Romney, Obama converge on Iowa in late scramble for votes

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jars13 wrote:

You want to talk about the last four year? Read this post and it has government chart links. Voting records can’t be lied about and I suggest you look further into this. Not only should Obama be re-elected, people need to wake up and there are names to be taken for treason. Look at the article and then look at the voting records on Government web sites. Also imagine what going back to Bush policies would do to us now. We need to vote for Obama and hold those accountable for holding our country down.

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llll wrote:

these two are the same…both support massive intrusions into personal privacy & both support massive redistribution of wealth – just the victims differ by party. How about someone who protects privacy & believes your money is your own? Vote Libertarian.

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nsawoman wrote:

I think Reid should be recalled by the Constitutes that put him in office 2 yrs ago in Nv. This man refuses to bring any house voted and approved bill to the Senate Floor and continues to blame it on the Republicans. I have been a democrat 99% of my adult voting life I recently changed to Independent. This man has to go. He is making a laughing stock of America and what we stand for. Obama needs to be ashamed of himself also. He has divided this country so bad that we will have one heck of a time repairing the damage.

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Bunker555 wrote:

Romney has surrounded himself with too many losers from the Bush administraions. Limbaugh, Rove, and Norquist are hurting him with their relentless personal attacks on Obama.

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notnow wrote:

nsawoman – why would a woman want to vote for someone who looks at woman’s lives as subservient to men??? Obama had to deal with the house of “no” these past years. I say get him a house that will work with him–get rid of the “gud ‘ole boys” club. Instead of absorbing all the filthy lies that are on the air waves, actually look at history and how our country came close to near demise under the bush era. Starting even before reagen this country was melting down, deregulation allowed big business to swallow up even more tax dollars for personal gain, removing Federal support for states and their communities, education, health care, etc. etc., property value was artificially raised in order to locally collect more taxes to support the hole left after Federal funding was swept up for two wars that were so costly it has set us back trillions. Paying off these debts need to be paid by those who created them! Not the lowly working class whose sons and daughters have been slaughtered or maimed in these wars. Those of you who are actually employed now, driving big gas hogs, will feel a deep decline if you vote for the romney right wingers.

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Progression wrote:


Limbaugh, Rove, and Norquist supported every alternative to Romney that they could. They wanted a conservative, not Romney. They all supported Bachmann, Caine, Perry, Santorum, and Gingrich at different times. The only thing all 4 have in common is their desire to get Obama out of office.

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Progression wrote:


We are heading right off a fiscal cliff as we speak. You and Obama can be proud of a $16 trillion debt, $1 trillion deficit, 7.9% unemployment, the highest percentage of Americans living in poverty, the highest number of Americans on food stamps, all you want. The only disaster worse than Bush is Obama. And you want four more years of him.

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Doc62 wrote:

Excellant jars13! Holding those accountable will be impossible, due to plausible deniability. It made Pres. Obama angry too.

nsawoman: Obama didn’t divide this country! RACISM and the greedy rich did it. GOP plan? Get the black dude OUT and restore the rich to power.

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@Progression- Had it not been for Obama, we would’ve plunged over that fiscal cliff into Economic Crap Creek back in 2009. As far as the Nat’l Debt, Reagan tripled it, Bush W doubled it, and there were no complaints from Republicans when two of their own ran up debt and deficits.

The stock market is booming, Chrysler and GM were not only saved, they are booming as well, and corporations are sitting on mountains of cash and capital and are hiring again, albeit slowly.

Put it in historical perspective. It took us over ten years to begin to recover from the Great Depression, and this Great Recession was almost as bad. The only reason it wasn’t as severe as the 1930′s catastrophe is because of the sheer size and diversity of the modern US economy.

While we were slowly emerging from the GD in the late 30′s, what really launched us out of it was WWII. And what was WWII other than a lot of blood, guts and sacrifice? It was massive government spending, that’s what.

We can’t dig ourselves out of an 8 year hole in 4 years. The reason for the unemployment rate, food stamp recipient levels, etc., is because of the depth of the Great Recession. People who think we should be able to just rise right out of such a calamity in a mere 3 or 4 years fail to realize what the magnitude of the situation really was.

And Romney flip-flops more than a panicky fish out of water, and lies bold-faced about such things as Chrysler moving its Jeep manufacturing to China, among many other things.

Btw, Repubs voted for the fiscal cliff deadline, while simultaneously blocking passage of a jobs bill in the House for over two years, for the sole purpose of making Obama look bad, and the good of the country be damned. House Republicans are almost tantamount to traitors.

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Billybergh wrote:

“The only disaster worse than Bush is Obama?” Really?

The fiscal cliff is an artificial one. It’s created by the Right Wing Tea Party who insist on black-mailing the President.

There is no acute debt problem. What we have is an unemploynent problem and a small number of capitalist sitting on the nations money unwilling to employ us except at slave wages and non-living-wage jobs. We need to knock the greedy ones off the pot. Put our people to work building durable stuff–electric grid, broadband systems, state-of-the art heating and AC systems, roads, bridges, ports, railroads, schools–and we need to hire teachers and expand colleges. These things pay for themselves over time, and when this country is up and running in an economy based on the durable infrastructure we’ve re-created, THEN the austerity policy must be followed. The debt and deficit problem is then solved. Nothing can be done without government. Let’s bury Reaganomics forever.

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thoma wrote:

Should Romney fail, the casualty is MODERATION, for at least a decade.
The media endorsements of Obama, is overly generous to the President and overlooks his significant economic and leadership failures. Obama and his administration is too far left, not the centrist, the media had previously led us to believe. Once again, half way through his term (as in Senatorial term), Obama has long been in campaign mode for reelection, with political brinkmanship sadly replacing sound stewardship. This election is about the economy where Obama has mostly failed. He has been an extravagant spender with government debt now reaching $16 trillion and trending to $20 trillion by 2016. With government stimulus spending that unfairly chooses winners and losers at the discretion of the government and at the expense of taxpayers. The significance of the debt levels is underestimated and should the faith of the world tip away from US treasuries, the math shows, the US could exhaust much of its income tax revenue on debt payments. His accomplishments include expanding the ranks of growing “entitlement class” that absorbs half of all federal spending. Almost 50 million people are on food stamps and 48.5% of the population are on government welfare. This 48.5% is likely vested in an Obama reelection. Is this like Venezuela? Government, we all, have a responsibility to the 48.5%, and should have temporary moratoriums on offending regulations that stymie growth such as the US Department of the Interior infringement on energy production. Administration programs with entitlements taint average jobs as unworthy and compete with real work. Obamas’ leadership shortcomings are compounded by his failure to run with his own bi-partisan Simpson Bowles commission on fiscal responsibility. This was an opening that may have prevented the now looming, potentially disastrous, fiscal cliff and the US credit rating downgrade(s). Obama’s campaign has created the climate of class jealously, where the successful are blamed for the failures of the nation.-this is Un-American. Rather the “Alternative Minimum Tax” that was diluted by politicians should have been tweaked as a simple solution to ensure fair taxation for the 1% wealthy.
The media editorials mostly criticizes Romney for shifting back to the center, where frankly he belongs as evidenced by his record in government and his campaign. Shifting ideological positioning, however, is justification for criticism, and during the primary debates I strongly believed the Republican base was hobbling Romney to positions that he would later reverse. However, Obama has shifted more left while Romney has shifted more center. The media should have welcomed Romney as a “Mr. Moderate” rather than base the entire criticism on his moderation. The media did not criticize Obama for shifting left or perhaps a centrist Obama was entirely created by them. Should Romney fail, the casualty for American politics is MODERATION. It will take at least a decade for a moderate to rise as a serious presidential contender and politics will continue to be ridiculously polarized. Republicans will not want another moderate and the Democrats will not take that risk, America will lose. This time “Hope and Change” does not mean four more years of Obama but rather Romney- To have HOPE, we need CHANGE. Elect Romney, if he does not succeed, its ok, you can make it a one term presidency, this job is not an entitlement and failure means no second term.This time “Hope and Change” does not mean four more years of Obama but rather Romney- To have HOPE, we need CHANGE. Elect Romney, if he does not succeed, its ok, you can make it a one term presidency, this job is not an entitlement and failure means no second term.

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Progression wrote:


There was many Republicans complaining about Bush running up the debt. That was why how the Tea Party came into existence. You and Billybergh can put your head into the sand and pretend everything is fine and dandy when you run a huge debt and deficit. Obama is the first President to sit in office and have our credit rating lowered. You idiots actually think that the government and schools and colleges can get our economy going. We have increased spending on education constantly over the last 40 years. We have increased deficit spending drastically for 12 years. Where is this European Utopia you speak of? Looking across the pond, the EU is in danger of collapse due to a thing called a debt crisis. Keynesian economics is being exposed as a grand failure because economic idiots such as yourselves seem to think that taking more and more money out of the economy to have it spent by the government on non GDP production is going to somehow grow the economy. We are in a fiat economy, and your ilk is completely destroying it.

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obamaisright wrote:

Democrat- Hope and Change
Republican- Vote for us or we will destroy us.

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SayHey wrote:

An incumbent President who has done even a reasonable job should not be trying to barely hang on, as the current president is doing – and trying to accomplish something truly historical – be elected the 2d time with less support than the first time – something which has never happened.

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@Progression- I see that you have lowered yourself to the level of hurling insults, which amply demonstrates your intellectual and intelligence level.

Republicans are the ones responsible for having our credit rating lowered, and now try to blame the president.

It is a Republican lie that Obama and the Democrats want to turn the US into Europe. Although, some aspects of European society are superior, for example, their impressive passenger rail network and service, instead of relying almost solely on cars and landscape-marring, massive and profligate freeways and highways that are in constant gridlock. And they take tender-loving-care of their countryside, while we neglect ours with inefficient suburban and urban sprawl.

What are Romney’s real positions? What are his real plans? He’s given no details, and changes whatever positions he has almost daily to fit the immediate audience. He is an empty, hollow shell of a man, with no real convictions, other than his delusion that he is, “destined to lead”.

His delusional aspirations will be dashed, hopefully for good, on the night of November 6th.

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milanzm wrote:

Pr. Obama tried to make this election more interesting and unpredictable ??? Reasons WHY I supported Pr. Obama re-election are:
1. Obama is hard working President who is doing his best to move this country FORWARD in right direction;
2. My support to President is my investment: what kind of FUTURE I want for this country;
3. Four issues that are so important to me, that Pr. Obama accomplished successfully: 1. Health care reform; 2. Ended War in Iraq; 3. Wall Street Reform; 4. Clean Energy investment…
I have NO doubt that Pr. Obama will be re-elected …Go Obama.

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misterjag wrote:

Pressure is mounting on Congress to reach a compromise on a deficit reduction grand bargain early next year:

Respected Economic forecasters like Moody’s Analytics then expect economic growth and hiring to accelerate. It doesn’t matter who’s elected president. Growth and hiring will accelerate in 2013 and we can anticipate a 4% GDP growth rate and 250,000 jobs created per month in 2014. Over ten million jobs will be created during the next four years.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Congress controls spending. The Democrats controlled congress from 2006 to 2010. They held all three branches from 2008 to 2010. The Republicans controlled Congress for 8 months when the credit rating was lowered in August, 2011. This is clearly the result of Democrat lack of action on the deficit and debt. And they refused to work with Republicans now to get fiscal policy in order. It is tragic to see the partisan cheerleaders completely absolve their own party and blame the other party for everything going wrong in America, especially when it is obvious that their own party kicked the can down the road year after year when they controlled the congress.

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mjp1958 wrote:

Don’t worry about Romney.

After he loses the election, he can always teach a graduate-level tax evasion course at University College of the Cayman Islands during the day, and manage his investments in the Caymans at night.

Bye, Mittster! Won’t miss your daily lies and nonsense.

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Danzig83 wrote:

Amazing is the amount of ignorance in America today people need to grow up really. We have a person running for president that until recently owned stocks in Chinese companies, ships American jobs off to foreign counties, has off shore bank accounts, Mitt Romney profited by at least $15.3 million (GM Delphi Automotive) from the auto bailout. Will not release any more tax statements for fear that America will see the truth on what he is hiding. Romney urges business owners to tell their employees how to vote or risk losing their jobs. The draft dodger wants to take America to more unfunded wars in Iran, Syria and continue to occupy Afghanistan so that his cronies can get rich while America becomes a true third world country. This guy failed as governor (38% approval rating) and people think he is qualified to run the country!

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Jzyehoshua wrote:

Obama is lying about inheriting a mess from Bush. People need to examine whether what he’s saying is true, and whether the accusations he makes of others are true of him as well.

What Obama neglects to mention is that:

1. Democrats ran Congress since late 2006 and passed the legislation right before the recession started. They boosted military spending to its all-time high of $700 billion, not Republicans.
2. Obama himself voted for many of Bush’s agendas including the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, the Bailouts, Bush’s budgets, and free trade agreements.
3. Obama has been growing the public debt over twice as fast as Bush did.
4. It was Bush’s Status of Forces agreement that caused Iraq troops to come home and Obama tried to keep 10,000 troops in Iraq. It was only because of Bush’s agreement they had to come home.
5. Obama has continued many Bush-era policies. He’s kept Guantanamo Bay open. He’s continued the Bush tax cuts. He’s extended the Patriot Act three times. He supports free trade agreements. He passed a huge expansion of healthcare like Bush did with the 2003 Medicare expansion (biggest expansion of Medicare ever).
6. Obama is using Bush’s 2000 slogan from Bush’s State of the Union Address. “Si Se Puede – Yes We Can” is taken from Bush’s “Juntos Podemos – Together We Can”.

Obama is also neglecting to mention on jobs going overseas that:

1. Obama voted for the free trade agreements that send jobs overseas while a U.S. Senator and has supported them as president.
2. Obama has had big business executives like Jeffrey Immeldt and Rahm Emanuel involved in his presidency, as well as lobbyists in his administration.
3. Much of his administration now stands accused at the heart of the biggest banking scandal in U.S. history ($43 trillion) and are being sued by Spire Law Group.

Obama calls Romney a flip-flopper even though:

1. Hillary Clinton in 2008 said, “You’ve changed positions within three years on, you know, a range of issues that you put forth when you ran for the Senate and now you have changed. You know, you said you would vote against the Patriot Act; you came to the Senate, you voted for it. You said that you would vote against funding for the Iraq war; you came to the Senate and you voted for $300 billion of it.”
2. Obama got elected by dodging controversial issues like abortion, telling Rick Warren it was above his pay grade, and saying he wanted to define marriage as between a man and a woman. He lied about social issues to get elected.
3. Obama campaigned on bipartisanship and transparency, but then locked Republicans out of the healthcare and stimulus bills from 2009-2010, which is why they started voting against all Democratic legislation in protest.
4. Obama campaigned on putting the healthcare bill on C-Span with no earmarks and going line by line through the healthcare bill. In reality it was constructed in back rooms, with earmarks, and Republicans like Jason Chaffetz and Phil Roe who asked to go line by line through the bill were ignored by Obama.
5. Obama has repeatedly lied about not voting against the federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Obama voted against providing medical attention to newborn babies fully outside the womb who survived late-term, now-illegal D&E abortions, because they weren’t born to full 9-month terms.
6. Obama lied about not using executive orders/signing statements, and not accepting public financing. PolitiFact has 5 pages of Obama promises labeled “broken”. Obama just tells people what they want to hear and often does not bother following through with what he says. He just says it for campaign purposes.

Obama accuses others of corruption, but:

1. Obama struck a deal with Illinois Senate leader Emil Jones in 2003 to get appointed the legislation of other Illinois Senators to give him publicity so he could become a U.S. Senator. His entire legislative record was built in the last of his 7 years as an Illinois Senator, 2003. Jones also had him pass legislation addressing issues in the news to raise his political profile.
2. Obama knocked off his first 4 opponents in his 1996 election using a corrupt Chicago Politics trick. He had a team of lawyers including fellow Harvard lawyer Tom Jones challenge his opponents petition signature (used to run for office) after the filing deadline, so they’d all be unable to run. He ran unchallenged by removing the people’s choice.
3. Obama got a deal on his house to live next door to convicted felon of the Blagojevich administration, Tony Rezko. Obama then donated the hundred thousand plus dollars Rezko had fundraised him to charity after the Illinois media noticed and called attention to it. Rezko not only gave him a potentially special deal on the property but raised a lot of money for him. This is a clear tie between Obama and the Blagojevich corrupt Democrats in Chicago Politics.
4. Obama swapped Rahm Emanuel out for Bill Daley of the notorious Daley family. The Daleys came to the White House Chief of Staff position, Emanuel to the Chicago mayor’s office, they swapped. Nepotism.
5. Obama used present votes to cover up his votes and the votes of other Illinois Senators against medical attention for newborn children on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. As Pam Sutherland would put it, “He came to me and said: ‘My members are being attacked. We need to figure out a way to protect members and to protect women. A ‘present’ vote was hard to pigeonhole which is exactly what Obama wanted. What it did was give cover to moderate Democrats who wanted to vote with us but were afraid to do so. A ‘present’ vote would protect them. Your senator voted ‘present.’ Most of the electorate is not going to know what that means.” Obama used these votes to keep Illinoisans in the dark about how Obama and others were voting.

Sourcing for this will be available at

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sally1137 wrote:

Ambassador Stevens was unavailable for comment.

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sally1137 wrote:

Ambassador Stevens was unavailable for comment.

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Abulafiah wrote:

Progression wrote:
“We are heading right off a fiscal cliff as we speak.”

The fiscal cliff is just Republican scare-mongering, and if Republicans were genuinely in favour of spending cuts instead of being all talk and no action (remember all the empty talk about jobs in 2010, followed by doing nothing?) they would like the fiscal cliff.

What will happen is that in January, Obama will present two bills. One increasing defence spending to a realistic level, and another giving tax cuts to the middle-class.

What will you Republicans say then – will you oppose increased defence spending and tax cuts? Lets wait and see…

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@NewWorld- Some good points, since both parties and persuasions are equally complicit in the mess we have faced these past 5 or almost 6 years.

Thus, my view on it, is that we should reelect president Obama. I’m sure your assessment of the situation differs!

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Lloyd_L wrote:

@Abulafiah wrote;
“The fiscal cliff is just Republican scare-mongering …”

Perhaps you would like to watch this Reuters interview of former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury, Robert Rubin;

You might also want to look at Table S-5 of the federal budget;

It covers the years 2011 to 2022. A few things you will note;
1. Interest on our national debt plus mandatory spending (S.S., Medicare, Medicaid, Gov’t pensions & etc.) exceeds total revenue. That means there isn’t one cent left over for education, transportation, social services, military and etc.
2. Imagine a family that earns $24,690 a year but spends $37,960 and has $160,000 in debt. You would say they are broke. Add five zeros and you have the federal budget ($2.469T income, $3.796T expense & 16T of debt.
3. Social Security outlays will be $773B this year but revenue will only be $572B.
4. Medicare & Medicaid spending will be $733B but we are only taking in $203B.
5. The budget shows that interest on the national debt will nearly quadruple by 2022 and that makes the assumption that interests rates remain at the incredibly low rates. This is what mortgaging our children’s future looks like.

This problem is the fault of both Republicans and Democrats. I think the Federal debt was about 5T when Bush took office. It’s tripled in the last 12 years.

We all know what it looks like when Socialism runs out of other people’s money. Just look at what’s happening in Greece. I do not belong to the Tea Party but at least they see this problem for what it is.

You can rely on the Government to solve our problems if you like. By contrast, my wife and I are taking responsibility for our own future, paying attention to the three scenarios that Rubin lays out and trying to position ourselves so that we’ll be able to make it through no matter which scenario plays out. I am also spreading the message to people like you and hoping you will do likewise.

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Abulafiah wrote:


Spending has exceeded revenue for decades, in every country on the planet. In other words, it is normal. What, exactly, are you panicking about? Why are you so scared on normality?

I notice that you skip past table S-2, the one that shows declining deficits…

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