Ecuador fears for Assange health, seeks UK safe passage

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Redpalacesox wrote:

Let’s see now, he’s accused of rape by two women in Sweden but he claims it’s a smokescreen for Sweden to extradite him to the US. Sweden? Exradite anyone to the US? Excuse me, if that were the case a whole bunch of Vietnam War resistors would have sent back. No, this individual who believes he is a superior life form needs to face Swedish justice. I am more than willing to assume he is innocent unless proven guilty of these serious charges beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of Swedish law. However, it is an insult to all women and the peaceful and just nation of Sweden to claim that he is a “political” prisoner. He is anything but.

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Mjax wrote:

What’s wrong w/ having him treated @ a prison hospital?

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GhostMan wrote:

“Sweden? Exradite anyone to the US?”

Yes, through extraordinary rendition. They have already used it to send Australians falsely to the USA. Please stop giving away your ignorance

“a whole bunch of Vietnam War resistors”

It isn’t the 1970′s any more. Get with the times.

” this individual who believes he is a superior life form”

Oh god. Every single astroturfer and sockpuppet from reuters to the Huff has repeated that pathetic insult 100 times. In fact this whole argument, the same exact lies from pretend disbelierf, are old and tired

“insult to all women”

…to throw rape allegations at a man when half of the evidence used to implicate him so far has already been shown to be bogus

“He is anything but.”

Denying the truth wholeheartedly is still denying the truth

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iliosellas2 wrote:

Please help support freedom of the press and freedom of information by sponsoring Julian Assange for the Nobel prize for freedom of the press: Google: Julian Assange for Nobel prize “Freedom of the Press” and vote!

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MetalHead8 wrote:

Seeing as Assage has a History of Rape, Hacking, Defing goverments and Breaking Bail, I really dont see why Britian would let him go to the hospital without getting arrested. He’s getting sick becuase hes avoiding the law.

The area i live in has terrible laws that take power away from police to catch the bad guys. This laws are made from the criminal’s saftey. This in turn has cost my family alot of money from theives. When i see Assage use and break laws when it best suits him, i have no sympathy for the man

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Yourmail wrote:

In answer to yet another ignorant person: Assange has not been charged with ANYTHING! So why should he offer himself to be extradited to Sweden? He does not agree with the UK court decision that a Swedish Public Prosecutor (basically, a police woman!) has a right to issue an arrest warrant. Further, Assange had already been in Sweden, and the investigation was dropped – BEFORE this Public Prosecutor (with close American connections) decided to ‘interview the women” … As for at least one of the women, she was boasting on her Twitter account “How to take revenge on a lover”, at the time Assange was first interviewed in Sweden… There is SO MUCH more that you don’t know – and don’t bother to read… To go off on a tangent about ‘why doesn’t he just face justice’ and ‘let’s defend the woman’ is incredibly simpleton type behaviour, in a world that is so much more complex… Just look up ‘CIA Character Assignation’ for starters.

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raferjohnson wrote:

Maybe his wiki is leaking

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raferjohnson wrote:

Hope they fix that serious leak in his wiki

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NEWSTIME2010 wrote:

Relax guys, this is only the US Edition of Reuters.
How long time does it take for HIV to show up.
2 year?
Just a thought…reversed.
Never have sex with ovulating males!

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