Obama debate win unlikely to shift race: Reuters/Ipsos poll

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americanguy wrote:

I don’t think it changed any minds, but the debate was better, and more interesting to watch, than any other typical garbage on TV these days. That is why people really tuned in.
That is how bad and pathetic TV is now.
I watched the debate, because there was nothing else worth watching on TV (yes, that includes 200 cable channels). You can only watch the same movies, rerun, tv shows, or infomercials (half of cable), so many times, you know.

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kcwilsonii wrote:

Unlikely to shift race would leave it still in Obama’s court and I beg to differ it definitely shifted things and more in Obama’s favor.

Romney has ben unable to answer back after the first debate and he tried his tactic of overtalking his limit again to gain points, but he fell on deaf ears and a responsive POTUS not willing to let it go this time. The long haul is not a Romney strength.

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Calvin2k wrote:

Reuters seems to be deficient in the polling and statistics department. They should really be looking at undecided voters only. If the race is as close as advertised, those 2-4% undecided may be what decides the race.

Similarly, Reuters reports that the national race is tied. Well we all know that the president is not elected nationally, it’s decided state-by-state, so the national poll is rather useless. Only the swing states count, and so they should be polled and reported separately.

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KDupre wrote:

Obama was snarky and showed his unattractive side and Romney caved in too much. Still, it’s interesting to note that Romney appeared more presidential than Obama.

Plus, Romney is going to donate his entire presidential salary to charity instead of taking our salaries and giving it to others as Obama does. I was impressed by the fact that Romney gives 40% of his annual salary to charity each year and Obama is weak on that too. He didn’t start giving to charity until he became president.

I think I’m ready for a change. I’m fed up with the excuses and the blaming others for Obama’s failures.

It would be nice to have a competent grownup in office instead of the whiny teenager.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Romney is in one his downward cycles at just the wrong time for him. His biggest problem: Being Mitt Romney.

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stambo2001 wrote:

I hit the refresh button and watched two pro-Romney messages disappear leaving only the pro-obama comments. We need to start time-lapsing the editing of comments to show the obvious bias.

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jaham wrote:

Headline: Obama wins debate by liberal measure, but still has no agenda.

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zales27 wrote:

@KDupre, you guys are just sad sometimes, after the first debate where Romney was the aggressor, the consensus from your side was that he was assertive, now he gets caught like a deer between headlights and he’s Presidential? Thats the guy you want representing you on world matters? Admit it, before Libya you probably thought Benghazi was a sandwich of sorts and he probably did too! If Obama was snarky, how would you categorize Cheney or Bush or Rice whom to this day has not apologized for what they did or admitted fault.Whiny teenager? Sad Sometimes! Just Sad!

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jaham wrote:

@alkaline…i’m glad you made such an insightful assessment of what Mitt’s “problem is”, but I’m having trouble determining what Barrack’s problem is…perhaps you could help me out by picking from the list below; Obama’s problem is:

a) Being Barrack Obama
b) Mitt Romney is not Bush
c) Obama is not Clinton
d) Wages of the middle class that Obama speaks so persuasively to have declined for 4 years
e) Obama has spent more money than any POTUS in history while somehow skirting such responsibility and chastising Mitt Romney for the supposed fiscal imprudence of his plan; how ironic
f) Obama lied and didn’t close Guantanamo
g) Obama lied about terrorist attack on anniversary of 9/11 in Libya
h) Obama did nothing to promote job creation
i) There has been a net loss of jobs under Obama
j) Obama has no plans for job creation and didn’t effect any such plan even when he had a supermajority
k) Unemployment is at the same rate as when Obama took office.
l) Obama has yet to pass a balanced budget and his budgets are so atrocious not even Democrats would vote for them
m) Obama will be a 4 year lame duck if re-elected
n) Obama has effected anti-business policies and created great uncertainty for employers and entrepreneurs.
o) The income gap that Obama preaches about has widened under his own policies
p) Obama blames Bush’s economic philosophy and tax cuts for the crisis but EXTENDED those same tax cuts he vilified.
q) Obama has no plan to ever balance our budget
r) Obama has allowed a massacre to continue in Syria and even overlooks Russia when caught sending more weapons despite UN sanctions barring such activity
s) Obama has created the most partisan climate in Washington that I can remember
t) Obama’s grand tax plan will yield $40B in incremental revenue when he blew last years budget by $1,600B; it’s arithmetic, right!
u) Under Obamacare, Medicare will be insolvent in 2024 yet he tells seniors that everything is A-okay….nothing to see here.

….I would go on, but I got tired of typing….which one was the nail in Obama’s re-election campaign coffin?

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fred5407 wrote:

Yah know AlkalineState you are like or maybe you are Obama. You know it all; what people think, what their problems are, and your own little world. Did you not listen to the Cynical words about aircraft carriers and submarines. How do you think Mr Obama treats other heads of state if not like he treated Mitt Romney. No person can be other than what he or she is. I think Mitt Romney may not be the best, but his business and Governor experience, plus his respect in the debates shows that he can do the job.

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Overcast451 wrote:

“I watched the debate, because there was nothing else worth watching on TV (yes, that includes 200 cable channels). You can only watch the same movies, rerun, tv shows, or infomercials (half of cable), so many times, you know.”

There are things to do outside, you know?

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Eugene31 wrote:

You guys can’t handle how things looked last night, can you? So you come up with stuff like this headline. Watch ALL the polls in the next few days and learn.

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PaulKrillman wrote:

LOL 57 percent. Dream on liberals. Obama’s approval has been well under 50 percent for months. It has fallen since the beginning of October. Try 47 percent.

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Patriot_70 wrote:

I didn’t like how the president walked over Romney when he was trying to speak.

Sadly this is typical of him, though. He seems to reject any opinion other than his own, and when he doesn’t get his way, he tries to shift blame to someone to justify himself. It’s scary, really. See, he has his finger on the button, and to be this childish, well, it scares me.

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cebva wrote:

OweBlameA debate win? Sounds like this article started off on the wrong foot. He was childish, dismissive, unresponsive and just plain out of touch trying to defend an indefensible record. His claimed achievements were figments of his imagination. No rational person can look at the post OweBlama world and see any improvement. Even with Osama dead the forces of radical Islam continue unchecked and undeterred.

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Since the president is unable to let Romney finish a statement without interruption on national TV, it is a reasonable assumption he does the same thing with his chiefs of staff. Which would explain how he comes across as a total buffoon, and completely out of touch with reality. I sincerely believe he thinks he performed admirably the last 4 years. What a wake-up call the elections will be.

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AlkalineState wrote:

fred and jaham, we’re all in this together. I wish you both luck on November 6. If I have offended either of you, I hope you will accept my humble apologies and know that I will pray for your misguided souls. Just kidding on the souls part. An evangelical guy told tell me that the other day (he was being serious) when I told him I was an Obama man. He ended up being a very nice guy and we ate a sandwich together at a Quizno’s. Here’s to peace and co-habitation.

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JosephBlow wrote:

I don’t watch FOX, but from the comments it appears they are in damage control now that Mitt Romney lost the debate and their spin is Obama was Narky. That might work for the converted who watch FOX but for independents Obama won the debate and will win the election.
Bad news for Rich businessmen like FOX owner Rupert Murdoch he won’t be getting a tax cut any time soon.

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fred5407 wrote:

I think that Mitt just let Barak be Barak, and that is what people saw. They saw a man who cannot hear out what anyone else is saying and these people usually are all into themselves and cannot work with other people. They also heard the talking down; “aircraft carriers and submarines”. Now, how do you think that comes accross to world leaders. Scares hell out of me.

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Guseee wrote:

I always chuckle a little to myself when I see the ersatz pundits talk about “who won the debate”, as if it was a sports event. Both Romney and Obama made good points, altho I think Romney acted more “presidential”. Can anyone tell me why it’s actually important who “won” the debate? If a candidate “wins” a debate, does that mean more people will vote for him/her?

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Sensibility wrote:

The online poll is no doubt made up of Obama supporters who are spinning and spinning and spinning.

Any person with a brain knows Romney totally trounced Obama last night. Romney made Obama look like a stuttering, mumbling fool for 90 minutes. Obama had no answers and no plan, but even worse, he had no remorse and no shame for how badly his policies have left us four years on.

Debate win? Utter nonsense. Read the transcript.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Gusee, that’s a philosophical question. Much like, “Can money buy happiness.”

I would argue that yes. Yes it can. However, as with all marginal returns, there are mathematical limits. Best to diversify the assets.

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fromthecenter wrote:

It’s too bad that there isnt more national attention on the house, the republican led house who got elected on jobs jobs jobs have the lowest approval rating in history. I believe it is a republican majority if I am not mistaken. There is too much focus on the presidential race and NOT ENOUGH focus on the house.

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ToTuffforYou wrote:

Boy the Republican spin masters are out in full force today, after their boy Willard got it handed to him in the debate yesterday. They are trying to enfore the idea that Mitt was presidential and the President was snarky. Does that explain the sweat that was pouring off of Mitt’s upper lip?

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There are just too many polls for me. the fight will be in the Midwest Romney needs Ohio and i don’t think that is going to happen the unions support the bailout of GM that’s why his support is not slipping. i live in Ohio and the early vote is phenomenal!. the schools across the state have all the kids registered and they have already voted! college campuses have tripled its registration. OHIO FOR OBAMA!

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windyday wrote:

We hope the American people have not lost their faith in the voting system. It is very hard to look past the “polls” and the media news stories and have any type of hope that our votes really DO count!

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Except…. Obama didn’t win any of the debates nor is he winning the election.

Romney basically kept it calm and showed he is not some crazed maniac about to get his finger on the button. That was all he had to do. However, behavior and comments are everything in a debate. The guy who was calm, collected, thoughtful and presidential, in a debate knows he is winning. When you have petulance, snide comments with no meaning like horses and bayonets and turning every question into an attack or the comments of immature children, such as, every thing he just said is wrong. Well that is someone who is losing and knows he is losing.

Obama actually lost 4 years ago when he started doing FDR economics on steroids. The proof of this loss was 2 years later when the Democrats lost the house yet again for screwing up and 2 more years, the Democrats and their Messiah will be handed pink slips.

Bottom line is, no incumbent president won a second term when the economy was going down, unemployment is bad and no hope is on the horizon. Just ask Bush 41 and Carter and every other 1 term president who lost.

Still the fact you ridiculous liberals in the media think Obama won just shows you really have no clue about reality. Note in your own article not one mention of an actual pole of likely voters. Why, because those show Romney winning and still moving up.

Obama already lost, you liberals just dont realize it yet. 2013 is going to be a good year. Good time to buy into the stock market in January.

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