not Sharon Crow. They were never married. She was diagnosed after they broke up. She wasn’t dating him when he was going through his fight with cancer.

Sheesh, why don’t people bother to know the facts before they post.

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CITADEL4U wrote:

Investigated multiple times, by several independent agencies for doping and always found innocent.

A Federal Agency created just to catch him, and the only witnesses they could get were all Threatened, and offered deals to “so called: Confess!”



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coffeefirst wrote:

And let’s hope the USADA uses common sense and sees that this was about leveling the playing field… not just 1 team doping – but ALL. If you watched the Tour de France like I did – then you clearly saw that riders were keeping up with Lance and the U.S. Team. HOW could they do that if they weren’t doping, too? Lance’s silence wasn’t about protecting himself – it was about protecting every single team in the World who is doping, too. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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coffeefirst wrote:

And let’s hope the USADA uses common sense and sees that this was about leveling the playing field… not just 1 team doping – but ALL. If you watched the Tour de France like I did – then you clearly saw that riders were keeping up with Lance and the U.S. Team. HOW could they do that if they weren’t doping, too? Lance’s silence wasn’t about protecting himself – it was about protecting every single team in the World who is doping, too. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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mwrightmann wrote:

I’m sure this won’t be a popular comment with the foaming masses but here it is:
1- If the USADA’s claim of widespread and rampant doping throughout the entire tour is to be believed, then isn’t that a level playing field? If everyone is doping, then there’s no advantage.
2- You cannot deny, that cycling is a sport of tactics and guts as much or more than simple endurance and like him or not, you can’t deny that while on a bike Armstrong outplayed and out-psyched and at times had more intestinal fortitude than his competitors.
3- Consider… If the UCI awards Armstrongs titles to the second place finishers, 6 of the 7 are convicted/admitted dopers. Jan Urlich would become a 4-time champ, despite paying off German authorities to the tune of 250,000 for instance. I say leave the holes in the record books and donate the winnings.

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offcamber wrote:

Honestly, UCI cycling deserves to be forgotten after this. Years of this witchhung in which you cannot even crown a replacement “back up winner” because everyone that you would name in Lance’s place has already been nailed for doping. It just shows what I already knew. Roadbikers are spandex wearing ego-monkeys who deserve to be forgotten. There is no skill to it, it’s just about how long you can ride and how much the body can take. Anytime you have a sport based solely on an attribute without a skill component you are going to invite doping because that’s the only way to really get ahead when you reach a certain point. Maybe now all the spandex wannabe’s will quit clogging up the roads around here on the weekends!

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mikeymarg wrote:

Sorry, just a non issue. If the organizations are just going to conduct witch hunts on all successful competitors then what’s the point of participating/watching. Perhaps watching bureaucrats and attorneys will be the sport of the future. Count me out for good…

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mikeymarg wrote:

Sorry, just a non issue. If the organizations are just going to conduct witch hunts on all successful competitors then what’s the point of participating/watching. Perhaps watching bureaucrats and attorneys will be the sport of the future. Count me out for good…

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MD2055 wrote:

No Trial, past the statute of limitations, hearsay evidence. Even if Armstrong did dope he was doing what was necessary to win in a sport occupied by people who did the same. Now he is charged by a bogus government agency that is no better than the Salem Witch trials.
Why do we hate our hero’s we raise them up only to try to crucify them a few years later. We have forgotten what is important.
Armstrong won 7 times! I will always know that!

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ThinkAboutIt2 wrote:

1. The testing board did not find any doping during the critical time during each race.
2. Imagine some authority
a. watching all the video from 7 seasons of games picking and choosing each minute play they think the refs called wrong.
b. then forming a conspiracy of players who also disagreed with the same questionable plays
c. in order to “catch” football players (or any other sport) playing wrongfully
d. to remove their teams’ scores several years later than the games were held.

That’s what this is all about. If Lance cheated back then, the tests would have shown that. Those were the rules and reliability of the testing techniques “at the time of the races”. We must accept that, or go off into the future decades re-testing, re-questioning into eternity. In most sports, we must accept the calls by the refs, judges “at the time of the game” NOT decades later!

Testimony cannot be used reliably, no matter how many of them testified, pitted against the “testing done at the time of the race” in a qualifying period. This was a political witch hunt that disregards the testing results during races.

Certain rules were in place for each race. Lance proved himself worthy of the rules with each race, every time. To point the finger with conspiracy and testimony against verifiable tests, is just plain wrong for any sport. The organization should play by their own rules, the rules in place “at the time” of each race and not change them later to fix their fetish to discredit someone. Really, very childish behaviour.

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BarryH1701 wrote:

Regardless of whether or not Lance was involved in doping, I put a lot of the blame on the agency responsible for testing. Either they were bribed to allow him to pass (and thus should also be punished for accepting a bribe) or they were incompetent (likewise, should still be punished for incompetence)…or both. Over 7 years, nothing was said…and for several years after his retirement as well. The sport of cycling has become a JOKE and a third rate sport because of this. The Tour de France doesn’t even merit front page news on the sports page anymore…bury it somewhere in the middle as a two paragraph article just to fill space.

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rcmharvard wrote:

Award the 7 finsihes to someone else? Silly really. Armstrong was the seven time champion among equally advantaged cyclists who all used bio-chemistry to their advantage. In cycling, like so many other sports, a new advantage becomes status quo very quickly and advantage differentials dissappear- that was the case for Armstrong. He excelled among equally advanataged dopers where he was, simply, better than the rest of them- 7 times.

Maybe the Nike’s he wore did it for him instead? Much more interested in testing to see if even one cyclist wasn’t wearing what Armstrong was- a much stronger case for unfair advantage could be made there.

Doping will remain rampant in cycling and the UCI is just pissed off that these guys keep getting caught after winning the big ones.

C’est La vie.

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candide08 wrote:

Th UCI is sickening OK, what a bunch of hypocritical idiots.

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runaway wrote:

I think they should do dope tests on all the dopes who stripped the greatest rider of doping charges that were all tested negative. Even if this scandal proves to be false…He can never be looked at as the real winner, only a doped up tour de France champion, and a liar, cheater,and a briber. I feel for you Lance….You are and will always be the best.

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grizzmann wrote:

Great to see the world accept an U.S. government supported , USADA , report on tests, that they took. Must make them feel like fools, for believing their own tests. The inaccurate, outdated, lacking believability TESTS. Looks like they must throw out all their test results. The testimony of the USADA, is so much more perfect than their own results. BRAVO!!! COURAGE!!

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Blackfile wrote:

Wonder why no one seems to mention that in effect Lance Armstrong has violated the false claims act and committed a theft of government funds when he accepted 1 $million dollars from the U.S. Postal Service?

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qawake wrote:

This is a witch hunt.

Everyone dopes in pro cycling. EVERYONE. it is therefore not a scam within the system. Everyone dopes the playing field is level.

From the outside armchair it looks like a scam, but not one of the dopers did not put in miles and miles of training. For years. The went for it. Using the system everyone in the system was and is using.

Since everyone is doping LANCE IS STILL THE BEST THERE EVER WAS….

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KiwiGreen wrote:

The amateur cycling world has been damaged by this. The increasing numbers of young athletes aspiring to professional rank will be impacted for some time…let’s hope that this chapter gives pause to others contemplating physical enhancement- it’s just not worth it.

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bvdon wrote:

It sounds like they were all doping… so the playing field was level. What’s the big deal?

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nihaosunshine wrote:

If it is agreed that the top 15 riders were doping, then Lance was racing among peers and still won the Tour 7 times. An incredible show of physical and mental strength, team strategy, and endurance.

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EarlJ wrote:

Cycling: The sport where you can win, pass every drug test you ever took and then have all the LOSERS get together and say you cheated and appeal to a corrupt governing body, that despite never being able to detect drugs in his system ignores their own scientific evidence but listens to hear-say evidence from the LOSERS.
If all of these team-mates were so trustworthy and honest why did they wait so long to expose Lance as a cheater. Answer. They were cheating too and didn’t get caught and there’s still no real evidence.
Competitive Cycling is a joke. Its really quite socialist. Its such a hard sport that no one individual can excel they just trade wins between races.

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Twinja wrote:

Bicycle racing, baseball, track, football (still),should have all records set aside with asterisks from 1995-2005. Steroid use, HGH, and who knows what other substances, were part of the training regimen for the vast majority of professional athletes who competed during that period. We know 80% of baseball and probably a higher percentage in football, but who would have thought that virtually ever cyclist would have taken? WHO REALLY EVEN GIVES A CRAP! Cycling is for dudes who like to shave shave their legs, wear stupid looking, tight, cycle shorts and matching tops, AND ANNOY EVER DRIVER THAT HAS HAD THE MISFORTUNE OF HAVING TO DRIVE BEHIND THEM AS THEY RIDE WIDE OF THEIR BIKE LANES AND CUT IN FRONT OF TRAFFIC. LOL!

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jaroca wrote:

The money has been made, the money has been spent. Where did it come from?

You, the idiots that just have to have the latest gear and wear the badges that the admen sell you.

Cycling is a great pasttime…can be done individually or as a group.

The herd mentallity and the lemmings amongst us make it what it has become. Some sharper than you sees this and sells you a bill of goods. You can buy in or reject it. Your choice.

Anyone putting a nationality on the line here is a bigger fool. Human nature is what it is and many show their greed one way or another. Most of the rest just show their mediocrity and become hangers-on/followers.

Get a life of your own and quit whining and pointing fingers.

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model94 wrote:

Cycling itself has been by far the most doped-up professional sport in the past 25 years. Riders needed to do it to be competitive, and so Lance (and all the others as kevmic points out) were a symptom of an out of control situation, not the cause. Because of this I really have a difficult time listening to santimonious cycling leadership. BTW I do not and have not worshiped at the alter of Lance.

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mikeween wrote:

Wait a minute. So Armstrong is stripped of his titles because of verbal accusations and no hard proof. Not one shred of physcial evidence supports the allegations. He never tested positive for doping. Never. Now any athlete can be stripped of their achievements because witnesses are threatened to accuse them by the guys with guns and badges. Wow. And this is America? Quite frankly I’m ashamed my government has wasted time and our money to bring down a fellow American.

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Metalshpaer wrote:

All you commenters assuming the worst. You are willing to convict on no proof. All this quasi-government agency has is a bunch of disgraced cheaters who have conspired to take down one cyclist who has never failed a drug test. How could only one cyclist be capable of passing every drug test when every other cyclist has got caught? This agency has no proof but a lot of disgruntled, disgraced team mates blowing a lot of smoke.

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Metalshpaer wrote:

Oh and this agancy does not even have the authority to strip Lance of those metals. An illigitimate agency taking illigitimate action and everybody just rolls over and accepts it. This is how Hitler was able to kill all those people in the concetration camps.

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oneof7billion wrote:

I’d be willing to bet that Lance would have won in an even playing field, with or without dope.

These organizations have just pretty much ruined pro cycling for many fans for the foreseeable future. Gpod job, guys!

Personally, I think there needs to be a statute of limitations on these investigations.

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PARodrig wrote:

I don’t defend doping in any sport, but as kevmic points out, given the preponderance of doping in pro cycling, Lance Armstrong may be liar, but he nevertheless was the strongest cyclist among his peers, so it’s hard to make the point that he had an unfair advantage. I have to admit that I am a bit biased in favor of Armstrong. He may not be a pleasant individual, and he may be arrogant, but he did survive triple cancer and then went on to win 7 TdFs, plus he set up a foundation which has done a world of good for cancer patients and survivors. Winning so consistently after overcoming such a life-threatening disease, with or without doping, is quite a feat. And perhaps I sound naive, but the fact remains that no one has been able to conclusively prove the allegations against him; and he never failed a single drug test. He may very well have done what they say, but given the fact that he was no different from him peers in the sport, feigning righteous indignation and making him the scapegoat for everything that’s wrong with cycling is rich to say the least. Throughout these years, I’ve seen these investigations driven more by animosity towards Armstrong due to his dominance of the sport, than by a sincere desire to reform cycling. But that just my opinion.

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richNOT wrote:

I’m not convinced Lance is guilty of anything. EVERYONE that testified against him was or has been involved in their own doping investigation. And they we all given favors to testify against Lance. The term is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Witch hunt is all it ever was.

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CF137 wrote:

What he needs to be stripped of is all the media attention.

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CRC60 wrote:

What does this say about cycling in general? This industry just confirmed to us all that Armstrong was doping in a way they could not detect at the time. What new forms of “cheating” are on the horizon? We can no longer take cycling seriously.

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Jasbo wrote:

Unfortunately, cyclists have been doping for decades. If they went and retroactively investigated past winners of the Tour and threatened other riders and team personel like they did with Lance Armstrong, they would most certainly find that everyone cheated. The Tour De France would have no winners for the past 40-50 years or more. Even cycling legend Eddy Merckx tested positive many times, why hasn’t he been retroactively stripped of his titles and banned? Since all cyclists dope, isn’t the playing field then leveled and fair? So, Lance Armstrong doped, they all did, so why the unprecedented man hunt against only him? I say in a sport that is full of dopers, go after current riders, don’t waste time and money going after riders that last won 8 years ago, it seems more of a personal vendetta than trying to catch cheaters. While they waste time and money with Lance Armstrong, they aren’t catching the current cheats.

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AlwaysReady wrote:

Don’t you find it odd that it took threats at the end of a gun to come up with the testimonies? “Look if you don’t tell us Lance juiced we will lock you up or throw your body in a dump after we shoot you or we will let you keep the money you made in cycling”. Wow! These organizations should be investigated for their corruption, they made billions off of cycling during Lance’s reign, a time that has proven to be filled with lying and cheating. The investigation revealed that no one on Lance’s teams had any integrity, no one said I will not do this to stay on any team, really? They were unable to find anything in all the testing they did on Lance and his teammates, the ones who were doing it too, except one case in which Lance had a prescription for cortisone in 99′. The fact that a man could come back from cancer and win 7 titles just eats away at the minds of these poor people. I find it a little funny that Landis wasn’t “caught” until after he won the Tour making it look as though the team and Lance had been doing this for a long time, that he thought he wouldn’t get caught because Lance didn’t.
I loved watching those races, the mountains and valleys they ride through are breathtaking. The small towns of France, the crowds that flood on to the streets that had me yelling for them to “get out of the way”, I had so much fun and now they are trying to say it never happened. Well, I watched it happen, all 7 victories, and I am going to remember what I saw, not the way they say. I will not be watching the “Tour” anymore, the French people need not cry any longer, they have “their race” back and they can have it.
The doping checkers are either so incompetent that they were fooled over and over and over…, or they were in on it, if Lance doped; if Lance didn’t dope, are they trying to prove their power over the sport? What is the point of all this? That if they don’t like you and you won’t conform to their desires and you are better than everyone else-you must be a bad person, a cheater, a liar, someone that doesn’t belong in the NWO and they will show everyone that you better conform or you will lose everything.
They have no credibility in my eyes, they can take their race and go home as Lance said, “Enough is enough”.

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KyuuAL wrote:

Lance should create his own race: Tour of America

Oct 22, 2012 12:35pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Games wrote:

This is the way I see it. I don’t think that Lance should be stripped of his winnings. If lance had passes all the testing at that time and was found clean then these are the short comings of the tests being performed at that time. As more information comes to light then the information should be used to tighten up the testing requirements. The burden of proof should fall on the regulating agency.
I am not saying that it is right, but if the rules are defined and you find an advantage while working with in that box then more power to you. But going FORWORD the regulations should be tightened. What happened in the past is in the past you can’t change that. We need to look forward and make changes going forward. This is just how I see it.

Oct 22, 2012 12:35pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
GLK wrote:

Everyone’s disenchanted from spectators to sponsors. This entire affair was mis-handled and is going to cost the sport dearly.

Oct 22, 2012 1:05pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
davegoldman wrote:

When informed of Armstrong’s ban, Obama was quoted as saying “See, that’s why I am in politics and not cycling. I found a profession where those kinds of things are assests, not liabilities.”

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Romney replied, “I can’t believe what they did to Lance, they took anecdotal evidence based on pure conjecture, formulated a decision before they had the facts and went public with a shaky platform and a completely unknown method to solve the issue. I know I can count on their votes.”

Ryan added ” They just don’t understand that the EPO would have been carried under the voucher system but payed for out of pocket under Obama-care, if they had repealed all the forms of testing supported by a governing body and just let the athletes run the testing none of this would have been an issue, and the sport would grow.”

Oct 22, 2012 1:30pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
DwightMoody wrote:

I’d be sadder losing Cheryl Crow. Toilet paper issues, notwithstandig.

Oct 22, 2012 1:53pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
ConstFundie wrote:

@qawake, you speak Nonsense. Everyone does not cheat. There were and are plenty of competitors, pro-athletes, and racing athletes, that care enough about the law, their honor, and their bodies to not dope.

Yes, there are people that will do anything for personal glory and gain. It is despicable, and shameful, nothing more.

Oct 22, 2012 2:00pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Luker410 wrote:

OK, so Lance has taken hundreds of doping tests, and never popped positive. The tests are designed to reveal illegal doping. The tests cleared him of doping. Hundreds of tests cleared him. How do you fight against frenzied lawyers looking for a free lunch against evidence that shows you are clean, with Government thugs intimidating his teammates with Guns and badges…The tests clear him of the offense. This is an illegal witch hunt.

Oct 22, 2012 2:02pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
OmarMinyawi wrote:


Oct 22, 2012 2:07pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Ras-Mitat wrote:

Public & Media Response:

Billions spent yearly to win political office to decide fate of America…Nobody cares!

Millions spent to win a bicycle competition…Outrage, lynch the man!

Oct 22, 2012 2:39pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
tdlane wrote:

“It wasn’t until the intervention of federal agents…they called these riders in and they put down a gun and badge on the table in front of them and said ‘you’re now facing a grand jury you must tell the truth’ that those riders broke down,” McQuaid added.

This begs the question; if all these people confessed to federal agents, why did the feds drop the case against Armstrong?

Oct 22, 2012 3:00pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
americanguy wrote:

Is that picture a “Lance in pants, glance” ?
Armstrong is a Liar, cheater, and loser. Armstrong brought shame, ineternational hate, and disgrace to the USA.
I hope he leaves the USA, and goes to live somewhere else where loser people accept and support lies and cheating in sports.
We don’t need people like him in the USA.

Oct 22, 2012 3:38pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Wulff wrote:

What about Fast & Furious, the birth certificate, Monica, who killed JFK, and on and on. When you bring down a hero, long after the fact, who gains and who loses? The rush to mediocracy continues unabated.

Oct 22, 2012 8:49pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
CDN_Rebel wrote:

Makes me laugh when people bring up ‘over 200 or 500 test passed’ lalalalala. Don’t you guys get it? His network was more advanced than any of the Barry Bonds stuff and started before. HIS methods were so ahead of their time that it took more than 10yrs for the scientists at the cycling body (and eyewitness testimony leading them to the right path) to figure it out? This isn’t some amateur needle in the butt before the race – they’re talking about BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS and HGH in the 90s. Think about that and then talk about the pee tests he passed.

Oct 22, 2012 11:23pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
labmike wrote:

You know what they say… we put ‘em up on a pedestal just so we can knock them down.

How many more people will aspire to be athletes if they know that every famous athlete will be dogged to the grave by unscrupulous lawyers looking to make a name for themselves?

Oct 22, 2012 12:43am EDT  --  Report as abuse
SchWI wrote:

“Beat the system 218 times” Well either the “system” is broken or Armstrong is on the cutting edge of drug technology.

Oct 23, 2012 1:08pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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