Obama, Romney focus on swing states in late campaigning

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“Doubts about Romney have accrued not only from his ever shifting politics but also from a wider sense of flakiness. His economic policies have a touch of the fantastic. Romney would enact large tax cuts, reducing revenue, while increasing defence spending sharply, but also arguing he would eat into the deficit by spending cuts alone.

On foreign policy too, Romney represents a return to the disastrous years of George W Bush – threatening confrontation with China by saying he would list it as a currency manipulator, while making bellicose noises about conflict with Iran.”

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smsreuters wrote:

Why is it that when Mitt holds a baby he looks so fake!!!! That smile of him is so creepy!! He just looks so plastic. Yes, I DON’T LIKE HIM

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DifferentOne wrote:

Of course, both candidates are working hard to win. But their efforts should not include lying. Candidates who lie make it difficult for voters to think clearly about the issues.

In this presidential campaign, the frequent lies and changes in position have been confusing, and have made it difficult for voters to make sensible choices. For the sake of democracy, voters should not reward politicians who lie.

To help readers understand the scope and scale of this issue, here is a credible article that documents the many egregious lies in this race:

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checkthefacts wrote:

what a profound way to hoose your candidates. The way they look should be how everyone is elected don’t you agree?

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checkthefacts wrote:

what a profound way to hoose your candidates. The way they look should be how everyone is elected don’t you agree?

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totherepublic wrote:

And you know the publisher of this article is not a liar how?

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americanguy wrote:

The Archbishop will lose, and LDS Elders will not gain control of the US and the world.

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Jaix wrote:

If I am not mistaken at least one American president was impeached for lying. And it was the rampant self-interest, lack of integrity, and dishonest, unprincipled actions of Wall Street that led to the economic mess America and the rest of the world are in. But let’s hear it for an American presidential candidate that could teach them a thing or two about the lying art of deception. That so many is willing to elect a man who would tell you the moon is made of cheese if he thought it would get him elected speaks volumes. Let’s hear it for Mitt Romney, real change, the embodiment of “America values”: if at first you do not succeed, lie and lie again.

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totherepublic wrote:

One day left and you are still an idiot running on pure emotion, adrenaline and hormones. Perhaps in 8 years after Romney has restored this Country you will have something mature and intelligent to add to the Ryan/whoever election, somehow I doubt it though.

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checkthefacts wrote:

Why would anyone vote for Obama? His policies foreign and domestic are pathetic

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jaham wrote:

It will be a very sad day if Obama is re-elected.:

Sad, not only because we will have to endure four more years of leaderless policy inaction, record deficits, declining wages and stagnant unemployment; but also sad to see that America, collectively, is no smarter than to fall hook-line-and-sinker for the same false promises that Obama didn’t deliver last time.

Heck, he won’t even have a supermajority to squander this time around, meaning he’ll accomplish even less (if that’s even possible).

I think America is smarter than to fulfill Einstein’s definition of stupidity.

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stambo2001 wrote:

Obama just told his supporters that ‘voting is the best revenge’, you can’t make this stuff up. The great divider-in-chief doing his best to stir up hatred right up to the last second. Nothings says bring people together more than revenge, eh?!?

It’s like his comment that the repubs can stay in the back seat of the car, that they’re not allowed to drive. Yeah, like that’s not a play on the old ‘get to the back of the bus’ line. How can anyone say with a straight face that barry does not play the race card every chance he gets. Why does he get a pass at such outrageous comments hidden behind that smirk and grin?!? Biden can state ‘they’ll put ya’ll back in chains’ and the media just giggles. Wow. America is so broken.

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MKM23 wrote:

Stambo, good job trying to claim that Obama plays the race card when Mitt had his head so far up the rear end of Trump that he could see what he had for dinner.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

This is the last shot for the republicans. Demographics and understanding of the universe are changing and they have not. They will need to make some big changes or they will never see another presidency. As the old people disappear, so to do those that are susceptible to the FOX types of lies. The Teaparty and Rush Limbaugh are seen as “the” republican party and so most people will not take the whole party seriously. Sure, Rush and Hannity will be rich and Ryan and Mitt will make money off their political celebrity. Sarah Palen too. All make money off the few percentage points of people in the population who are both dumb enough to fall for the rights policies but still read books. It’s a small crowd. The bottom line is that the gullible TV watchers are now old and retired and there are fewer and fewer of them. Eventually the few young people who support the republicans will realize that everyone else who actually honestly tries is doing pretty well, and being a hater doesn’t really accomplish much. Or maybe not. But who cares about people without logic. They can believe in any crazy thing. Like it’s the socialist liberal elites with their high falutin educations that are keeping me down. Or like the republicans are for freedom and fiscal responsibility. Or like I was probed by aliens and bigfoot was their travel guide.

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jaham wrote:

Good post stambo…I honestly don’t have an answer except to say that the media is overwhelmingly controlled by liberals. It’s no excuse but perhaps is the reason that Obama and co. are able to skirt accountability in everything they do/say.

MKM23′s “rebuttal” is perhaps the definition of obscure deflection…

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Caspary wrote:

Clearly Romney is very desperate and manic – campaigning on election day is taboo in many places around the world. Romney hold nothing sacred; I fear this man.

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KyuuAL wrote:

If Rmoney wins — it’s the end of the world, as we know it!

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americanguy wrote:

Why just today, Rush Limbaugh said there “was not a single poll that showed Obama leading Romney. Not one”.
Sometimes I tune in to laugh at “the fat one”.
I laughed a lot today. You could hear the fear and desperation in his weak trembling voice.
Limbaugh is NEVER right, never, and his audience is starting realize that and is getting smaller every day.

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jaham wrote:

@brotherkenny4…I am 26, fairly well-educated, don’t ever watch FOX news (don’t even know what local channel it is on), and I will unequivocally be voting for Romney.

In my mind it is the Democrats who need to alter their message because the enthusiasm of all those young people voting for Obama will quickly fade as they grow older and realize that none of his ideals are grounded in fiscal feasibility.

I’m actually quite socially liberal, but my fiscal conservative side (and my background in Finance) tells me that we need to get our fiscal house in order, make America competitive for business investment, and thus create sustainable and organic prosperity and economic growth before we go diving into social initiatives we can’t pay for. Heck, we’ve already got a broken social responsibilities amassing enormous unfunded liabilities in the form of Medicare….

In short, I see Democrats as idealist and Republicans as realist….all those young people will quickly ground their ideals in realism when they realize the cost they are bearing, the inefficiencies of big government, etc.

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JoeObserver wrote:

Voters should keep in mind: How did Obama perform during his first term? rather than speculating how will Romney perform? If Obama has done a exceptionally good job, then he should be re-elected, No?

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Fact-based wrote:

CNN’s poll, cited here, had Obama tied with Romney because they assumed self-identified Democrats in the electorate would be far higher than they were in 2008. That is simply not likely. The same poll had Romney winning independents by 22 points. If Romney wins independents by 22, he will win….Unless Obama tries to cheat, which he will.

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FilmNoirFan1 wrote:

I’ll be glad when this election is over even if my guy doesn’t win.

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xyz2055 wrote:

Guys this thing is over..we’ll officially find out tomorrow who we will be dealing with for the next 4 years…take the rest of the day off from arguing politics…the link below is a Robin Williams video, it’ called Robin Williams Destroys President Bush, but he heckles everyone from Bush, to Obama, to McCain, to Palin, to Arnold..and then suggests WHO we should nominate for President…it’s Williams at his funniest..I think everyone could enjoy the comic relief….


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Nkulex wrote:

Good lucky to all the Americans….

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BioStudies wrote:

One can only hope that tomorrow we find out who the victor is.

Lets see how many dead people vote and how many lawsuits Obama files in EVERY state he loses.

This could go on for longer than the Bush-Gore fiasco. Thankfully I left the country the day after the election and missed all of it. No luck this time.

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Stop wrote:

I’ll be so glad when this circus is over! I am disgusted with this process, this division, and these people who are our options! I like Barack Obama and while he isn’t perfect, he’s a good, decent and honest man. I don’t know if that enough to get us out of this terrible mess we are in. Years in the making … years in the remaking … this is not the Earth we were given, it is the Earth we created.

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